Saturday, April 24, 2010

TIny Silly Me

Being a 4'7" faery has it's problems. Poses and gestures rarely consider my short height so I usually end up lying on the floor or sitting 6" above the chair seat. On the other hand hand, I am the perfect height for sitting on my favorite fuzzball.

There will be a kissing booth at the May Day Celebration in Erebos this year, along with a wedding, the traditional May Pole Dancing and a Bardic Competition. Since the proceeds are to benefit the sim, I volunteered to stand there for a bit. I was very pleased when the carpenter told me she would build a set of pose balls just for me! Now if I can only be sure someone would kiss me. I wouldn't want those pose balls to go to waste....

Being a silly fae has also created some problems this week. One day I was searching for shines and was so distracted by a glint of gold from the hills that I flew into a tree and blacked out. Thank goodness Tori had the presence of mind to carry me (fireman style) to the tavern and ask for help. And Linwe took care of me, healing me and warning Tori to watch out that I didn't fall asleep for a while so as not to go into a coma!

Being fae, I recover quickly, and we were playing hide and seek the next night. I was in my very special hiding place (and no, I won't tell you where it is) when Tori fell down a hill while he was looking for me and landed in the Queen's Pool. He must have hit his head because he couldn't find his way out and drowned. I flew to the village to find a healer and Linwe came back with me to see if she could help. Linwe is very clever and she located him, and pulled him out of the water. She did a spell and resurrected him, so he lived again. But that drowning has affected him strangely. He tried to talk me into giving him my pouch of shinies. I might have considered it if he had not been acting so strangely. After all, he is a friend and I trust him completely. But when the dragons accused me of pushing him in and called me a trouble maker, he had agreed with them, so I was sure he was not in his right mind. I followed after him as he wandered to the tavern and while looking for some tea, he fell down, three times. And the last time he rose, he did not know who he was or who I as or where he was. He finally went upstairs to sleep and I haven't seen him since. I hope he is all right.

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