Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is Jordon finally a good influence on Fae Emy?

[6:00] Emyly Beaumont sees her friend and smiles: merry meet jordon
[6:00] Jordon McGillivary: morning to you Emy
[6:00] Emyly Beaumont looks at her surroundings: there is an ice mountain in this new fae area
[6:00] Jordon McGillivary: looks around
[6:01] Emyly Beaumont suddenly stops flitting about the flowers
[6:01] Emyly Beaumont points and says excitedly: do you see what I see?
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: yeah, doesn't look like much
[6:02] Emyly Beaumont says: no, no - the glitter
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: huh, looks to where she is pointing
[6:02] Emyly Beaumont whispers: the shinies
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: are you referring to the gold
[6:03] Emyly Beaumont nods: of course I am
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: I see
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: a huge stack of glittery treasure
[6:03] Emyly Beaumont says: It is just lying there
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: yeah
[6:04] Jordon McGillivary: and if you know what's good for you, you won't be picking it up anytime soon
[6:04] Jordon McGillivary: dragons aren't happy to have their horde disturbed
[6:04] Emyly Beaumont says: I don’t think it is being cared for properly
[6:04] Emyly Beaumont pats her pouch: I take very good care of all my shinies
[6:05] Jordon McGillivary: I think they leave an odor on it and can sniff it out where it may be
[6:05] Jordon McGillivary: yeah you do
[6:06] Emyly Beaumont says: well, no one should just leave shinies lying around
[6:06] Jordon McGillivary: I don't want the ancient red guy scorching me again
[6:06] Emyly Beaumont looks up at jordon and sighs: you are just no fun at all
[6:06] Jordon McGillivary: he doesn't have a pouch of all holding, can't carry it around with him
[6:07] Jordon McGillivary: settles back on his heels
[6:07] Emyly Beaumont says: that is true. he really needs one and then he can tale care of his shinies all the time
[6:07] Jordon McGillivary: sad isn't it, I'm an old stick in the mud
[6:08] Emyly Beaumont grins: so what does "ol stick in the mud" want to do today?
[6:08] Jordon McGillivary: haha
[6:09] Emyly Beaumont looks up at jordon inquiringly: what kind of mischief do you want to do today?
[6:09] Jordon McGillivary: I'd prefer to wait a week or two before I get into trouble again
[6:10] Emyly Beaumont says slyly: then, what kind of trouble do you NOT want to get into?
[6:10] Jordon McGillivary: I don't think about it from one week to the next
[6:10] Emyly Beaumont scowls
[6:11] Emyly Beaumont sighs: I will watch you play then
[6:11] Jordon McGillivary: lowers his head at your displeasure
[6:12] Jordon McGillivary: did we take the tour on the wooden dragon?
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont says: yes we did
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: alright
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: it must not have been much of a sight
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont says: you move in funny ways and I will watch you. She giggles
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: you will be bored
[6:14] Emyly Beaumont says: I will not be bored. you are very handsome to look at
[6:14] Jordon McGillivary: thank you Emy!
[6:14] Emyly Beaumont looks at the tips of his ears and dreams

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