Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Directions

One of my less fun jobs at Linri's is posting pictures of the talent. I mean, it is fun, but I am still a rudimentary builder (I am learning on an "OMG! I Need To Know This" basis) and rearranging all the posters every time we get a new picture is very time consuming. It is sooo hard to line up 6 posters so they are all perpendicular to the floor and the edges match each other. And then yesterday I discovered that I can use numbers to help me position them! Very cool. And I am sure you are all saying: well.. DUH! Any way, there are now 18 posters hanging on the "wall" at Linri's and I am very proud of them. Over the tip jar area are the posters for DJs that play more than once a week or mic during the set. Hehe - and I am there too. Yesterday I spent some time taking pictures of me dancing on the beach with surf crashing behind me and managed to get a decent one to use for a poster. But I want a professional one with a border and letters that say Symmetry In Motion and Miss Emyly Beaumont. Yes, I know the term "Miss " is old-fashioned, but I am old-fashioned, so it fits me perfectly.

I choreoed at another private party last night. I had met with the woman who hired me earlier in the day and we discussed her dance floor, which was beautiful and exciting but flashed on and off and had these arrows that moved. What a wonderful surprise awaited me when I arrived. She had expanded an area beside the dance floor into a really great, black floor where I could put out my yellow dance formations - and they looked WOW! There were far more than 40 people at the party last night, and I am amazed that we didn't crash, but I had my hands full. Lag was awful, of course, but not as bad as the La Scala gig. And I heard 3 new acts, all live singers. It was fun and challenging and that is a mix I like. Doing the same old thing gets stale pretty fast, and sometimes my dancing is affected. Every time I dance at a new place I learn so much about myself and meet so many great people. I want to break into the party and wedding reception scene, but offers have been limited so far. Perhaps I need to work on an advertising notecard and drop them on some party & wedding planners...

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