Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding a tiny

We have had a couple of tinies tp in to Linri's Palace, so Linri thought we should have a tinies dance ball. I told her I was up to the challenge. So I went in search of a tiny AV this morning. What a hunt that was. There are many, many different tinies out there and finding the perfect one to represent Emy was very difficult. Hippo, giraffe, lioness, greenie and various anime characters were all discarded in the search for the perfect tiny Emy. And then, I saw it, a cute grey kitten - very sweet. But she came naked! So then I had to buy outfits - all pink, of course. And they come complete with charming hats and little shoes! So now I am all set to look for tinies dances. I hope I can find a good variety - can you see me choreographing for tinies? lol.


Casandra Shilova said...

I want to see you as a tiny!!

Therese said...

BRAVO!!!! Would love to hear from you when you have it up hehe-- I'm a Spaniel!!