Thursday, October 30, 2008

Generous, talented people

This should have been posted Monday, 10/27

The generosity of Second Lifers never ceases to amaze me. A week ago Saturday, I was in the Bliss Couture main store when I was addressed by a woman who wanted to tp me to a store (where she worked) which sold beautiful dresses, skins & jewelry. When I communicated my thought that it seemed a little unethical to solicit customers in someone else's shop, she moved on to another customer. So I reported the conversation to Amutey Decuir, the owner of Bliss Couture. I figured, hey, wouldn't I want to know if someone was solicting my customers? To my surprise, Amutey responded with a thank you and a gift of her "Goddness Collection" - 7 very cute dresses. I am only commenting now because I am cleaning inventory...

And I have very clever friends, too. A while back, I contracted with Cas for a hat box to use as a tip vehicle and she responded with very cute striped hat boxes that she did not put bows on because she is so fussy she had not seen anything she liked. Well, yesterday she surprised me with another hat box and a new striped one - and they both have bows. YAY!!! my task today is to move my tip script to the hat boxes so I can use them rather than the ugly one I have been using for months.

The other night I told another friend that I had been looking for just the right Japanese benches for Linri's for months, he offered to make one for me! It is perfect - a simple Japanese Zen bench. The seat is gently curved, as if it has been used for a long time and looks so comfy. Only 3 prims and perms so I can tint the bench as need be. How generous he is.

I sometimes wish there was some way I could thank these wonderful people in a very special way, but I am neither creative nor artistic. So I will just have to offer sincere thank yous.

On Cloud Nine

I hate when misunderstandings happen, but I love it when they are worked out. Yes - my friend accepted my friendship offer. We spent time last night just dancing next to each other. I like the way he looks next to me: tall and handsome and smiling. And then I did the Cinderella thing. But I left too soon. Cas is right; I need to wait until everyone says goodbye, 'cause I missed his hug. (Found it in email this morning) Darn it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Broken hearted again

This was in my email this morning. "Hi Emyly I understand how you feel now that I was just a guy to dance with. Sorry to have troubled you, I did not pick up on the signs that you did not want to be friends. I'll be more careful next time. take care of yourself." This is from a man who was already ON my friends list and chose to remove himself last night. My heart gets broken all the time so I try not to get too close to people and I didn't realize how much he truly meant to me until just now. I don't make friends lightly and I am very hurt and crying right now that I am losing another very special friend. Funny, intelligent men who actually LIKE me are very few and far between. How did he ever get the idea that I didn't care for him? Was he looking for a more intimate relationship and chose this way to "gracefully" bow out. I don't know and I probably never will. Why did I ever let my heart get involved?

OK- I get it now. He read my blog titled "Sex, Food & Money" and thought that "dancing companionship" meant "just a guy to dance with." But why couldn't he just talk to me in person. Am I that scary to talk to?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Profiles snippets


I have a nice wife thank you. Just an enjoyable chat and a loving dance. Only IM me if you can carry a conversation.

"ToolsRMe" is not a sexual reference. I like RL tools. Things like saws, drills, etc. It's a name I use on some forums (e.g. plumbing, electrical) and I decided to use the name here. [There are 9 women listed as profile picks, and himself as the first]

Im immature and just bumming around here in SL!! happy to meet and chat to normal, sane ppl... if only to see what its like. I want to be a ladies sex toy.

Spanish stripper guy. Dance is my passion. I like to make dream, imagine, feel... I´m funny, romantic and sweet. ... If you are close to me, be careful, very hot latin blood, 100% full of energy and passion.


Don't ask me about RL. I hardly ever go there, now. :-)

Sex, food (beer) & money

Yes, I am grumpy this morning. So when I logged in to Second life only to see a message from a club owner advertising his "fully equipped beach houses for rent, $400 a week with animated beds, hot tubs all you will need in a house and 50 extra prims" I was disgusted. There is more to this world than sex and bikinis! And how can you decorate on 50 prims? Then I recalled something I was told by a man, that men think of only 3 things: sex, food & beer (at least I think that was the third thing). So why should this world be any different? Granted, I have met a few men here who profess to be content with friendship but they are few and far between and tend to drift away when all I am willing to offer is a dancing companionship. Seems it takes sex to keep men interested... Ah well, a man will have to be very special to get through this grumpiness.

I am so grumpy that I think I will go to Frank's and read profiles. Maybe I can find a laugh there.

n.b. added 10/20. I remember now that is sex, food (which includes beer) & money that are the three things.. hehe

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding a tiny

We have had a couple of tinies tp in to Linri's Palace, so Linri thought we should have a tinies dance ball. I told her I was up to the challenge. So I went in search of a tiny AV this morning. What a hunt that was. There are many, many different tinies out there and finding the perfect one to represent Emy was very difficult. Hippo, giraffe, lioness, greenie and various anime characters were all discarded in the search for the perfect tiny Emy. And then, I saw it, a cute grey kitten - very sweet. But she came naked! So then I had to buy outfits - all pink, of course. And they come complete with charming hats and little shoes! So now I am all set to look for tinies dances. I hope I can find a good variety - can you see me choreographing for tinies? lol.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wheelchair Dancing

Years ago, at a Square Dance Convention in New England, I saw square dancing done by a group of adults in wheelchairs. The memory has never left me. And now that I am choreographing in SL, I want to choreograph for wheelchair users as well as those AVs with two usable legs. So I spent some time this afternoon searching for dances written specifically for wheelchair users. The regular dances don't work of course because they are written for standing AVs. Anyway, I found 2 dances, but they were in a dance machine at a club called Wheelies. The creator didn't have a shop, so I have contacted one of the owners to see if she knows how I can acquire the dances. But 2 dances is not enough for any variety. I wonder if my dragon anims will work? Hmmm I will have to try them next.

