Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Pictures

Here is a picture of me dancing on Easter Weekend with an old friend, Hevy Malibu, and the Funky Feats. I have to dance twice as fast to keep up.

Isn't this furrball just adorable? He has these big, sad, orange eyes. I had to become tiny in order to dance with him.

Here I am in my first latex ever, feeling kind of shy. Wouldn't you feel shy if half your body was exposed?

TIny Silly Me

Being a 4'7" faery has it's problems. Poses and gestures rarely consider my short height so I usually end up lying on the floor or sitting 6" above the chair seat. On the other hand hand, I am the perfect height for sitting on my favorite fuzzball.

There will be a kissing booth at the May Day Celebration in Erebos this year, along with a wedding, the traditional May Pole Dancing and a Bardic Competition. Since the proceeds are to benefit the sim, I volunteered to stand there for a bit. I was very pleased when the carpenter told me she would build a set of pose balls just for me! Now if I can only be sure someone would kiss me. I wouldn't want those pose balls to go to waste....

Being a silly fae has also created some problems this week. One day I was searching for shines and was so distracted by a glint of gold from the hills that I flew into a tree and blacked out. Thank goodness Tori had the presence of mind to carry me (fireman style) to the tavern and ask for help. And Linwe took care of me, healing me and warning Tori to watch out that I didn't fall asleep for a while so as not to go into a coma!

Being fae, I recover quickly, and we were playing hide and seek the next night. I was in my very special hiding place (and no, I won't tell you where it is) when Tori fell down a hill while he was looking for me and landed in the Queen's Pool. He must have hit his head because he couldn't find his way out and drowned. I flew to the village to find a healer and Linwe came back with me to see if she could help. Linwe is very clever and she located him, and pulled him out of the water. She did a spell and resurrected him, so he lived again. But that drowning has affected him strangely. He tried to talk me into giving him my pouch of shinies. I might have considered it if he had not been acting so strangely. After all, he is a friend and I trust him completely. But when the dragons accused me of pushing him in and called me a trouble maker, he had agreed with them, so I was sure he was not in his right mind. I followed after him as he wandered to the tavern and while looking for some tea, he fell down, three times. And the last time he rose, he did not know who he was or who I as or where he was. He finally went upstairs to sleep and I haven't seen him since. I hope he is all right.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Daisies...

I just love gifts, especially unexpected ones. I woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine, took some medication and logged in to SL to while away the 30 minutes it would take for the meds to work. What a delightful surprise to find that a friend had sent an animation for making a Daisy Chain! And even more delightful to find an old Daisy Chain wreath for my hair when I searched inventory. You know how it goes, things get lost in that big ole closet. And then I remembered a set of fairy silks that I could never stretch small enough to fit my petite 4'7" size as a faery. And, you guessed, they were attached to Daisies! So I got busy with a set of resize scripts that I have and made them fit! Of course, I had to move all the flowers around to cover the "bits" I didn't want sticking out and that took me about an hour. So.... now I have Daisy silks, Daisy Wreath and the perfect animation to sit and make more! See you in world!

If you look closely, you will see that I am munching on a mermaid. I caught it last night and got hungry....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Story Telling at Erebos

One of the most fun traditions in Erebos is the story telling hour. We hold it around the fire pit and hear poems, stories and songs that speak of other times as well as the current one (in Erebos.) It is similar to the Bardic Circles held by my medieval reenactment group. I sometimes contribute by retelling old folk tales as Emy would have heard them from her granny, who was a wise woman in both the traditional and and contemporary sense of the words. I was very surprised this week, however, when the poem I heard from Linwe, the Elven Elder and Shaman, spoke of me and my first attempt to assist in a battle, even though I was a non-combatant. I very proudly present it here for you. We fought to recover the babies that had been stolen from Erebos, and these babes represented the future and well being of Erebos. For a time after they were stolen, the land was angry and began a slow withdrawal of some of the magic. Emy could not fly in the thick, oppressive air and her glamour had begun to fail. That is why she took such an interest in the battle even though she is a peaceable little fae. This was an outrage that affected her deeply....

A little fairy flew the land
A big bright spoon in tiny hand
She flew with valor, so unplanned
And whopped the foe and then she ran

She flew behind the great brick walls
Hiding there, her face a pall
Of terror born Her skin did crawl
But brave she was and heard the call

Again she rose into the sky
And flew straight at the dark foe's eye
A lure she was, they did espy
Her as she flew, that be no lie!

'Tis just one brave story told
Of those who fought so staunch and bold
Who fought for babes of lore as told
By sages wise and earth so old.

