Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Building again!

When a friend heard that I needed some space in which to choreograph (my skybox is too tiny for "traveling" dances) she offered me her "back 40" in which to practice and set me up so I can build and even change the stream, if I need to! What a great friend she is. And I am taking full advantage of the build capacity by fixing my misaligned dance circle tonight. I have a new regular gig at La Scala starting this Friday night and I would like to have the circle realigned by then. I am such a terrible builder that it will take me forever! The hard part is aligning the 16 dance marks on the edge of the circle so that they all face exactly in to the center. I was given a "gridmajigger" texture and I have used that to align eight points on the circle so far, but now I need to figure out how to align the other eight. Maybe rotate the grid under the marks? hmmmm I really need to take some hands on building lessons. This taxes my brain too much!

YAY! rotating the grid under the circle of marks worked! I now have a circle that is much better aligned. Thank you Jim for the gridmajigger!

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