Noooo - the dragon dances bend the body into the dragon AV shape, so they won't do. Phooey.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Directions

One of my less fun jobs at Linri's is posting pictures of the talent. I mean, it is fun, but I am still a rudimentary builder (I am learning on an "OMG! I Need To Know This" basis) and rearranging all the posters every time we get a new picture is very time consuming. It is sooo hard to line up 6 posters so they are all perpendicular to the floor and the edges match each other. And then yesterday I discovered that I can use numbers to help me position them! Very cool. And I am sure you are all saying: well.. DUH! Any way, there are now 18 posters hanging on the "wall" at Linri's and I am very proud of them. Over the tip jar area are the posters for DJs that play more than once a week or mic during the set. Hehe - and I am there too. Yesterday I spent some time taking pictures of me dancing on the beach with surf crashing behind me and managed to get a decent one to use for a poster. But I want a professional one with a border and letters that say Symmetry In Motion and Miss Emyly Beaumont. Yes, I know the term "Miss " is old-fashioned, but I am old-fashioned, so it fits me perfectly.

I choreoed at another private party last night. I had met with the woman who hired me earlier in the day and we discussed her dance floor, which was beautiful and exciting but flashed on and off and had these arrows that moved. What a wonderful surprise awaited me when I arrived. She had expanded an area beside the dance floor into a really great, black floor where I could put out my yellow dance formations - and they looked WOW! There were far more than 40 people at the party last night, and I am amazed that we didn't crash, but I had my hands full. Lag was awful, of course, but not as bad as the La Scala gig. And I heard 3 new acts, all live singers. It was fun and challenging and that is a mix I like. Doing the same old thing gets stale pretty fast, and sometimes my dancing is affected. Every time I dance at a new place I learn so much about myself and meet so many great people. I want to break into the party and wedding reception scene, but offers have been limited so far. Perhaps I need to work on an advertising notecard and drop them on some party & wedding planners...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dancing news

First, I need to tell you that there is a new pairs slow dance version 8. If you haven't seen it yet, come to Linri's Palace and try it out. I had Johnni put it in the Couples Dance Machine yesterday morning. This dance is lots of fun, incorporating some sexy tango steps and a hand being kissed! It goes well with slow jazz or blues.

Next, I now have a professional resume. I am always approached by club owners in the middle of a show and it is difficult to IM while paying attention to the music, especially under severe lag conditions when I have to anticipate tempo changes by as many as 3 seconds. The exercise of creating a resume also helped me realize exactly what it is that I do. I feel so good about this now....

Third, I have a new booking. Next Friday from 2-4 I will be at La Scala choreographing dances for DJ Cordova Decosta. La Scala is a very elegant ballroom. I checked it out this morning. It is large and open with nice wide camera angles. I have yet to check out the DJ, but I will be doing that as soon as I can. First gigs can be difficult if you are not familiar with a DJ's style or music. I hope to avoid any awkwardness on my part by eliminating as much of the unknown as possible. So I will be off to visit Blackhearts Cafe. Cordova apparently plays heavier stuff there, but I can at least get a feel for style.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tree House at Agara

I realized today that I never stay inside my beautiful American Foursquare. Perhaps that is why I never furnished it. I mean, I have lovely furniture and carpets for it. I have bookshelves and a piano. But I much prefer to tai chi on the beach or sit on the rockers on the porch while I listen to the birds and the windchimes. SO today I bit the bullet and replaced my brick house with a tree house. It has lots of balconies that are open to the air and a bathing pool in the tree top. I went to Pillow Talk and bought the apple tree I fell in love with a month ago at Gamilia. Now I am so excited! I can see bookshelves and the piano in the room on the ground. The tree house came with a charming cuddle couch which I put inside the "house", which is really nothing more than a room with a door. But there are so many balconies and a rope net which is crying out for a few poses. I know I will have to shop for a fairy swing. Oh what fun I will have!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emy was stumped

I love Tuesdays - my busiest day, of course, with three sets but I get to dance with Maggie McArdle at the end of the night. And she actually stumped me last night. It was Broadway Night - lots of great music and fun dancing. Then Le Tango de Roxanne did me in. I literally could not call up the right routines. I felt ridiculous and embarassed. And Maggie was so apologetic that she actually switched to another song right away! I told her she should have been proud of herself - no one has ever done that before (not even DJ Otawan Fouquet.)

I have been downloading songs like crazy - trying to make up for lost time. I haven't choreoed songs in ages but I did two songs yesterday morning and it felt so good. I have so many songs on my to do list now, but I am back! I even found Phantom of the Opera - Nightwish. Allan couldn't find it yesterday morning. But I have What a Feeling, Forever Young and By Heart (Laura Creamer). Hehe - Gerrit's Abba Mix is next, though; 8.19 minutes - long mixes are the bane of my existence. I have to use so many dances in each one in order not to repeat. Tunes are easier - I remember most of the songs so I can anticipate the changes, but mixes are a DJ's creation and while fun, are challenging. They contain bits and pieces of songs and I never have any idea of tempo or lyric changes. I choreo to the lyrics or the melody instead of the bpm (beats per minute.) It makes scoring a song a little more challenging, but much more fun. Bpm can get boring - imagine nothing but techno - uggggh!

Johnni Twine just came in to Linri's and gave me the most wonderful thing - a Wormwood Potion. I drank it and it gave me back my humanity from that unauthorized vampire bite I sustained a month ago and erased the hit that is credited to Carles Oyen. Johnni is my hero!