Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Night With Tori

We began last night by planning for our party. We were born about a year apart in the beginning of May so a joint rezday party created a perfect excuse to get our friends together. I had previously arranged for a choreographer so I would not have to work at my party and this week I located the perfect place to hold the party - a beautiful pavilion deep in the woods at Vanity Fayre, one of the most beautiful sims in SL. So all that was left was invitations, delivery, refreshments, and all that other fun stuff! Tori created so many wonderful things last night: invitations, donuts, platters and salmon sandwiches (must be a Brit thing). In the meantime, I was having a terrible problem with SL, so I cleared cache and rebooted my PC. Naturally, I then had to "warm up" all the dances in my HUD. Tori managed to not only make the donuts and sandwiches for the party but also to deliver all his invitations in the time it took me to finish dancing!

Then we dressed and went dancing at Avilion Grove Ballroom. Tori was wearing a very elegant silver and black brocade vest with his tux and I wore the cream colored gown and a gold tiara. This dress is one of my least favorites; a freebie that has been lurking in my inventory for at least a year if not longer. It is very old fashioned, with a lace jacket over a modest top and a lace overskirt. Tori calls it a wedding dress, but it isn't. He loves it and I will wear it for him.

This morning I sent out the invitations to my friends and my dancing group. I was surprised that it took me nearly an hour! Right now I am listening to Tori test songs for the party playlist and chuckling at some of the music he has in his library. I know the short list I sent him was pretty eclectic and included Mozart, Joe Cocker, Simon & Garfunkel, and Jethro Tull. (I am feeling sorry for the choreographer already.)

Tonight I will try to turn Tori's creations into "givers." He is an excellent cook and I want everyone to try the donuts and sandwiches - they look delicious! I will post pictures of them when I get them finished.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Latin Couples Dance

I just got through the Latin Couples Dance at the SS Galaxy Zodiac Ballroom. The hot Latin style music was provided by Marian Nykvist who kept the heat and the rhythm going strong. It was a great set. The crowd was small - about 6 couples total, but then that is more than when i started couples sync at ~Swoon~ so I guess I should not be complaning. I approached this dance with some apprehension because I did not know who would be partnering me. My little brother Tulsa was supposed to partner me, but he was banned from the Galaxy in a backlash called "Banlink" when he was banned from Dublin, so I was very worried about whether I would even have a partner. I should not have worried. I was partnered with a very charming man named Matthew23 Mortenwold. He presented me with a red rose when I met him :-) But he also gave me some full perm maracas when I mentioned that I could not find any to put in my "Latin Rhythms Dance Toys" box that I give away at the Latin Dances. And he had a Latin drum, too. So I added them to my collection. We found a spt to dance where my red dress would show up against the floor and then he left me alone to do my choreography! But I was ever so grateful that DBDigital Epsilon arranged a date for me. My love frequently has to leave before my shows, so when I have a couples dance, it can be hard to find a partner. I will tell you a secret. The Dancing Queen has to beg for partners, too, ladies and I think the men are more afraid to partner me than partner you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mermaids, mermaid hair, merdances and mermen

Pictures of Tori and me testing some of the dances I found. I am wearing a demo hair style from FNKY Cake and he is is trying an underwater breathing apparatus. This is one of the freebie mermaid tail & fins I found. It is luscious, but doesn't cover my legs very well. I wish it did! It is the prettiest thing I have found yet. And it doesn't show in the pictures, but Tori has the sexiest spine fin! I just want to run my hands up and down it...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bachelorette II

I have been spending time catching up with old friends. Or rather, I should say, they are making sure I don;t get lonely. My Sunday show was canceled because the entire Linri's staff was going to to Ariel's wedding, so that gave me the chance to attend, too. My little brother Tulsa was at Ot's SL Opera post show musical stylings and asked me to keep him company, so when time for the wedding came, I just invited him along. We sat on Gray's side of the church even though I had met Ariel first because so few guests were there. And I knew Ariel wouldn't mind. I believe that hats are a MUST at weddings, so I wore one of my best and when I mentioned to Tulsa that I was the only person there with a hat, he promptly donned one so I would not feel so alone!

And Monday was full of "firsts." The other day Tori asked me if I had ever been invited by someone I did not know to try couple dances while I was shopping at Bits & Bobs and I had to say no. But now, I can honestly say YES! Not only did a complete stranger ask me to try dances with him while I was at B&B, but I was also asked to try couples dance while I was shopping at 3FX! How strange...

Many many months ago a very dear friend had promised to take me on a dinner date and last night we finally managed to have time together. We went to a diner for some old fashioned hamburgers and ice cream and then danced to the great 50's music playing on the radio. Then we went back to his place to watch a movie. And that was another first for me. What fun to watch a movie and chat a bit about it. SL never ceases to amaze me with its techonology. And it was good to catch up with the oh so charming Chester and spend some quality time together.

I cannot find the picture I took of Chester watching the movie, but when I do, I will add it here.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Tori will be gone from SL until next some time next weekend and I already miss him. Just before he left, we had one of our silly discussions about me being as delicate as a flower (a lily, to be precise). And this morning when I went into the house, I found he had left a lily plant beside the little daybed we have. He left Thursday night, so he must have done it then. And today was Saturday morning! Had it really been that long since I went indoors? I feel guilty that I had not noticed them until then.

