Monday, December 13, 2010

Dexler Gets a Bath

I love role playing as a faery, especially when I play with such experienced players. I apologize for the length but the pictures are pretty.


Dexler (Loraletti Dexler) sloshes through the water toward the pond. He sighs with some relief when he notices the Elven Hall, and then he relaxes further when he sees Pea and Casandra dancing over the water. He waves to them, not noticing the third fae at first.
SweetPea (Emyly Beaumont) giggles and holds her nose. "Hello Dex. Have you been mucking out the barns again?'
Dexler plops down on the pond's edge, screwing his face up. "No..."
Melody (Unsubtle Melody) looks down at the newcomer. "Hello!"
Dexler jumps a few inches in the air, glancing wildly about, before he notices the fae in purple. A bit sheepish, he rubs the back of his neck. "Oh...uh...greetings ma'am"
Casandra (Casandra Shilova) waves at the human during a turn in her dance and says "Greetings Dexler. This is Melody"

Melody laughs. "Ma'am! Do I rate a ma'am now?" She frowns suddenly.
Dexler draws his legs up, resting his chin on his filthy pants as he blinks his round eyes owlishly
Casandra says to Melody, "Dexler is very polite."
Melody stops dancing. She looks down at herself. "Oh, right. I forgot." She looks down at Dexler and offers a sunny smile. "Hello, Dexler!" Then she resumes dancing.
SweetPea asks Dexler 'Are you going swimming?'
Dexler scratches the back of his neck as he peers up at Pea. ", ma'am...I'm not gonna swim."
SweetPea says to the other fae, 'What do you think my fae friends? Does Dex need a bath?' Casandra nods in reply.
Dexler looks up, panicky-eyed. "No!" He adds, "I too long ago..."
SweetPea smiles 'Let's push him in.' Casandra grins and lands behind him.
Dexler shakes his head quickly, before he mumbles, "Don't...please...I can't swim."
SweetPea says to the dirty boy, "The pond isn't deep.' Melody stops dancing again and watches.
Dexler hastily stands up and begins to back away. "I...uh...I'm allergic..." He bumps into Cas and quickly steps around her. Melody flies quickly to block Dexler's escape.
Casandra says, smiling at Dexler, 'Dont' you want to take a bath????"

Dexler yelps, "No!" and looks wildly between all three, he hollers, "HELP! Someone!"
Melody grins. "Oh, baths are fun."
Casandra says “But it won't hurt you, and you'll smell wonderful”
Dexler tries to sneak around Melody. "No...I'll smell bad...I swear..." Melody reaches out to snag his arm.
Casandra lands again, gently trying to persuade him to cooperate.
SweetPea stands behind Dex trying to block his escape.
Dexler's breathing quickens as Melody grabs his arm and he tries to tug it away. "I'll run off and roll in mud...I swear it..."
SweetPea digs deep in her pouch and finds some rose petals. She giggles and flies over Dex, dropping the fragrant flowers over him. Dexler winces as each rose petal gently brushes against his skin. "Ow..."
SweetPea sniffs ‘Does he not smell much better?'
Melody sighs. "Alright." She lets go, and giggles as the rose petals land on Dexler.
Elestria Ulrik yells as she falls out of the sky into the pond. “ Gi d'anthe...”
Dexler jumps. SweetPea (Emyly Beaumont) hears a gentle splash from the pond and turns. She smiles when she sees the petite drowess and says 'Merry meet El'
Elestria stands up, soaking wet as she stares down at herself......"The pond really spread."
Melody says, "Those rose petals aren't quite enough to cover the stench. Maybe a little fae magic?"
Casandra turns, surprised to see El emerge from the pool.
SweetPea grins. 'A LITTLE glamour? I think he will need a great deal of it.'
Dexler hunches his shoulders, a lot more self-conscious when he sees Ele there. He mumbles, "'ll go in..."
Elestria spits out a strand of white hair as she approaches....."What's happening?"
SweetPea shakes her head, not believing the words she has heard coming from Dexler. She holds her nose and explains to El ‘Dex needs a bath and we are trying to convince him'
Elestria Ulrik's cheeks dimple as she sees the unfamiliar fae and waves a silver hand at her......"Vedui'...." then she turns to Sweet. "Just shove him in."

Dexler shakes his head at Ele. He stammers, "N-no ma'am...I...I just said I'd go in..."
SweetPea says "But he is bigger than I am. I will need help'
Elestria's face brightens, then she sighs and rolls her eyes......"I'm naut allowed to help....apparently being a High Priestess also means being a good role model." She snorts and approaches the group.
SweetPea laughs, "That will be hard for you El"
Elestria nods in agreement....."Siyo"
SweetPea moves closer to Dex. Dexler glances around at everyone, and while he thinks they're distracted, he tries to inch away. SweetPea shouts 'He is going the wrong way. Let's just walk toward him ‘til he has no place to go but in.'
Elestria clucks her tongue......."Dex....did I ever tell you about the time Linwe had to throw a net over me and drag me to the baths?"
Dexler swallows before he shakes his head, his mouth suddenly dry. "N-no..." He takes a step back toward the pond. SweetPea moves closer to him.
Elestria Ulrik comes closer, her purple eyes sparkling as she says......" happened....and it was naut much fun,"
Dexler licks his lips before he replies nervously, "I...I bet it wasn't, ma'am..."
SweetPea whispers "I hear mortals use something called soap. Does anyone have some?'
Elestria whispers back to Sweet....."In the Elven Hall. I stole some last night....I mean, Borrowed....there's more in there”
Dexler fidgets nervously as he stares down at the two short people [Elestria and SweetPea]. Elestria Ulrik reaches over to poke Dex in the chest....."You DO know who I am, siyo?"
SweetPea digs deep in her pouch as an idea occurs to her. She pulls out a bit of sparkly dust and tosses it at Dex. SweetPea says 'You need a bath and the water is warm.'
Casandra moves closer "Dexler, the bath sounds appealing to you now.”
Dexler throws his hands up as Ele pokes him, shielding his eyes from the faery dust.
Elestria Ulrik laughs loudly, clapping her hands......."Oh, bwael, bwael!"
Casandra says in a beguiling voice “The water is warm and inviting.” Dexler pauses, and then he nods slowly to Cas's words. She continues “It welcomes you into it's arms, inviting you in.”
Dexler replies, a bit slowly, "The warm welcomes me..."
Elestria Ulrik whispers in Casandra's direction....."Say, 'It loves you' "
Casandra nods and says softly "Yes, the water is delighted you wish to come in "
Dexler blinks once, twice, before he gets a funny little smile on his face. He turns and begins to head to the water. SweetPea watches Dex edge toward the water and grins.
Elestria Ulrik watches, somewhat impressed......"Sweet, can I have some of whatever-that-was that you threw at him?"
SweetPea grins 'it is fairy dust.'
Melody watches, impressed. "I wonder if I can learn to do that with my dust."
Dexler kicks off his sandals and wades into the water. Elestria Ulrik raises her fingers to her mouth and whistles at Dex.
SweetPea whispers to Melody, "I am new at using the glamour and Lady Cas had to say the words."
Dexler turns his head slowly, a dreamy expression on his face as he just stands in the water. Melody says, "He won't get very clean that way."
Casandra says softly "Does he have the soap? and a rag?"
Elestria nods in agreement with Melody....."Siyo...." then she pauses. "How are you sure he won't get TOO relaxed in there and do....uhm....something gross? Warm water tends to have undesirable effects on people”
SweetPea smiles, "But some of the dirt should fall off his clothes and hands”
Melody sighs. "I guess I can try my 'clean' cantrip on him. But it didn't work too well last time I tried it..."
Casandra says "El!"
Elestria glances over at Casandra....."What?"
Casandra: says "El, do you have the soap or did you give it to him?"
Dexler continues to stand still, perfectly content to get wrinkled like a prune in the water.
Casandra nods at Melody "Try it please and put everything you have into it"
SweetPea urges the new fae 'Try it, it can't be any worse than my glamours.'
Elestria Ulrik grins......"I'll go get some soap to help....Melody. The cleaner he is, the better....he probably won't bathe for another six months.” She turns around and runs into the Elven Hall, giggling like a small child....or at least like a half-insane drowess.
SweetPea whispers to Lady Cas 'How long will it last, do you think, the magic?'
Casandra says "I don't know, long enough I suppose."
Melody says "Alright, here goes." She steps up to the water's edge, and concentrates and drawing the weave, summoning the soap and soft rags needed from the other plane to come and wash off Dexler in the water. She wasn't very good at this, and it took everything she had...
Dexler wiggles his toes, getting a pleasantly surprised look on his face as the mud squishes between his toes.

