Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anyone still reading me?

I know it's been a while since my last blog. I can make lots of excuses: new computer and haven't figured out how to crop pics yet; busy RL for a change; nothing noteworthy to blog about. The truth is I sort of fell into a sadness and got lazy.

So what's new? Well, Tori has a fabulous new skin that has turned him into a heartthrob. He always had terrific cheekbones and a great craggy face but now I am carrying around a big stick to fight off the women who will want to make a play for him when they see him. Hands off, ladies! He's Mine!!!

I have gradually been getting more bold with my role play and actually talk to others within a role play when Cas isn't present. Nothing drastic - simple subjects, but I am working on my reactions to keep them within my faery character.

I filled my circle this Sunday during Party Funk for the first time in months. I have gotten close several times, but this week I made it. I love Linri's Palace; it is my second home. The people are all so friendly and caring. I always feel welcome and loved. And I especially like being able to dance there with Tulsa Sheridan. His music is upbeat and feel good. Until Tulsa proposed our getting together and doing a show, I had never heard of funk music - but I have to say I love it.

I am still doing Blues on the Beach with Winston Zaius at Linri's Palace. I choreograph couples and he plays fun blues. Sometimes he really challenges me. Choreography for couples is so different than choreo for singles. For one thing, I change dances for singles much more often, about every 15-30 seconds and use about 12-18 animations per song. In couples, I often let the dances cycle more than once; the nature of couples dance is (usually) relaxed. Even so, I only have 50 couples anims as opposed to about 125 active anims for singles. And this can make choice challenging. I am very fussy about the animations I use. I refuse to use awkward, jerky anims; I much prefer motion capture dances. While some of these are very dramatic and a bit overdone, they are far smoother and much more realistic. And, like I said, I am very fussy.

Tulsa is taking a 6 week vacation in RL half way around the world and he might not be able to stream while he is away. I will miss our shows very much, so if you are someplace and want to share a great DJ with me, please call me. And I will keep my calendar as up to date as I can. I have posted a link to it on the left side of my blog. Please note that it is in EST rather than SLT, so be careful to translate the show times to your own schedule.

Take care all, let me know if you are still reading me and keep on dancing. I love you!!!