Saturday, June 26, 2010

Of Flora, Demons, and the Balance of Nature

The following story has been condensed and enhanced by editing in an effort to make it more readable.

Chêne, the Dryad, looks at the tree stump and sighs. "why do humans cut up perfectly good trees to make openings in the earth?"
Casandra Shilova, Queen of the Fae, turns and studies the tree stump again. I have no idea. such a waste. I wonder where else it goes.
Chêne shakes her head "is nothing sacred? trees are nature's bounty and the goddess will be angry if her gifts are wantonly destroyed"
Chêne asks the fae "Is there a forest nearby or have the humans destroyed all of the trees?"
Casandra nods: yes, there is. I can show you the way. it's behind the village and up the little hill.
Chêne sees the trees in the distance and begins to smile
Casandra: here it is. it's near the gypsy camp, you might want to be careful
Chêne looks at the fading trees and moans "These trees need someone to watch after them. They are not healthy."
Casandra looks at the dryad. are you thinking of taking care of that need?
Chêne says "I am needed elsewhere. Have you no one to care for them here?"
Casandra: I have seen one of your kind. but only once
Chêne smiles "perhaps you can entice her to stay and care for the trees"
Casandra: I will attempt to persuade her
A dark creature suddenly alights beneath the trees and spreads his wings. Startled, Chêne runs behind a tree for safety
Conner Revnik: oh do not be startled
Casandra backs up, then, recognizing the man, greets him: good day sir
Chêne peeks out from behind the trunk of her tree, listening to the exchange between the dark man and the beautiful fae
Conner: good day indeed. we meet again fae
Casandra: what brings you to the hills?
Conner: i still search for a mage
Casandra: do you?
Casandra searches her memory wondering if she has seen one in the past seven day
Conner: i am afraid the one who commands my presence grows even more ill
Casandra: oh dear!
Conner: i wish to be rid of their control
Casandra nods. of course!
Conner: i know little of what inflicts them other than it be some form of magic
Chêne crouches under the tree and listens to the talk of magic
Casandra: I have been much occupied with my own doings, and not around the others for some time
Conner: but if someone were to find out how to summon me they would control me instead of the idiot who currently does
Casandra: I do not recall seeing a mage about
Conner: and what keeps you so busy
Chêne tilts her head wondering why the fae is so friendly toward such a dark creature
Casandra: oh, watching the flowers grow
Conner: hmm must be important
Casandra: they won't do well without enough water and gentle supervision
Conner answers the fae: no of course not. He looks towards the tree "Child why do you hide in the bushes?"
Chêne scowls at the creature and rests on her heels, saying nothing
Conner: I have to admit i do not do much gardening
Casandra: no? It is refreshing to be out in the great wide world, watching the sun and moon swing through the skies and watching over the plants and young creatures
Conner: little is able to grow in the enteral abyss
Chêne, upset by the mention of things being unable to grow, swallows and asks "are there no trees in the abyss?"
Conner: refreshing is not what i would call it. He turns to the creature by the tree and says “no, child, there are no trees except for maybe a few dead ones
Chêne shakes her head "That is a shame. you must make it a mission to plant some then. And I am not a child. I am as old as the trees" She stands up to her full height
Conner: to me that is still a child. And perhaps i would grow some trees if i could return there which at present i can not
Chêne walks cautiously to the dark man and holds out her hand, on the palm of which are some acorns. "These are for you when you can return there."
Conner takes the acorns and says gravely: i will save them for such a day. Unfortunately they do little good here
Chêne says "save them for a time when the earth will receive them"
Chêne smiles "the goddess thanks you and will honor you"
Chêne, frightened by her boldness, returns to the safety of the tree
Conner: hmmm I will save them. in the mean time i am doomed to do the bidding of an idiot.
Casandra: what a pity. no one should be tied to an idiot
Conner: it is indeed. though i think once they are healed they may command me to do something more fun like destroy something. they have a bit of a dark streak in them
Chêne looks at the man and asks "why are you not free to do as you want?"
Conner: tell me child have you heard of the tale of the one who summons the demon controls the demon?
Chêne shakes her head "I have not heard that tale" and she settles back on her heels to listen to the story.

Conner: it is how came to be here. i was summoned using powerful magic. pulled from the abyss to this realm
Chêne says "perhaps someone that powerful could repair the damage the humans have done to the trees here"
Conner: it is possible but i am not sure they intend on being that generous. normally a demon is not summoned for good purposes, but it could be. most good creatures though will not summon a demon
Chêne focuses on the man and sees his vicious looking spikes "Have you done hurtful things to nature?"
Conner: i have done hurtful things to many. i will not lie about it
Chêne says" I beg of you, please do not harm the trees. without them there is no balance"
Conner: i have to obey the summoner. i have no choice
Chêne frowns " I must meet this summoner and beg of him them"
Casandra: have you discovered that one's purpose in bringing you here?
Conner: i wish i could tell you the name but the magic of the summoning prevents me from speaking the name and i do not know the true purpose not yet
Casandra nods while Chêne makes a tch tch sound
Conner: there are only 3 ways to break free. One is the death of the summoner, which can not be by my own hands, unfortunately, and that is also another reason why i can not speak the name so i do not let someone else know who to kill.
Conner: Second, the summoner may release the spell himself. Finally, if someone else invokes a summoning spell causing me to follow his commands instead
Chêne listens carefully as she hears the dark one tell his tale. "I am unfamiliar with this realm, but perhaps there is someone here who could help you"
Conner: i doubt it. most despise me just for being a demon
Casandra sighs. It is a shame they cannot look beyond and assess you for yourself and not just assume you are as all others they have encountered
Chêne looks at the fae
Casandra looks wide eyed at the tree creature
Chêne says "we are each born with a balance of good and evil. but life changes that"
Conner: you are wiser than most around here
Casandra nods: exactly! She flies off to attend to the flowers in the grove.
Conner turns to the creature still hiding under the tree and says: i have not encountered your species before, what are you?
Chêne, afraid to be alone with the dark man, runs off to another part of the forest.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is Jordon finally a good influence on Fae Emy?