Melody smiles. The spell seemed to be working, as the lather started to form around Dexler. Elestria comes back out with soap in one hand, though she pauses to watch. SweetPea watches the foam float around Dex and laughs "There is even a sweet smell."
Melody frowns. "Why isn't it rinsing him off? Dexler's eyes widen at the lather that begins to form around him, though he remains under the spell of the glamour. He starts snickering, then laughing and slaps at it. The suds continue to form around Dexler, growing into a higher and higher pile of them.
SweetPea watches Dexler play like a fae in the water and giggles. "Now isn’t that fun Dex?'
Dexler's happy reply comes out as, "I like bubbles..." before his neck, then shoulders, disappears beneath the rising suds.
Melody's tone turns to panic. "I can't stop it!"
Elestria Ulrik watches carefully over Casandra's shoulder......"He isn't going to suffocate in there, is he? Today is far too nice a day for anyone to have to die, though I can bring him back.”
SweetPea says 'Oh, he is disappearing! Melody, is that part of the magic?'
Melody charges into the suds, to get Dexler out of them. Dexler makes little gargled noises among all the suds, though he never flails out with his arms. Melody says, "Come with me, out of the suds!" She tries to lead Dexler out of the growing mound. Dexler turns and automatically follows Melody, looking like a living sud monster rising out of the depths. Melody Ivanova looks at the growing pile of suds in the water. "Does anybody know a good dispel?"
SweetPea (Emyly Beaumont) shakes her head "I have not learned that. It will just have to dry on him"
Dexler pats at all the soapy bubbles on his torso, before he begins playing with the ones on his face to form a 'beard.'
Elestria smiles......"At least he likes his bubbles"
Melody shakes her head. "He's not what I'm worried about anymore." She points at the suds still growing on the pond.
SweetPea looks at Dexler in his bubbly beard and says 'He will be a handsome mortal when he has a beard."
Elestria Ulrik laughs as she watches the suds......"Everything in the pond will be clean." Then she winks at Dex......"Oh, siyo, he will be" Dexler mumbles something that sounds like "Ho ho ho" as he shakes his soapy beard.
Elestria arches an eyebrow, before she turns....."I should go find paths, all of you. She waves and wanders off into the forest.
Dexler's chuckles fade away as the glamour begins to slowly, but surely, end. SweetPea says, "Dex you really do smell better.'
Melody watches the suds in the water, hoping for some sign that it would stop. "Did I really put that much mana into it?"
Dexler asks in a distant voice, ribbons of glamour still slowly retreating from his mind, "Huh?" He glances dully down at himself.
Casandra turns and looks at at the wondrously clean Dexler. SweetPea laughs at the sopping wet, foamy, farm boy. Dexler furrows his brow in slight puzzlement, wiping at the suds. Beneath whatever suds he scoops away, he is much, much paler than most of them had ever seen before beneath all that dirt. "What happened...?"
Casandra says "You are exceedingly clean from your toes to the tip of your head, including your clothing. Excellent!"
SweetPea looks at the other two fae "I think we have done a good deed today"
Melody Ivanova: "I don't know if the fish and waterplants would agree with that."
SweetPea says ‘Well, perhaps you and Lady Cas can figure that out. I have done my part and must leave.’ She turns and flies off.
Dexler wipes absent-mindedly at his chin, and is somewhat surprised at the bubble-beard that transfers itself to his arm. "How...?" He turns his head to stare at the sudsy pond, shaking his head to try to clear his mind faster. "Ahhhmmm...?" After that unintelligible question, he asks slowly, "Is that...stuff...gonna go downstream?" He points to the stream trickling away from the pond toward the sheep.
Casandra ponders and says "Oh, I know! Dexler if you will come with me to the fae pool, you can dunk yourself in clear water, and rinse off the suds."
Dexler replies, wiping at his face, "Um...yes,'am"
Casandra casually dismisses the suds as unimportant to the livestock "Oh yes, it will be swept away to the ocean in no time"
Dexler sighs slowly and mumbles, "I'm really pale..." as he begins to lumber after Cas.
Casandra says “Here we are, just dunk yourself in this nice clear pool, it will fix you right up.”

Dexler hesitates, but then he steps in. He holds his breath and ducks his head underwater. When he comes back up, he is no longer sudsy but very clean.
Casandra smiles "excellent! That wasn't difficult, was it?”
Dexler shoves his hands under his armpits, his teeth chattering. He moans in response, "I'm c-c-cold..." He shakes his head quickly, sending water drops spraying around
Casandra smiles as she sees Melody approach "He is suds free, but now he's cold." She thinks and says, "Let's go to the tavern. There is a fire there to warm you."
Dexler shuffles his feet, his teeth continuing to chatter, though he grabs the hem of his jacket and wrings it to try to get water out. He forces out through his clacking teeth, "M-my other c-c-c-clothes are there t-too..."
Casandra nods, sets off in that direction, and beckons
Melody says "Well, he's just human, let's get him to where he can dry off, unless you think I should risk a 'dry' cantrip..."
Casandra and Dexler enter the tavern. Dexler quickly crosses to the fireplace, and reaching behind it in a corner, finds a bag of his clothes.
Melody Ivanova follows the two to the small tavern. She reads the sign above the door. "The Brittle Biscuit."
Casandra says “There you are Dex, a toasty fire!”
Dexler pulls the lumpy bag out, but then turning, his face pales as he faces another problem. He licks his lip before he mumbles, "Uh...could...could you both, outside for a minute or two?"
Casandra nods "Certainly. Come on Melody." Melody blushes, nods, and steps outside.
Dexler moves to stand in front of the fireplaces, warming his legs. He relaxes as both leave, before he opens the bag. He bites his lower lip as he pulls his clean clothes out of the bag and dumps them unceremoniously on the floor. He pulls off his shirt and tosses it in front of the fireplace, before climbing out of his pants. Leaving them to dry in front of the fire, he pulls on his clean pants and then his shirt. He picks up his vest and slides his arms through. Picking up his belt, he slides it through the loops and latches it. Only then does he go to the door and peek out. "'s safe now." He disappears back inside to sit by the fire, right next to the pile of his wet clothes. He stretches an arm out to grab his black boots--the ones Linwe told him over and over to never wear while working--and shoves them onto his feet. Then warm and dry, he sighs contentedly. Being clean was nice...not that he would admit it to the fae.
Melody asks the Lady Cas, "Do you have to do that often, to get him clean?"
Casandra frowns and says, "We should, but we've never tried it before"
Dexler sits in front of the fire for a while longer, before he shoves all of his wet clothes into the bag. Without bothering to let them finish drying, he dumps the bag back into its corner and stands.
Melody looks over Dexler. "You clean up nice!" She giggles.
Dexler blinks his hazel eyes as he glances at himself. Then a moment later he chuckles and shrugs. "Well...I guess so. I've never really been CLEAN before." He adds, "Not since..." but then he trails off, his brow furrowing as he tries to remember the last time he was clean. After a pause, he finally says, "Well...not since I can remember."
Casandra gives them a big smile. "Well done Melody. You smell sooo much better Dex. Could you be persuaded to do it regularly?"
Dexler slowly turns his head, lowering his eyebrows as he stares at the fae queen. After a long silence, he asks carefully, "Define 'regularly' "
Casandra says “Ooooh, say once every full moon?”
Dexler is silent again, before he repeats in a pained voice, "Once...a month?" He groans as he stretches his arms.
Casandra reconsiders thinking that she might be hoping for the moon "how about once every other full moon?"
Dexler's expression is still dubious. Casandra sighs. Dexler holds up three fingers. "Once every THREE months!"
Casandra says "I am not used to the necessity of bargaining for my desires." She nods. "Agreed. Once every three months"
Dexler quickly replies, raising his pinky, "Four!"
Casandra scowls at him "NO! Three months.” She says sternly "Once every three months was your idea. I will request Pea's and Melody's help if you need persuasion."
Dexler's expression becomes miserable, and he wheedles, "Why don't I just bathe during the second full moon in one month?"
Casandra laughs, "No Dexler, I will not fall for that. Good attempt though. The second full moon in a month? That happens like once in a blue moon?" she says scornfully.
Dexler's eyes widen; this was not how he had seen things happen when he watched his father bargain. He asks, desperately, "But...but..." before he gets an idea. He sucks in a breath, drawing himself up to his full height. Taking on a stern tone that is fairly obvious it's being mimicked, he states, "Ma'am...I'm going to be twenty summers old next month... a man...I will...I will choose when I you...” His voice falters and he bites his tongue, waiting to see if his plan worked.
Casandra manages to conceal a smile. "Yes, you are a man, Dexler, and as such you should know that ladies prefer men who smell clean, not as though they have been mucking out the stable. So, after you finish your chores, cleaning up will gain you more smiles from ladies and any other adults than your usual aroma will."
Dexler swallows and replies, carefully, "Well...Justine loves me..." He sneaks a peek at Melody out of the corner of his eye. ""
Casandra replies, "Of course she does. But ask her how she feels about bathing and smelly clothing."
Dexler's expression becomes pained. "Aww, ma' I REALLY have to take a bath every three months?"
Melody says, "I need more practice with my clean cantrip anyway, I might just surprise you with it."
Dexler nearly yelps at Melody's words, "Oh gods no!"
Casandra looks heavenward. "I advise you to stick to your suggestion and our bargin Dex, the one you are trying to back out of now."
Dexler bites his lower lip, before he hangs his head. He mumbles, "Yes ma'am..." Casandra smiles, satisfied. Dexler shoves his hands into his pockets and slowly turns away, the very picture of the poor misunderstood man. "I need some paths..." He trudges off, sighing all the way.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edited for clarity and brevity by Emyly Beaumont. Pictures by Casandra Shilova.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I know it has been a long time since I last blogged, but SL seems to be taking up all my time lately, especially on Sundays, which is when I used to relax and try to reflect on things that made me happy during the week. Let me see if I can catch you up a bit on the last few months.

