Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Broken hearted again

This was in my email this morning. "Hi Emyly I understand how you feel now that I was just a guy to dance with. Sorry to have troubled you, I did not pick up on the signs that you did not want to be friends. I'll be more careful next time. take care of yourself." This is from a man who was already ON my friends list and chose to remove himself last night. My heart gets broken all the time so I try not to get too close to people and I didn't realize how much he truly meant to me until just now. I don't make friends lightly and I am very hurt and crying right now that I am losing another very special friend. Funny, intelligent men who actually LIKE me are very few and far between. How did he ever get the idea that I didn't care for him? Was he looking for a more intimate relationship and chose this way to "gracefully" bow out. I don't know and I probably never will. Why did I ever let my heart get involved?

OK- I get it now. He read my blog titled "Sex, Food & Money" and thought that "dancing companionship" meant "just a guy to dance with." But why couldn't he just talk to me in person. Am I that scary to talk to?

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Anonymous said...

Emy you are wonderful. Don't put yourself down :)