Many fought that day so brave
Their swords and staffs they didst engrave
Upon the hides of those depraved
Who in their hearts did evil crave

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Gift Rejected

[6:27] Jordon McGillivary: Jordon and Emy retreat from the flames
[6:28] Jordon McGillivary: the village grasses and a hut are on fire
[6:28] Emyly Beaumont wiggles her very overheated toes: that was close. who did that?
[6:28] 2ks Gears searches out any creatures on the land , burning round him , chasing them from there hideouts
[6:29] Emyly Beaumont spies the dragon and flies
[6:29] Jordon McGillivary: we were out in the open
[6:29] Jordon McGillivary moves in a hurry as the grasses light up around him. "that is one pissed off dragon!"
[6:29] 2ks Gears: time for all creatures of Erebos to defend against the dragons
[6:30] 2ks Gears sees the fae in the air as he fires balls of flame towards them
[6:31] Emyly Beaumont has had enough of war from yesterday and flees back to the glade
[6:31] Jordon McGillivary realizes the dragon is out to get everyone, even if they didn't do anything wrong
[6:33] Emyly Beaumont gets flamed and jumps in the water
[6:33] 2ks Gears: wanders if he will leave their bodies burning on the ground or whether to eat them
[6:33] Emyly Beaumont pulls out Dragon Bopper (aka Shiny Spoon)
[6:35] Jordon McGillivary watch out Emy
[6:36] 2ks Gears: boooo
[6:36] Jordon McGillivary, on fire, dives for the water
[6:36] Jordon McGillivary: so much for politeness
[6:37] Jordon McGillivary regrets not pursuing weapon training
[6:40] Emyly Beaumont jumps in the water again, angry at being target practice. and wonders if she can bribe the Ancient One
[6:40] 2ks Gears: now they know the Red is out to get them he wonders why no one come to help them
[6:43] Jordon McGillivary: how sweet it is (for a dragon)
[6:44] Emyly Beaumont flies off, clutching her spoon and vows to never set foot in a dragon cave again
[6:45] Jordon McGillivary: yeah, ‘til the next time his shinies sparkle in the sun
[6:46] Emyly Beaumont wonders if he can be bribed and rummages through her pouch
[6:48] Emyly Beaumont lists her treasures: dragon feather from Derf, a shiny black dragon scale, ,a piece of gold, a silver coin and another treasure she refuses to name
[6:49] Jordon McGillivary cocks an eye at her
[6:49] Emyly Beaumont whispers: he is gone
[6:50] Jordon McGillivary looks around and nods
[6:52] 2ks Gears: waits patiently

A little later
[7:30] 2ks Gears found the fae..........burning time?
[7:30] Emyly Beaumont hears the dragon behind her and squeals
[7:30] Jordon McGillivary turns
[7:30] 2ks Gears looks to the fae: you have shinies for me?
[7:31] Jordon McGillivary: no, not burning time Ancient One
[7:31] Emyly Beaumont says in a wavering voice: I have some shines, yes
[7:31] Emyly Beaumont: but they are nothing that would interest you Ancient One
[7:31] 2ks Gears: i will be the judge of that me
[7:32] 2ks Gears fires a small fireball at the male fae , letting him know how it feels
[7:32] Emyly Beaumont rummages in her pouch and pulls out a shiny spoon: this is very pretty and you can see yourself in it.
[7:32] Jordon McGillivary dodges
[7:32] Emyly Beaumont says, offering it to the dragon: and you are a handsome face to behold
[7:33] Jordon McGillivary: damn
[7:33] Jordon McGillivary heads for water
[7:33] Emyly Beaumont says: what was that for? I am giving you a shiny
[7:33] 2ks Gears smiles at the fae, cause i can that's why
[7:33] Jordon McGillivary stops as the flames die away
[7:34] Emyly Beaumont says: do you like it?
[7:34] 2ks Gears takes the offering from the fae......a spoon.....a give me a spoon?
[7:34] Jordon McGillivary pulls an old scratched copper out of his pouch
[7:34] Jordon McGillivary looks at his friend
[7:34] Emyly Beaumont says: but you can see your very handsome face in it
[7:35] Jordon McGillivary: you gave him your weapon?
[7:35] Emyly Beaumont says in a whisper: this is another spoon I have
[7:35] Jordon McGillivary nods
[7:35] 2ks Gears is so confused he has to step away to consider his actions........she gave me a spoon.....shakes his head in disbelive
[7:36] Emyly Beaumont stifles a giggle
[7:36] Jordon McGillivary chuckles to himself
[7:36] 2ks Gears: leaves them a present as he leaves
[7:36] >> 2ks Gears fills a large area with chain lightning.
[7:36] 2ks Gears: share that ......grins
[7:36] Emyly Beaumont hides behind jordon and waits
[7:37] Emyly Beaumont whispers: Is he gone?
[7:37] Jordon McGillivary: he appears to be
[7:37] Emyly Beaumont breathes a sigh of relief: we got off easy that time
[7:37] Jordon McGillivary: nods

Still later:
[7:43] Emyly Beaumont notices the dragon and moves closer to Linwe
[7:43] Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) glances down at the wee little fae looking for scorch marks
[7:44] 2ks Gears flings the spoon towards Emy's head
[7:44] 2ks Gears: you can have that back
[7:44] Emyly Beaumont ducks
[7:44] saia Tigerpaw giggles
[7:44] Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) puts her arm around the fae and pulls her into her skirt
[7:44] Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) looks down
[7:44] Emyly Beaumont smiles at the Ancient One: thank you so much!