About eight weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to become a charter member of a dance group called "Bohemian Queens." The members of this group are very talented; two of them in particular have a knack for picking just the right animations to match both the spirit and the tempo of the music. Last Wednesday we started working on dance numbers to accompany music that Cheryl, our talented DJ and leader, picked out: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, You're a Mean One Mr Grinch, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, a holiday song sung by cats, and the Peanuts theme song Linus and Lucy. These songs are for the "holiday Hi-jinks" presentation we will be doing tomorrow. Each of us chose a song to choreograph. This also involves the staging: costumes and set. Thank goodness Peanuts is easy: a simple backdrop depicting the Peanuts gang, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and jumpy animations. I thought the costumes would be easy. I wanted it simple, just each of us to emulate one of the characters. I won't say anymore, but you will have to come see the half hour show this Saturday at 12 noon SLT.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Emy Does Country

I opened myself up for trouble this Sunday when I asked the group what genre they wanted to hear next week. The answer was Country! So I promised I would choreo Country for them. And then Razzie said "Line Dances!" So of course, we must have line dances too. Constructing the lines of dance marks won't be a problem; the dances are the problem! I only had three that were specific to country style dance. So tonight, I picked up 15 dances that were country specific. I know there have to be more out there...

But the major problem is that I am unfamiliar with country western style of dance and becoming familiar with it means I have to go to country western clubs and listen to the music. And not only must I listen to the music, I need to try my animations against the music! When I construct a note card for a particular style of music, I usually load that genre into a play list in iTunes and then test the animations while on my own dance floor at Emy's Acre. Hah! I absolutely refuse to buy any country music to load into iTunes, so I will have to run around to the country western clubs.

The next problem is clothes. I have a long denim (sort of) skirt and I found a great man's t-shirt that Alk gave me a while back. I still need a pair of boots and a big Western hat, preferably matching. I have a feeling the dances will be solved first though. Y'all know how much I hate shopping. And y'all know how much I love Country. This will certainly be an interesting (and expensive) week.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fae Fall Attire

Fresh from a fashion shoot, SweetPea meets Jordon who thinks they should go dancing. He dons an elegant copper jerkin and cloak that don't quite match the bright blue wings that Pea glamoured for him a few weeks ago. He gladly consents to her request that she recast the glamour and is relieved when brown and black wings appear.

Monday, October 4, 2010

SweetPea Learns to Glamour

A bit bored with the fae meadows, Jordon and SweetPea invade the grounds of the Elven Hall. SweetPea says 'C'mon Jordon, let's try the swing. Push me'

Jordon flies up to SweetPea and says: Alright. Peaceful area the elves have.

SweetPea nods 'It is very pretty.'

Jordon gives her a push then jumps on the back of the swing. SweetPea sits contentedly on the seat, swaying back and forth and leans back against Jordon. SweetPea says " I wonder where the elf is? I haven't seen her in a few days.'

SweetPea says proudly ‘I cast a glamour on Ilvarru, the demon, so he would look scary to Lady Casandra. Did you know she was taking advice from him? Advice from a...demon! And I know that she is afraid of spiders... so I made him look like a spider to her!’ She giggles. ‘He appears huge and hairy with big googly eyes. Lady Casandra ran away in fright!'

Jordon chuckles: she fell for it did she? Doesn't realize it is a glamour?

SweetPea shrugs 'even if it is only a glamour, she can't do anything about it. And the sight of a spider is enough to throw her into fits.'

SweetPea looks at Jordon’s dull black and white wings and wonders if she could glamour bright blue ones for him. Jordon starts whistling loudly and SweetPea smiles. She loves to hear whistling. Jordon wonders if his whistling is loud enough to wake anyone asleep in the elf castle.

SweetPea screws up her eyes and concentrates very hard. She waves her arms and says 'sings, wings, do, blue.' She tries to stamp her foot and falls off the swing. Jordon is unbalanced by her fall, jumps off and almost lands on top of her. He is bumped by the swing. ‘Oooaf.’ He feels a little oddness and all of a sudden sees bright wings from the corner of his eye.

SweetPea gasps as Jordon's wings turn bright blue and iridescent purple and green. She hops up and down excitedly. ‘It worked Jordon! It worked!"

Jordon glares at his friend "This is not a calm pleasing blue SweetPea. I look like a peacock .’

SweetPea puts her hands on her hips and says "I think they are handsome wings …and very pretty.’ She giggles 'Those old black and white wings were so dull!'

Jordon gives a long drawn out sigh "They are girly."

SweetPea says hotly "They are not girly. They are too big! I would never be caught wearing wings that big. I would trip when I flew.'

Jordon glares at her. “Yes, my old ones were dull. They suited me fine. I did glamor my wings other shades at first, but Essie frowned upon me and said a disparaging remark and I quit."

SweetPea chuckles "Essie is silly. Do you like her opinion better than mine?'

Jordon: what happened to Essie any way? I haven't seen her in months and no, I value yours. You are my friend"

SweetPea sniffs ‘Essie went away and didn't come back.' She smiles ‘I am glad you are my friend Jordon. I would have no one else to play with if you weren't here'

Jordon says : Anyway, I need large wings to lift me. I'm not pint sized.

SweetPea moves to stand beside Jordon and shakes her head in agreement ‘You are a lot bigger then me'

Jordon McGillivary: yeah, a lot. I am half human.

SweetPea flutters her tiny wings ‘Not all fae are small of course. Some are fat! I saw a fat one the other day. He was as cute as a piglet'

Jordon: you saw a fat fae!

SweetPea nods "I think he had been at the mead barrel too often'

Jordon lifts his wings up, settles, repeats several times to see if he feels any difference caused by SweetPea's magic

SweetPea cocks an eyebrow at Jordon "I think those wings are beautiful and I am not in any hurry to reverse the glamour'

Jordon bounces around some more getting used to bright colors in his line of sight SweetPea thoroughly approves of Jordon’s new wings and smiles. She giggles as she flutters between Jordon's wings.

Jordon gives her a look. He looks at SweetPea's pea sized wings and his huge brightly colored monsters, thinking they will attract overly much attention from those he would rather remain unnoticed by.

SweetPea says ‘But Jordon those wings are your favorite color; aren't you happy to have blue wings?'

Linwe rises from her reverie and peers out the door of the Hall.

SweetPea says ‘I think your wings are very handsome and you should be grateful to me’

Seeing a mass of color Linwe arcs a brow and says “Drow fodder they be....some drow will take them for sure"

SweetPea waves to the elven elder ‘Look! Aren't Jordon's wings beautiful? I glamoured them all by myself and it worked!'

Jordon heaves a long drawn out sigh and concedes defeat "they are most beautiful fair fae. I am eternally grateful to you."

Linwe says 'Aye… they do be beautiful in nature...they be an attractant do ye nae think? Ye wouldna wish some bug of a drow or demon to find him.......useful..'

SweetPea giggles 'Lots of butterflies, I think, will follow him; they like blue too' Jordon remains irritated with his friend. And he looks at her "The Elder has a point SweetPea."

SweetPea says a bit worriedly "Jordon, you can fly as well with those as the dull old grey ones, can't you?'

Jordon takes off skyward to test them out and thuds on the ground. Linwe watches with amusement from the door as the fragile wings seem to fail SweetPea puts her hand on her mouth and gasps ‘try again'

Jordon tries again: yes, they work

Linwe says 'Mayhaps tis his boots weighting him down'

SweetPea grins "See? then what do you have to complain about?'