It is amazing how well our bits & pieces of furniture went together. Our likes (and dislikes) are very similar. Here is a picture of the working cuckoo clock that is his - I just love it!

This afternoon I worked the sock hop wedding reception I blogged about earlier. The build that this woman did was amazing. The "Chapel" was set up like a drive-in movie with cars to sit in and a diner - very cute and the club was totally 50's style. There were records spinning on the floor and I set up the dance dots on them. The DJ was JustMe Trancon and he was excellent - did a good job with ALL the wedding music. But I am exhausted.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Special Parties

The Fae Fest was fantastic! And Tori's 2 directional revolving dance floor worked perfectly under the maypole. We were all very festive. Ot was her usual fabulous self; she recited Beltane poetry and the music was perfect. I heard later from others who were overjoyed to hear music that stayed In Character for a role play sim. (So many times the music is jarringly modern!) As the day grew warmer I doffed my veils one by one. Tori kept pulling me out of the circle and we would head to the bushes to...well, you get the picture. Good thing I had taken my birth control potion! I was exhausted by the time Hispa's ghost arrived and told everyone to put on their Ag meters. It seems we had ignored a group of attacking drows and they were most put out with us! Ah role play is so much fun!

I sometimes get requests to appear at private parties and this weekend I am doing a wedding reception that is classic rock! And this is MY classic rock period: 50s & 60s! The lucky couple originally wanted me to present couples dances, but I suggested we just set up pair spots and dance the pairs as couples on my singles HUD. This period is mostly fast dances anyway, so I can perform a variety of dances for them. I am really looking forward to this set - it should be a lot of fun.

I received a request yesterday from one of the merfolk asking me to lead a mermaid dance for them. At first I told her I would be very happy to do that, but when I reflected, it seems that I will not be able to do that. My character is a fairy and will drown in water. And I thought about setting up a mermaid alt just for the dance, but my mer dances don't transfer and I don't have the money to buy new ones. (Tips have been a bit slow the last couple of months.) So I had to turn her down. Drat! That would have been tons of fun. I love new challenges!

Two hours later: Klara and Essie sorted out the drowning problem. Everyone who wants to attend and is not a merman or a mermaid will be given a potion that will transform them into merfolk snd allow them to safely dance beneath the sea (just like the Harry Potter book)! I can dance as a mermaid now. /me looks for very tiny clam shells.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baltane/Fae Fest

I am sitting here at Eirini in my apple tree, just relaxing and thinking of the day to come. I have tweaked Emy's fairy appearance so she is a bit more petite and graceful, in keeping with her role of choreographer. I have chosen my dress for the event: a wonderful creation from one of my favorite designers, pixivor Allen. It is perfect for Beltane, sheer and with strategically placed flowers. When I wore it with the skirt last night, Tori really loved it. But I am not wearing it with a skirt; there are veils that are meant to be worn over the long skirt and that is what will encase my legs (which is why I made them a little less muscular.) I have put the final touches on the maypole and the mushroom ring and have created a new tip poster for use in Aglarond. Oh I hope I haven't forgotten anything!

Tori has streamed the most wonderful music into SL and I am enjoying it so much. He is very good to me. He understands how important the dance is to me and when I drag him out to test new dances he never complains. We shopped last night for elven clothing for him so he would look elegant while still retaining a simple natural look. I tried to explain how licentious Beltane could be, and how I wanted to be so beautiful and alluring that every man would want to celebrate Beltane with me, and he replied that that would never happen because he was staking his own claim!

Did I tell you how we finally got together? We were introduced some time last year by a friend who pointed him out and mentioned that he was a shy but very easy going friend of hers. She moved her cafe to Chania and Tori hired Allan and me to play there. And while I was dancing at The Blue Cafe, a lovely place in the first Chania build, I fell in love with it and kept returning, time after time. There was so much light and space (I am a fairy, after all.) Of course, Chania was his and reflected his tastes. We spoke to each other a bit, but of nothing in particular and never spoke when I no longer danced at Chania. He would periodically show up at my other dances with a woman who became a good friend of mine. They separated about about this time last year, but for some reason I periodically pulled up Tori's profile, wondering what he was doing. He partnered with another woman, tore down Chania, they built a museum and subsequently went their separate ways. The museum was a truly amazing place, lots of rooms and a dance patio and a magic garden, and a cathedral - magnificent. I loved it, but it was not the same Chania that stole my heart. Anyway, about the end of November, after my cathartic attempt to purge myself of bad habits, I ended up at Frank's. No one ever asks me to dance when I am there, so I amuse myself by reading profiles. They can be quite amusing. And I was so surprised to click on an av and pull up Tori's profile. I didn't know whether to leave before he discovered I was there (my image, you know) or to say hi. Before I could run away, he spoke first and asked me to dance. We have been constant companions ever since. I am so glad we met again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

On a Pedestal?

Not that Tori puts me up on a pedestal, but I always seem to need a box to stand on.