Sunday, December 28, 2008

007 hour

What a marvelous time we had last night at La Scala during the 007 hour. Earlier yesterday morning I had received a communique that SMERSH might attempt to infiltrate the dance hour with designs on the ball. So I IM'd Q who assured me she would secure the ballroom. Hehe - what fun it was to play with that theme! 007 arrived a little late, but explained that he had thrown the agent who had been pursuing him into Lake Geneva. Unfortunately 007's Aston went into the water too! But we danced our fool heads off to the romantic music from the movies and promised to get together again next week. As M, I sent Agent Bond into space to attempt to foil yet another plot against Her Royal Majesty (did I say that right)? We can only hope he will be successful. Perhaps we need some more Agents as backups in case he fails...

Everyone who came out to this lovely ballroom was dressed to the teeth: lovely gowns and beautiful tuxedos and suits! Sometimes I think this is why I like this particular hour so much and sometimes I think I like it because I get to use all my very slow dances (of which I have a limited number) and dance to very romantic music. Last night I loved it because I actually got to play a little. I know SL is all about playing but I am not very clever or quick so playing and being witty is hard for me. But last night I really had fun thanks to Agent 007. Hehe - I am going to have to watch some Bond movies to keep up the play.

The set I started to dance with JamesLarkin a few hours later was interrupted when I lost electricity and did not regain it until some time after I went to bed. I hate when that happens! I missed Ot's set at Smooth too and she will be away for a week now. It is going to be a very quiet week for me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Where to go?

Another Friday night looms over me, but for the next few weeks I will be missing both my little brother Tulsa and my favorite DJ Otawan Fouquet. Little brother has decided to spend some time OUT WORLD with his girl friend. Imagine that! And Ot is taking a mini vacation from DJing. So I will have to find a few different places to dance. Last night I discovered DJ Alfie at the SS Galaxy Pool Deck. Great music and lots of fun. I called my friends to join me and those who showed up agreed that he was worth visiting again. I saw a few faces last night that I hadn't seen in a while: Tori, Becky, Rainne and Rosalie. It was so good to catch up with old friends. However, it WAS Christmas Day and many people were off with family. Perhaps I will try to catch DJ Cord at La Scala tonight if I can get home in time. Having a RL job sort of interferes with SL; I never get home until about 3 SLT now... But it is nice to be able to pay bills again in RL. :-) By the way, I am looking for new DJs and new clubs to play at. IM me in world if you have a favorite place and want me to choreo for you and your friends.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

50 out of 350 in the POE hunt

It has taken me two days, but i have managed to find the first 50 globes in the Peace on Earth gridwise hunt! (Hey, I am not a shopper.) What a challenge. But a few of us ended up helping each other - we seemed to tp in at the same time and when a globe was hard to spot, one of us would find it and tell the others. First, I don't have patience for walking through laggy stores. Second, I have no idea what is in the globes I collected. And third, I had just thinned my inventory down to below 11,000. So now I have all these unopened globes and it will take a while to open them and decide which to keep. I think I will make a list and if there are any decent men's items I will tell my little brother about them. He is notoriously cheap and hates spending lindens. Emyly Beaumont chuckles as she decides NOT to tell him where to find the globes.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sad news

Bolton Rhiadra is gone. The sweet, gentle man behind the charming AV who touched my heart so deeply in the six weeks I knew him has traveled on to the Summerland. May his soul find what it needs to quickly return to this earth. I have thought of him often since he left SL and wondered how he was doing. He told me that he wanted SL to be just another chapter in his life, a preparation for the next part of his life and that people come into each other's life for a reason, no matter how briefly they remain. He helped me get back in touch with my spirituality and told me that I was a healer and that I had helped him heal. I am glad he thought that way; I would like to think I helped him prepare for the next adventure in his life. I think he was at peace, very accepting of what life had meted out to him at the end. So the news that he died did not devastate me as much as it might have done. And if you see me with a calla lily in my hair and wearing emerald, know that it is in honor of his passing that I dress so.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Building again!

When a friend heard that I needed some space in which to choreograph (my skybox is too tiny for "traveling" dances) she offered me her "back 40" in which to practice and set me up so I can build and even change the stream, if I need to! What a great friend she is. And I am taking full advantage of the build capacity by fixing my misaligned dance circle tonight. I have a new regular gig at La Scala starting this Friday night and I would like to have the circle realigned by then. I am such a terrible builder that it will take me forever! The hard part is aligning the 16 dance marks on the edge of the circle so that they all face exactly in to the center. I was given a "gridmajigger" texture and I have used that to align eight points on the circle so far, but now I need to figure out how to align the other eight. Maybe rotate the grid under the marks? hmmmm I really need to take some hands on building lessons. This taxes my brain too much!

YAY! rotating the grid under the circle of marks worked! I now have a circle that is much better aligned. Thank you Jim for the gridmajigger!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Automatic logout

Why me? In the middle of great music and great dance SL logs me out automatically - and then this hits the SL Grid Status Reports 10 minutes later.
Logins failing and some Residents are being logged out automatically.

There is a widespread network issue. Our Ops team is working on resolving this issue as soon as possible. Logins are not working and about 9,000 regions have been afected to the point where anyone within them have been logged out of Second Life

We will update this blog as soon as we have any more details.
Good thing I could call Bilbo and have him tell everyone to wear a stopall rose - otherwise they would all be dancing all night (with out me.) ARGGGH!