Jordon looks at his feet "I like my boots. I won the leather off a tanner in a friendly game of chance and had them fashioned to fit me."

SweetPea looks at his boots and sees the same old dull brown color. She sighs. Linwe peers out at the boots "They be fine boots... Right..servicable..'

Jordon looks at SweetPea "Even Linwe sides with you on my boots. Is it so unnatural for a fae to wear boots?"

SweetPea says ‘Don’t you think they should be blue to match your wings?'

Jordon is alarmed "NO!"

SweetPea is startled by Jordon's unusually loud voice and says meekly 'As you will Jordon.’

Linwe says 'I think so..right now he be like a cow with different coloured spots...he be nae...coordinated'

Jordon decides to leave, thus avoiding any more of his friends' enchantments: “Acck! You two ladies are ganging up on me!”

Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) says ' way or the other..the combination be quite.....erm....bad'

Jordon says “Farewell and pleasant day to you both.” He takes to the skies and flies away.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got Milk?

Jordon sees Emy and gives her a big hug. Emy giggles. "Shall we go the village? Do you think we can find any milk?"
Jordon: Ha! you and your milk!
Emy pouts “I'm thirsty"
Jordon: Alright, wipe that pouty face, and we will investigate. He smiles.
Emy smiles back "Yes Jordon" she says obediently. She flies into the village and immediately gets tangled in the line of drying clothes. She grumbles "Now why did they put wet clothes and rope right where I want to fly? This used to be good flying space!”

Jordon sniffs: Humans just don't consider our needs.
Emy stops, takes a mug of fairy tea out of her pouch and sips some. Then she looks at Jordon and sheepishly offers him the cup. "Want some?"
Jordon nods: Yes, I could use a reviver. He accepts the mug and gulps it down.
Emy watches him greedily. "Don’t drink it all! " she cries.
Jordon: Ah, yeah. He hands it back and says: Good flavor. I thought you wanted milk. I should rename you Miss Fae Dairy.
Emy takes the cup, drinks the rest of the tea and stuffs it back in her pouch. She looks around and says, "There are a lot more houses here now than there were before." She grins in anticipation. "That means more milk for me!"
Jordon looks around the village: It doesn't look like the bare bones it did before.
Emy asks, "Where should we look first? Who is most likely to leave us a saucer of milk?"
Jordon: I have no idea who lives in any of the houses. I would hazard a guess that the simpler human folk would be more like to carry on the old traditions. If so, the tenant buildings or shacks would be more likely.
Emy nod, "You go first.” She follows Jordon into a small shadowed building. "It is small in here and dark. Do you think the humans are afraid of the sunlight?"
Jordon assesses the cottage: No one here. However the fire is going. A homeless person may spend nights here.
Emy says in a small wavering voice "I wouldn't sleep here. Let's get out. It is much too dark." She runs out of the house quickly.
Jordon: Their windows aren't much good. But there is no need for us to dwell in these buildings.
Emy says, "I am afraid of the dark and can't move my wings in them. It is very scary." She peeks in the open door of the next building. "No milk" she says sadly. She shivers. Houses make her feel confined and helpless.
Jordon nods in agreement.
Emy says, "I remember that the baker was very friendly. Do you suppose she left milk for us?"
Jordon: Perhaps, let us look. He peers in the window
Emy tugs at the door, "This one won’t open Jordon" she says.
Jordon: Must be swollen shut. There is nothing there regardless.
Emy says, “Maybe they are hiding something. Imagine locking a door! What do you suppose is in there? Shinies?"
Jordon: Ha, they probably had trouble with squatters or the owners don't care to have Swith sleeping there.
Emy says "ooooo I miss that old minstrel. She played pretty songs that I could dance to."
Jordon: Yeah, when she wasn't soused, and sometimes when she was!
Emy laughs. “She was never too soused to sing and play well." She gives up on trying to open the locked door and flies off to the next building on her search for the bakery.
Emyly Beaumont continues her search for the bakery and enters the next building.
Jordon: It appears the humans built a new building to house their god. Don't they realize the gods cannot be contained to please themselves?
Emy is puzzled by his question and says, "The gods? Is this building a tribute to their gods?"
Jordon: Yes. They sit in comfort to pay homage to him.
Emy moves close to the stained glass window and smiles when she sees the light beams highlight the colored window. She sighs, "This is so pretty and shiny. Do you suppose..." she trails off and looks at Jordon. She jumps up on the windowsill, puts her grubby hands on the glass window and pushes against the individual bits of glass, hoping to find something loose. She says "Just one piece..."

Jordon: what are you thinking now?
Emy puts her hands behind her back. "Nothing" she says trying to look innocent.
Jordon moves closer to see if she is up to something and looks at her suspiciously. Then why are your hands behind your back? He raises an eyebrow. One piece of what? You take something from their god house and the humans will seek you out.
Emy grimaces in disappointment. "It is all stuck tight. Nothing is loose." She scoffs. "I didn't want one anyway." She jumps off the windowsill.
Jordon nods his head in understanding. (She really did want a piece of pretty glass.)
Emy heads for the door, spies a planter filled with flowers and plucks two lilies from it, offering one to Jordon.
Jordon takes the flower and sniffs at it. Nice odor, he says.
Emy puts the remaining flower in her hair and grins. "Am I as beautiful as the Queen now?"
Jordon smiles. You are indeed lovely
Emy sniffs her flower. "Yes, it is very sweet." She dimples at Jordon's remark and giggles. "I am lovely, aren't I? Now...where is that bakery?"
Jordon: There may no longer be a baker here
Emy says in horror, “No baker? No pies? Then what do the humans eat?”
Jordon: We can check down at the other end of town
Emy nods. "I will follow you Jordon."
Jordon laughs at the idea of Emy following him for a change.
Both fae fly off toward the gate, but Emy dawdles along and then stops at the barn. She calls out to him, "Look, Jordon, a cow!" and she opens the gate to the barn.
Jordon turns around and heads back.
Emy says "Do you think this cow belongs to that elf?"
Jordon: Yeah, she owns all of the livestock.
Emyly Beaumont grins with a malicious look in her eye. "Want some milk Jordon?"
Jordon: Yes, I have a taste for it. He moves to sit on the milking stool beside the cow. He milks the cow with a fine technique, squirting milk into the pail.

Emy giggles and moves closer to the milk pail. She a dirty finger in the pail and then puts the finger in her mouth. "mmmm…Fresh and creamy. That elf sure takes care of her animals."
Emy opens her mouth and points to it. "Here, Jordon."
Jordon aims and squirts directly towards her mouth.
Emy catches most of the milk while the rest dribbles down her chin as she swallows "Delicious." She looks at the overflowing pail. "I think you have enough in the bucket. Aren't you going to drink any?"
Jordon stops milking the cow and points at the pail. After you ma’am.
Emy kneels and drinks from the pail in huge gulps, leaving about half the pail for Jordon. "Done" she says as she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. She hands him the bucket. He lifts the pail and drinks his fill
Emy smiles at the cow, patting her gratefully. "Thank you Betsy. Your milk was fresh and sweet today. Tell the elf she takes good care of you."
Emy says "What do you think Jordon? Isn't that the best milk you ever tasted?"
Jordon: nods. Fresh and sweet.
Emy say,s "I think the village is safe from tricks this day."
Jordon wipes his brow in relief: I do not care to be taken to task by the ancient one. It has been pleasant to escape that.
Jordon protests: it is not as though I can fly faster, or higher than he.
Emy scrunches her eyes and looks at Jordon. She clucks like a chicken.
Jordon grins watching her. You are in a silly mood!
Emy says dismissively, "Oh the ancient one. I have not seen him lately. and HE was not the one who persecuted me. That was the elf. Imagine, she thought taking the milk Betsy gave was stealing!"
Jordon: If it is not left out in a bowl or cup for us, it is not meant for us
Emy shrugs. "Then she needs to put locks on the stall door and tell the humans to leave us some milk." She grins. "Not that I can't undo a lock with the glamour"
Jordon: Hah, she doesn't care if we have milk. She is not adhering to the old ways.
Emy frowns "No she is not, yet she wants us to honor her ways." She skips out of the barn and looks at the gate. There is something she needs to do, but can't remember what. She looks at Jordon. "The gate... something..."
Emy smiles as she watches Jordon close the stall door. "Yes! that was it! I promised the elf I would close it!" She says "You are so wise Jordon."
Emy then opens and shuts the gate so her promise to the elf would be fulfilled. After all, she had given her word…

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sister Dryads

Chene has wandered the realms for several weeks, looking for her sisters and trying to learn the language. This is her first encounter with one of her own kin.