[6:00] Emyly Beaumont sees her friend and smiles: merry meet jordon
[6:00] Jordon McGillivary: morning to you Emy
[6:00] Emyly Beaumont looks at her surroundings: there is an ice mountain in this new fae area
[6:00] Jordon McGillivary: looks around
[6:01] Emyly Beaumont suddenly stops flitting about the flowers
[6:01] Emyly Beaumont points and says excitedly: do you see what I see?
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: yeah, doesn't look like much
[6:02] Emyly Beaumont says: no, no - the glitter
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: huh, looks to where she is pointing
[6:02] Emyly Beaumont whispers: the shinies
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: are you referring to the gold
[6:03] Emyly Beaumont nods: of course I am
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: I see
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: a huge stack of glittery treasure
[6:03] Emyly Beaumont says: It is just lying there
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: yeah
[6:04] Jordon McGillivary: and if you know what's good for you, you won't be picking it up anytime soon
[6:04] Jordon McGillivary: dragons aren't happy to have their horde disturbed
[6:04] Emyly Beaumont says: I don’t think it is being cared for properly
[6:04] Emyly Beaumont pats her pouch: I take very good care of all my shinies
[6:05] Jordon McGillivary: I think they leave an odor on it and can sniff it out where it may be
[6:05] Jordon McGillivary: yeah you do
[6:06] Emyly Beaumont says: well, no one should just leave shinies lying around
[6:06] Jordon McGillivary: I don't want the ancient red guy scorching me again
[6:06] Emyly Beaumont looks up at jordon and sighs: you are just no fun at all
[6:06] Jordon McGillivary: he doesn't have a pouch of all holding, can't carry it around with him
[6:07] Jordon McGillivary: settles back on his heels
[6:07] Emyly Beaumont says: that is true. he really needs one and then he can tale care of his shinies all the time
[6:07] Jordon McGillivary: sad isn't it, I'm an old stick in the mud
[6:08] Emyly Beaumont grins: so what does "ol stick in the mud" want to do today?
[6:08] Jordon McGillivary: haha
[6:09] Emyly Beaumont looks up at jordon inquiringly: what kind of mischief do you want to do today?
[6:09] Jordon McGillivary: I'd prefer to wait a week or two before I get into trouble again
[6:10] Emyly Beaumont says slyly: then, what kind of trouble do you NOT want to get into?
[6:10] Jordon McGillivary: I don't think about it from one week to the next
[6:10] Emyly Beaumont scowls
[6:11] Emyly Beaumont sighs: I will watch you play then
[6:11] Jordon McGillivary: lowers his head at your displeasure
[6:12] Jordon McGillivary: did we take the tour on the wooden dragon?
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont says: yes we did
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: alright
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: it must not have been much of a sight
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont says: you move in funny ways and I will watch you. She giggles
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: you will be bored
[6:14] Emyly Beaumont says: I will not be bored. you are very handsome to look at
[6:14] Jordon McGillivary: thank you Emy!
[6:14] Emyly Beaumont looks at the tips of his ears and dreams

Friday, June 11, 2010

You know you are bored when...

You try on the skins in your inventory. Hehe - I had no idea Ruth was in there! And wonder of wonders, her skin just might let me dance in Polyamour, the dance where the costume shows my bare bosoms. I think of this skin as a body suit - which I once wore in a production of Mame when I had to be a "nude model" in a crowd scene. I have asked jie if she will let me back in. Any bets on what she will say?

And I am still working on the makeup so the lipstick won;t be so...bright.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Over the past month I have had to say some goodbyes. Tulsa retired from the SL entertainment field very abruptly, although I knew it was inevitable. He had become increasingly irritated with my request that he let me know at least 24 hours in advance when he changed music genre so that I could prepare the correct dance cards for our biweekly shows. And he had been saying for months that he was bored....

This week I said farewell to my beloved Erebos. I followed Cas there even when I didn't want to because of our friendship in both RL and SL. But I am not cut out for strong RP. I can do simple stuff, but I cannot think fast on my feet when I am thrown a curve ball and Linwe has been doing that to me. Hawk and I had an agreement not to rp together because he is too violent for my tastes and that was fine because there were others to play with. But now Erebos is nearly empty. I catch Swith on occasion but my hours are her late times and I have to stay up late to even play with Cas. So if I decided to just not play with Linwe, there would be no one to play with at all. Better if I move on to another realm.

I will miss Fae Fests, but since there are now no active fae (except Cas) they don't make much sense. And I had planned such hi jinx for Midsummer's Eve. Oh well...

I have retired Fae Emy for a while. It was hard to rp in the early evenings due to my dance rehearsals 3 times a week and I would like to find a place where I feel comfortable as a human. Linri's used to feel like that for me, but it is now long gone and the patrons scattered.

So I bid farewell to Fae Emy. Perhaps she will reappear one day...perhaps not. Cas & Swith & Linwe, I will miss you dearly.