Monday, October 13, 2008

Wheelchair Dancing

Years ago, at a Square Dance Convention in New England, I saw square dancing done by a group of adults in wheelchairs. The memory has never left me. And now that I am choreographing in SL, I want to choreograph for wheelchair users as well as those AVs with two usable legs. So I spent some time this afternoon searching for dances written specifically for wheelchair users. The regular dances don't work of course because they are written for standing AVs. Anyway, I found 2 dances, but they were in a dance machine at a club called Wheelies. The creator didn't have a shop, so I have contacted one of the owners to see if she knows how I can acquire the dances. But 2 dances is not enough for any variety. I wonder if my dragon anims will work? Hmmm I will have to try them next.

Noooo - the dragon dances bend the body into the dragon AV shape, so they won't do. Phooey.

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