Aegle peers around from the tree, observing it as she runs her palm gently over its battered trunk. It was clear that someone had been using it as a target or arrow fire and the like, something she disapproves of entirely. Wrapping her body around it in a warm, affectionate embrace, she continues to observe the bruises that litter its skin, kissing at them in the hope that they would heal at her touch. As of yet, she does not notice the figure that is so very near to her.
Chene sits in the flowers and listens to the rustle of the wind in the leaves, feeling lonely so far from her home.
Aegle then proceeds to lick at the Tree's war-wounds gently, letting her saliva drizzle onto the bark and soak in. Though of darker intent, she cared for all Trees, it just so happened that hers was on the darker coté of the realm.
Chene stands and raises her arms, singing a song of healing for the trees in the land.
Aegle slowly plies herself away from the Tree, knowing that she can do nothing but hope for the Tree's survival in such harsh lands. As she skips gracefully backwards, a song graces her ears, a song that sounds rather familiar to her. Canting her head to listen, she follows the sound curiously as it leads her up the slope to the Shrine.
Chene continues to sing with a voice that sounds like the wind in the branches.
Aegle steps ever closer, her feet pressing against the ground with care, for she did not want to tread on anything flora. Circling the shrine, her eyes come to rest on a figure at the edge of the hill, and her ears fall about lazily at the beautiful sound that she produces. She couldn't be sure, however, for it had been such a long time since she had heard such a song... Could it be?
Chene hears a step in the grass and sees movement out of the corner of her eye. She turns, and draws her breath at what she sees. She takes a step closer, not believing her eyes.
Aegle cants her head, drawing her breath at the exact some moment, for it clicks. As she looks at the other Dryad, mirroring her in many ways, she lets a smile grace her features, something that she had not let happen in such a long, long time. She steps forward, tip-toeing as to not crush anything beneath her.
Chene says softly in a musical voice "greetings sister."
Aegle cants her head, wondering what she says, having no knowledge of the common tongue, and no interest in learning it either.
Chene walks toward the other dryad with her hands outstretched.
Aegle instinctively lets her hands fall forward, taking her Sister's instantly. Something just feels right.
Chene begins to chant a welcoming song, full of gladness and past sorrows.
Aegle gladly joins in, her voice mirroring her Sister's perfectly. Though vastly darker looking than the other of her kin, her voice has not faltered, nor has it been warped by her darker intent. A beautiful sound ensues, working harmoniously with hers.
Chene's voice swells with happiness. Her mind wants to ask a thousand questions, but she does not know the language of her sister
Aegle sings beautifully with her, her smile widening and filling the best part of her face.
Chene wonders what her name is and halting the song, she points to herself and says "Chene". She looks at the other and points with a question in her eyes
Aegle bites her lower lip as her lips move against each other as she pronounces her name as best she can. "A-Aegle." she says, the word bouncing from her tongue awkwardly, stuttering.
Chene repeats the name and adds a word of common she had heard applied to beautiful things "Aegle lovely."
Aegle giggles softly, her dark, abyssal eyes holding some sort of joy, it seems. She then repeats her own name "Aegle." without hesitation, or stutter and finds it rather amusing, letting a few seconds of childlike laughter ensue. It had been far too long since she had seen another of her kind, and even longer since she had enjoyed herself so.
Chene smiles, remembering how delighted she had been to hear her own name on the faerie’s lips. She wants to know about this dryad she has found, but cannot ask until they find a common language. She hears a distant call and is reluctant to leave, afraid she will never see the sister again
Aegle clenches her fists as she feels a pull to her very being, dragging her away from this land. It must be her Tree.
Aegle looks over to the Dryad, a glance illustrating that she would find her once again, be it sooner or later.
Chene sees Aegle responding to her own call and waves, as she has seen others do "farewell Agle" she says
Aegle is then pulled backwards. Raising her hand, she foolishly repeats "Farewell Aegle." for she did not understand the structure or anything of, for that matter, the Common tongue.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jordon Teaches Chene the Common Language

Chene wakes up from her nap and sees a male faerie next to her. She jumps up and to the other side of the mushroom, keeping it between them and looks for the nearest tree. She spies the tree behind the faerie and stands still, hoping to avoid his attention. She relaxes when she realizes she has met him before.
Jordon nods to her.
Chene says "Greetings Jordon"
Jordon says “Greetings Maam”. He racks his brain for her name. “Chene”
Chene smiles back at him. She points to the mushroom and says "Jordon?"
Jordon frowns, points to the mushroom and says "That is a mushroom"
Chene repeats "thatisamushroom" and grins
Jordon realizes what he has done, shakes his head and points. "Not that is a mushroom, just mushroom."
Chene pats the mushroom, a little confused and repeats "notthatisamushroomjustmushroom."
Chene runs to the tree and pats it. She turns to the faerie and asks "Chene?"
Jordon frowns and points to the tree "willow"
Chene smiles. "Willow " she says as she caresses the tree.
Jordon says “Yes, willow.”
Chene points to the red flowers around the tree "Willow?" she asks
Jordon shakes his head "no." He says “Flower. Lilly.”
Chene shakes her head "no." She says "Flowerlilly"
Jordon heaves a sigh thinking he did well as could be.
Chene points to the tree, then the flowers and finally the mushroom "Willow, flowerlily, notthisisamushroomjustmushroom." She grins broadly.
Jordon tries to disguise his laughter and nods.
Chene sits on a wooden chair. "Willow?" she asks
Jordon says “Maybe.”
Chene smiles again. She is learning the language. "Maybe " she says in delight.
Jordon says “oh!” He points to the chair and says "Chair."
Chene frowns and says "chair?"
Jordon wonders if he can move close enough to her to sit down but decides not to risk it.
Chene pats the chair next to her and says "Jordon chair"
Jordon, surprised to hear what he believes is an invitation to join her, moves closer slowly and sits.
Chene watches the green lights move around the area and points to them. "Casandra?" she asks
Jordon says ”No, spirit lights”
Chene repeats "Nospiritlights"
Jordon McGillivary: shakes his head and points again to the green lights. "Spirit lights" he says.
Chene shakes her head, confused again. "Spiritlights?"
Jordon says “Yes.”
Chene watches Jordon's head nod as he says yes and she begins to understand.
Chene nods her head and says "Yes." She shakes her head from side to side and says “No. Then she looks at jordon. "Yes?" she asks
Jordon smiles, delighted, and says “Yes.”
Chene smiles back at him. She hopes that soon she will be able to speak with the dreaded humans and ask about her sisters.
Jordon brushes his hand over the grass and plucks one. He holds it out to her and says "Grass."
Chene takes the piece of greenery between her fingers and lifts it to her mouth. She blows across it to produce a sound. "Grass," she says
Jordon nods and thinks what next?
Chene points to Jordon's wings and asks "Jordon?"
Jordon flutters them and says "Wings."
Chene (nods and repeats "Wings." She points to her hair and says "Jordon?"
Jordon thinks and lifts the bottom of his long blond hair and says "hair"
Chene smiles and says "Chene hair.” She points to Jordon's hair and says "Jordon hair."
Jordon says “Yes, Very good.”
Chene points to Jordon's chin and giggles. "Hair" she says.
Jordon laughs as he points to his chin and says "Chin."
Chene says "Chin" and then frowns. "No. Hair."
Jordon brushes his hand over his whiskers and says "Beard."
Chene thinks about that for a minute and then smiles. She points to the hair on his head. "Hair," she says. She points to the hair on his chin. "Beard" she repeats.
Chene strokes her own chin. "No beard" she says with a bit of laughter.
Jordon is relieved she picked it up so quickly. “Yes!” he shouts. Chene tries for something harder. She points to herself and asks "Casandra Chene?"
Jordon frowns, confused
Chene shakes her head and points to him "Jordon?" she asks
Jordon understands and says “ah, you are both female.” He nods. "Jordon. I am male.”
Chene asks "Youarebothfeamle, Iammale?"
Jordon grimaces and shakes his head "No"
Chene says "No"
Jordon points to her and says "Female," then points to himself and says "Male."
Chene laughs "Casandra Chene female. Jordon male." She is delighted that she is learning.
Jordon says gleefully “Yes! Wheww.”
Chene repeats "wheww."
Jordon McGillivary: smiles at her. "We made real progress today."
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) watches jordon and says "Wemaderealprogresstoday."
Jordon swallows, realizes that was overly complicated and gives up on trying to work through it
Jordon stands and bows.
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) watches jordon curiously and then laughs at his gesture.
Jordon says “Farewell.”
Chene repeats "Farewell"
Jordon McGillivary: lifts his hand and waves
Chene lifts her hand and waves as she understands he is leaving.
Jordon McGillivary walks away
Chene watches him walk away with a heavy feeling in her heart. She needs to learn the language. Who will help her now?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Conversation at Sweethearts Jazz

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[17:44] You sense a disturbance in the force... (esme Madrigal is typing)
[17:45] esme Madrigal: just beween us, your avi is pretty sad, Im sorry!
[17:47] Emyly Beaumont: thank you - are you male or female? I can't tell from your profile, there is no picture.
[17:48] Emyly Beaumont: I would welcome your suggestions
[17:48] esme Madrigal: Im female, in the beauty industry
[17:48] Emyly Beaumont: Oh thank you for any suggestions
[17:49] esme Madrigal: if you want suggestions, im happy to help
[17:49] esme Madrigal: dont mean to insult you darlin
[17:50] Emyly Beaumont: well tell me what is wrong - I will try to fix it
[17:53] esme Madrigal: we need an in person meet to do that!
[17:56] Emyly Beaumont: I'm sorry - I can't afford a consultation
[17:57] esme Madrigal: no charge sweety
[17:58] Emyly Beaumont: can you send a picture of your av? there is nothing in your profile? then I will know if i would be comfortable with your look
[17:59] esme Madrigal: ok miss fussy, lol!
[18:06] Emyly Beaumont: waiting for picture to open - it is very laggy here
[18:11] Emyly Beaumont: I gave up and cammed on you - thanks, but I don"t want to look like a model.
[18:11] esme Madrigal: ok sweety

This woman's remark was totally unsolicited...
Any comments from my peanut gallery? Am I really sad looking?

Dancing.... (again)

If you missed the Pajama Party at the Pink Palace last week you missed a really great time! We had a terrific pillow fight and then we bounced on a bed! Jim Wheeling set out two beds, pushed them together and we danced on them to Xavia Palmira's bouncy music. We were silly and had a lot of fun. As usual, I was too busy dancing and laughing to take pictures, but Jim promised to post pictures on his Facebook site. I went to sleep that night with a huge smile on my face.

The theme for the next party is "Summer Showers." Let's see how creative you can be... I will probably be a bit tired, because it is after the performance of "Polyamour," but I am sure we will have just as much fun as last week.

Last night I went to a performance of Ballet Pixelle's "AvaTara." I seldom get a chance to see their performances anymore due to time constraints so I invited a couple of my friends to join me. The sets were simple and the dance was relaxed. But it showcased the possibilities of movement within SL. If you get a chance to see it, please go. Their regular performances are on Sundays at 5 PM. Oh! and I got autographs from everyone in the cast, especially my friend Tik Merlin and a fellow dancer with La Perf Deyna Broek. Once again, no pictures, I apologize.

"Polyamour" is a very unique performance and I don't think the concept has been realized before. It will be 6 dance numbers set to a live concert by Reis, a very talented Brazilian singer with a lovely voice. We have been working very hard to get used to the unusual sets that Jie has created: tilted, curved and/or multi-tiered stages that are difficult to get oriented on. And the costumes are a bit...unusual. If you don't like nudity, this is not the show for you to see. (I am not in those dance numbers, so don't get your hopes up.) This is the ONLY scheduled performance for this concert so please don't miss it, Sunday at 2:30 PM.

Join my group for an LM (check notices) or contact me in world before Sunday.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Casandra Shilova flies towards the gypsy encampment and notices someone below. She flies a bit lower and hovers over the pool.
Chêne turns, hearing a slight rustle of the wind. She sees a winged creature and freezes.
Casandra Shilova says softly, "Hello, do you remember me?"
Chêne tilts her head, surprised that she understands the words and smiles. "Greetings" she says quietly. She walks around the rim of the pool toward the other creature.
Casandra Shilova moves a little closer to the dryad and holds out a hand with a few berries in the palm.
Chêne remembers the previous kindness of the beautiful faerie and tentatively touches the berries.
Casandra Shilova moves her hand a little and flattens the palm more.
Chêne, deciding to trust her, selects a plump juicy berry, delicately places it in her mouth and smiles at the sweet taste. She plucks an acorn from her headdress and offers it to the faerie in exchange with a smile of thanks.
Casandra Shilova slowly takes the acorn, smiles, and nods.
Chêne drops to the ground and using her hand, pantomimes digging. She takes another acorn and pretends to drop it into the hole. She brushes her hand over it and stands up, looking at the faerie.
Casandra Shilova stares at her, puzzled as to what she is trying to communicate.
Chêne stoops again, places her hand palm down over the spot and gradually lifts her hand higher and higher, keeping her palm outstretched over the same spot. She sings softly as she raises her hand.
Casandra Shilovalooks thoughtful and says "hmmm...." She nods and looks around for a likely spot.
Chêne watches the faerie fly to the other side of the pool and land on the rim. She walks over to watch her.
Casandra Shilova shakes her head and rises into the air.
Chêne watches the faerie hover.
Casandra Shilova says to the dryad, "I am going to the area destined to be for the fae."
Chêne is curious and follows the flying creature as best she can on foot.
Casandra Shilova lands and turns to the one following her "I will plant it there." She kneels near a spot that rises into the mountain.
Chêne maintains her distance, while craning her neck to see what the lovely faerie is doing with the acorn.
Casandra Shilova then looks at the tree lady, "I think this would be a good place. it will have light and rain will fall upon it."
Chêne is still amazed to discover that she can understand the winged creature and smiles encouragingly.
Casandra Shilova reaches out and touches the earth. As she works a hole forms and becomes deeper, then deep enough for a young sapling to sprout from. She gently caresses the acorn, places it in the ground and covers it with soil.
Chêne watches the motions of the faerie and begins to croon a song of joining with the earth and balance.
Casandra Shilova looks at the lady, sits back on her heels and joins in. Her words do not match, but the intent is pure and her song creates a soothing harmony.
Chêne walks forward and stretches her arms up to the heavens, asking the goddess to send gentle winds and rain. She smiles at the faerie and says, "Together."
Casandra Shilova smiles and imitates the word. She stands, "Thank you for the acorn; a big fine oak will grow from it."
Chêne points to herself "Chêne" she says.
Casandra Shilova nods.
Chêne points to the other woman with a questioning look.
Casandra Shilova points to herself and says "Casandra."
Chêne repeats the word "Casandra" and grins. She points to the place where the faerie has just planted the acorn, "chêne" she says.
Casandra Shilova asks her, "Does the tree have your name?"
Then she nods in understanding, "I see, you are linked to the tree."
Chêne kneels at the freshly turned spot of earth and says soflty "Chêne."
Casandra Shilova looks down at her, and repeats "Chene."
Chêne stands and sweeps her arm around the empty spot "casandra?" she asks.
Casandra Shilova shakes her head. "It will be linked with me one day, but not yet." She explains, "The spot with my imprint is further over."
Chêne points to the ground and then to herself "Chene together" she says.
Casandra Shilova nods hesitantly, thinking she understands, but knowing she could be wrong.
Chêne grins in pleasure. She is beginning to understand the faerie language very well. She approaches the faerie and touches her robe "where?" she asks.
Casandra Shilova says, "Behind us. I will show you." She gestures.
Chêne smiles "I will follow" she says.
Casandra Shilova walks off, wondering if she can find the way on foot. She breathes a sigh of relief as she succesfully winds her way over the terrain and reaches the glade. She turns to the other woman.
Casandra Shilova gestures in a slow but wide sweep, "This is it."
Chêne emits a gasp as she sees the immense tree guarding the entrance to the glade.
Casandra Shilova realizes the dryad has moved quickly to the huge tree. She says in agreement, "It is magnificent."
Chêne nods and strokes the tree, thinking to herself how wondrous this winged creature is that she could be one with such a great tree.
Casandra Shilova walks into the middle of the mushroom ring.
Chêne moves around the area which is filled with flowers and mushrooms. She sees some multicolored trees and exclaims in delight. She walks to the trees, extends her hand to touch one of the branches. "Light" she says softly.
Casandra Shilova watches as the flowers change color.
Chêne smiles and touches the tree again to change its color.
Casandra Shilova looks on fascinated. She and Chene stand quietly as they become absorbed in the magic of the trees and the plants.
Suddenly Chêne hears the wind in the trees calling to her and turns to the winged creature.
Casandra Shilova smiles as she approaches
Chêne places her hand on her heart and then tentatively touches the same place on the faerie. She smiles and says "together."
Casandra Shilova is surprised. She smiles and says "together."
Chêne makes a sweeping motiion with her hand. She whispers "together."'
Chêne walks to the large tree beside the glade and vanishes.
Casandra Shilova turns and she is gone!

(Like her human counterpart, Chene is not good at remembering to take pictures when she is absorbed in what she is doing. Can you believe only a few hundred pictures while on a week's sight-seeing vacation and none of her son, who she went there to see?)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Encounter in Everwind

Chene, distressed by the constantly diminishing number of her sisters and their trees, has left the comfort and safety of her forest on a quest to discover what she can of how to reverse this trend. She also wishes to find a yearsmate to help her breed a strong daughter. Along the way she is learning about other races and their customs and language.

As she crosses the bridge, walking away from the village, Chene (Emyly Beaumont) sees another winged creature and backs away
Suriel Mint shrugs naïvely and tries to bow gently, in an exaggerated and old fashioned gesture that almost costs him a ridiculous fall
Suriel: "Did I scare thee?"
Emyly Beaumont watches the antics of the winged one and tilts her head as he speaks
Suriel grins... "Sorry about that.... *ponders* Madam"
Chene crouches, listening to the words, trying to understand. She has seen creatures with wings before but they have been girls and reminded her of her sisters
Suriel does not actually care about the dryad's silence, he was well used to speaking alone: "I am Suriel *paused* Suriel Mint. "I was just having a bath on the river... refreshing my face and feet* grins and fixes his eyes in the creature's branches
Suriel Mint: Do you.. want some fruit? *looks for an apple in one of his smart but dirty pockets.... *and then understands that the dryad may have her own fruits too "Maybe... a piece of cake? I got that too" *looks for some melted cake somewhere inside his right boot*
Chene studies the male creature and shakes her head. He has only two legs and they are not cloven. She sees the male take something from his clothing and watches him curiously. She looks again at the curling boots on his feet and laughs, the sound akin to that of a babbling brook

Suriel notices the intense glance but is unable to understand the real nature of the observing look "Oh you like the suit, don't you?" *grins proud of his shiny though borrowed clothes* "One needs to look smart from time to time. Not like those wild... *stops just in time as he notices the wildness of the creature in front of him* Who are you, if I may ask? *the request was more an habit that a matter of curiosity
Chene tilts her head trying to discern words she would understand and stands up, very frustrated. She repeats words she has heard before "vanwen ariel chene"
Suriel Mint messes up the words and instead of calling her chene, he decides to rename the dryad as Ariel. "Ariel" *repeats slowly* "That is a nice sounding name *"Ariel... A-riel* goes on repeating in mumbles.
Chene giggles and says "ariel ariel ariel" happy that they have found common ground. She remembers a gesture that she observed some elves use and she points to herself "Chene" she says happily.
Suriel steps closer, sharing that silly irrational happiness (after all, he was a fae) "Ariel *grins* Oh... You are Chene too? *ponders and mumbles to himself: Ariel was better but *shrugs, disappointed. "Chene will do*
Suriel Mint points at her and repeats "Chene" and then points at himself effusively, almost hurting his own chest: "Su-riel!"
Chene points to the male and says "vanwen? Ariel?"
Suriel shakes his head: "Suriel"
Chene grins and repeats "suriel"
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) dances a bit from foot to foot chanting "vanwen ariel chene suriel"
Suriel smiles "You are stealing everybody's names, uh?" *grins* "i see"
Chene smiles even thought she has no idea what the creature has said. She turns to the tree and begins to sing. She places a hand on the strong branch and sings a song of growth and sunshine , tender breezes and gentle rains
Suriel leaves the once fresh apple on the grass and sees how it rolls on the ground until it stops close to the dryad. "Eat" *he tries and starts his own performance, putting his finger inside his mouth* "Eat"
Chene feels something brush against her foot, stops her song and turns. She notices at the apple by her feet and carefully picks it up, sniffing it. She walks toward the winged one, holding the apple out to him.
Suriel points at the red apple and says in loud voice: "Apple!"
Chene repeats "apple" and smiles
Suriel shrugs and ponders...
Chene offers the apple to the creature
Suriel nods firmly, as a good teacher, then takes the apple and gives a small bite to it, then gives it back to the dryad, putting it into the hand
Suriel: "Eat" he insists and accompanies her hand to the lips
Chene smiles. She takes a bite and as the juice runs down her chin she grins
Suriel laughs and cries: You did it! *jumps* You did it, Chene!" He shakes his wings happy
Chene continues to eat the apple, core and all, licking the juice from her fingers as she finishes it off
Chene plucks three acorns from her hair and offers them to the creature
Suriel grabs the acorns and smiles
Suriel bows slowly and whispers "Thank you” as he puts the acorns in his pocket
Chene looks to see if she has his attention and then pats the ground, mimicking planting
She dances around the spot and sings to it, hoping the little one will understand
Chene touches the ground again, extends her palm down and slowly raise it up toward the sky and smiles
Suriel likes the dryad's voice, the tune was cheerful but playful at the same time "Na-ture" *he says slowly, without understanding the real meaning* "Forest"*points around* "Very nice forests indeed we do still keep here around the elves place" *grins*
Chene sees where the little one points and smiles. "Chene " she says as she runs off into the trees singing a song of sun wind and rain.

A sincere thank you to Avril who recommended I try Everwind and, of course, to Suriel Mint for allowing me to blog this edited version of our interchange. Chene continues to develop in character and spirit...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Encounter in Aglarond

Avril (AvrilLeona Rhiadra): oh vedui smiles
Vanwen (Elvira Fenwitch): greetings m`lady
Chene (Emyly Beaumont), startled, turns and runs to the trees
Vanwen: hello? don't worry, i don't want to harm you. i just want to welcome you to aglarond
Chene stays close to her tree and eyes the two females warily
Avril whispers: what's wrong with her
Vanwen: i am Vanwen Ranger of aglarond
Avril looks up to the rock and calls with a soft voice "I am avril healer and druid as well"
Chene tilts her head, trying to discern words she knows, but shakes her head
Avril whispers at vanwen, "to what race does she belong do you think"
Vanwen: seems she doesnt speaks quenya
Avril nods and whispers "she looks like a wild elf"
Chene crouches, keeping her eyes on the women
Vanwen: some say i am a wild elf too :)
Avril laughs quietly and winks at vanwen, "maybe we are all wild"
Avril whispers, "I would like know her name mhh
Chene listens to the sounds from the females, but they are meaningless to her
Avril lift her dark hairs and shows her pointed ears, winks at the wild one and vanwen
Avril whispers at vanwen, "might be now she knows she doesn't need to be afraid mhh
Vanwen points to herself and says, "Vanwen"
Chene looks at the one speaking and repeats "Vanwen"
Vanwen smiles
Avril points to herself too and says: "avril"
Chene looks at the other one and repeats "avril." She stands, points to herself and says in a soft voice like the breeze in the trees "Chene"
Avril smiles
Vanwen: Chene? nice name
Avril repeats the word with a soft voice, "Chene"
Chene hears her name "chene" and smiles
Avril whispers at vanwen, "I would like to know which language she speaks mhhh? Do you have any idea? It seems she lives in the forest mhh"
Vanwen: i guess she is a nymph
Avril puts her head to the side and watches the friendly little one
Chene turns to the huge tree and caresses the trunk. She begins to sing, softly, a song of growing and living and balance.
Avril whispers to Vanwen, "mhh no she looks more like a tree lady"
Vanwen: well they come in all kinds
Avril listens to the voice and melody, looks up, and tries to remember
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) continues to sing and the leaves on the branches begin to sway softly, although there is no breeze
Vanwen: well, the tree seems to like her. That is always a good sign.
Avril starts with surprise in her voice and whispers, "vanwen!! listen. It seems she follows the god of nature, isnt it?"
Chene ends her song and stretches her arms wide, embracing the trunk, murmuring in a long forgotten language
Vanwen: maybe she is a maiar of vana
Avril slowly sits on the ground and nods to Vanwen, "That is possible indeed"
Chene turns to the women, nods and says "Vanwen Avril"
Vanwen says, "Chene"
Avril nods, smiles happily to chene and says, "Chene"
Chene smiles before scampering off to another part of the woods

This delightful little role play has been edited for clarity and in an attempt to make the encounter more like a story. My sincere thanks to AvrilLeona Rhiadra and Elvira Fenwitch for allowing me to use the In Character Open Chat as well as for playing with me. I never thought of Chene as Maia!

I am road testing a dryad character and looking for a home at the same time. Dryads are difficult to assimilate into many realms. If you are reading and have an idea for me to try or place to visit, please feel free to contact me either inworld (SL) or at

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Of Flora, Demons, and the Balance of Nature

The following story has been condensed and enhanced by editing in an effort to make it more readable.

Chêne, the Dryad, looks at the tree stump and sighs. "why do humans cut up perfectly good trees to make openings in the earth?"
Casandra Shilova, Queen of the Fae, turns and studies the tree stump again. I have no idea. such a waste. I wonder where else it goes.
Chêne shakes her head "is nothing sacred? trees are nature's bounty and the goddess will be angry if her gifts are wantonly destroyed"
Chêne asks the fae "Is there a forest nearby or have the humans destroyed all of the trees?"
Casandra nods: yes, there is. I can show you the way. it's behind the village and up the little hill.
Chêne sees the trees in the distance and begins to smile
Casandra: here it is. it's near the gypsy camp, you might want to be careful
Chêne looks at the fading trees and moans "These trees need someone to watch after them. They are not healthy."
Casandra looks at the dryad. are you thinking of taking care of that need?
Chêne says "I am needed elsewhere. Have you no one to care for them here?"
Casandra: I have seen one of your kind. but only once
Chêne smiles "perhaps you can entice her to stay and care for the trees"
Casandra: I will attempt to persuade her
A dark creature suddenly alights beneath the trees and spreads his wings. Startled, Chêne runs behind a tree for safety
Conner Revnik: oh do not be startled
Casandra backs up, then, recognizing the man, greets him: good day sir
Chêne peeks out from behind the trunk of her tree, listening to the exchange between the dark man and the beautiful fae
Conner: good day indeed. we meet again fae
Casandra: what brings you to the hills?
Conner: i still search for a mage
Casandra: do you?
Casandra searches her memory wondering if she has seen one in the past seven day
Conner: i am afraid the one who commands my presence grows even more ill
Casandra: oh dear!
Conner: i wish to be rid of their control
Casandra nods. of course!
Conner: i know little of what inflicts them other than it be some form of magic
Chêne crouches under the tree and listens to the talk of magic
Casandra: I have been much occupied with my own doings, and not around the others for some time
Conner: but if someone were to find out how to summon me they would control me instead of the idiot who currently does
Casandra: I do not recall seeing a mage about
Conner: and what keeps you so busy
Chêne tilts her head wondering why the fae is so friendly toward such a dark creature
Casandra: oh, watching the flowers grow
Conner: hmm must be important
Casandra: they won't do well without enough water and gentle supervision
Conner answers the fae: no of course not. He looks towards the tree "Child why do you hide in the bushes?"
Chêne scowls at the creature and rests on her heels, saying nothing
Conner: I have to admit i do not do much gardening
Casandra: no? It is refreshing to be out in the great wide world, watching the sun and moon swing through the skies and watching over the plants and young creatures
Conner: little is able to grow in the enteral abyss
Chêne, upset by the mention of things being unable to grow, swallows and asks "are there no trees in the abyss?"
Conner: refreshing is not what i would call it. He turns to the creature by the tree and says “no, child, there are no trees except for maybe a few dead ones
Chêne shakes her head "That is a shame. you must make it a mission to plant some then. And I am not a child. I am as old as the trees" She stands up to her full height
Conner: to me that is still a child. And perhaps i would grow some trees if i could return there which at present i can not
Chêne walks cautiously to the dark man and holds out her hand, on the palm of which are some acorns. "These are for you when you can return there."
Conner takes the acorns and says gravely: i will save them for such a day. Unfortunately they do little good here
Chêne says "save them for a time when the earth will receive them"
Chêne smiles "the goddess thanks you and will honor you"
Chêne, frightened by her boldness, returns to the safety of the tree
Conner: hmmm I will save them. in the mean time i am doomed to do the bidding of an idiot.
Casandra: what a pity. no one should be tied to an idiot
Conner: it is indeed. though i think once they are healed they may command me to do something more fun like destroy something. they have a bit of a dark streak in them
Chêne looks at the man and asks "why are you not free to do as you want?"
Conner: tell me child have you heard of the tale of the one who summons the demon controls the demon?
Chêne shakes her head "I have not heard that tale" and she settles back on her heels to listen to the story.

Conner: it is how came to be here. i was summoned using powerful magic. pulled from the abyss to this realm
Chêne says "perhaps someone that powerful could repair the damage the humans have done to the trees here"
Conner: it is possible but i am not sure they intend on being that generous. normally a demon is not summoned for good purposes, but it could be. most good creatures though will not summon a demon
Chêne focuses on the man and sees his vicious looking spikes "Have you done hurtful things to nature?"
Conner: i have done hurtful things to many. i will not lie about it
Chêne says" I beg of you, please do not harm the trees. without them there is no balance"
Conner: i have to obey the summoner. i have no choice
Chêne frowns " I must meet this summoner and beg of him them"
Casandra: have you discovered that one's purpose in bringing you here?
Conner: i wish i could tell you the name but the magic of the summoning prevents me from speaking the name and i do not know the true purpose not yet
Casandra nods while Chêne makes a tch tch sound
Conner: there are only 3 ways to break free. One is the death of the summoner, which can not be by my own hands, unfortunately, and that is also another reason why i can not speak the name so i do not let someone else know who to kill.
Conner: Second, the summoner may release the spell himself. Finally, if someone else invokes a summoning spell causing me to follow his commands instead
Chêne listens carefully as she hears the dark one tell his tale. "I am unfamiliar with this realm, but perhaps there is someone here who could help you"
Conner: i doubt it. most despise me just for being a demon
Casandra sighs. It is a shame they cannot look beyond and assess you for yourself and not just assume you are as all others they have encountered
Chêne looks at the fae
Casandra looks wide eyed at the tree creature
Chêne says "we are each born with a balance of good and evil. but life changes that"
Conner: you are wiser than most around here
Casandra nods: exactly! She flies off to attend to the flowers in the grove.
Conner turns to the creature still hiding under the tree and says: i have not encountered your species before, what are you?
Chêne, afraid to be alone with the dark man, runs off to another part of the forest.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is Jordon finally a good influence on Fae Emy?

[6:00] Emyly Beaumont sees her friend and smiles: merry meet jordon
[6:00] Jordon McGillivary: morning to you Emy
[6:00] Emyly Beaumont looks at her surroundings: there is an ice mountain in this new fae area
[6:00] Jordon McGillivary: looks around
[6:01] Emyly Beaumont suddenly stops flitting about the flowers
[6:01] Emyly Beaumont points and says excitedly: do you see what I see?
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: yeah, doesn't look like much
[6:02] Emyly Beaumont says: no, no - the glitter
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: huh, looks to where she is pointing
[6:02] Emyly Beaumont whispers: the shinies
[6:02] Jordon McGillivary: are you referring to the gold
[6:03] Emyly Beaumont nods: of course I am
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: I see
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: a huge stack of glittery treasure
[6:03] Emyly Beaumont says: It is just lying there
[6:03] Jordon McGillivary: yeah
[6:04] Jordon McGillivary: and if you know what's good for you, you won't be picking it up anytime soon
[6:04] Jordon McGillivary: dragons aren't happy to have their horde disturbed
[6:04] Emyly Beaumont says: I don’t think it is being cared for properly
[6:04] Emyly Beaumont pats her pouch: I take very good care of all my shinies
[6:05] Jordon McGillivary: I think they leave an odor on it and can sniff it out where it may be
[6:05] Jordon McGillivary: yeah you do
[6:06] Emyly Beaumont says: well, no one should just leave shinies lying around
[6:06] Jordon McGillivary: I don't want the ancient red guy scorching me again
[6:06] Emyly Beaumont looks up at jordon and sighs: you are just no fun at all
[6:06] Jordon McGillivary: he doesn't have a pouch of all holding, can't carry it around with him
[6:07] Jordon McGillivary: settles back on his heels
[6:07] Emyly Beaumont says: that is true. he really needs one and then he can tale care of his shinies all the time
[6:07] Jordon McGillivary: sad isn't it, I'm an old stick in the mud
[6:08] Emyly Beaumont grins: so what does "ol stick in the mud" want to do today?
[6:08] Jordon McGillivary: haha
[6:09] Emyly Beaumont looks up at jordon inquiringly: what kind of mischief do you want to do today?
[6:09] Jordon McGillivary: I'd prefer to wait a week or two before I get into trouble again
[6:10] Emyly Beaumont says slyly: then, what kind of trouble do you NOT want to get into?
[6:10] Jordon McGillivary: I don't think about it from one week to the next
[6:10] Emyly Beaumont scowls
[6:11] Emyly Beaumont sighs: I will watch you play then
[6:11] Jordon McGillivary: lowers his head at your displeasure
[6:12] Jordon McGillivary: did we take the tour on the wooden dragon?
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont says: yes we did
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: alright
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: it must not have been much of a sight
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont says: you move in funny ways and I will watch you. She giggles
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: you will be bored
[6:14] Emyly Beaumont says: I will not be bored. you are very handsome to look at
[6:14] Jordon McGillivary: thank you Emy!
[6:14] Emyly Beaumont looks at the tips of his ears and dreams

Friday, June 11, 2010

You know you are bored when...

You try on the skins in your inventory. Hehe - I had no idea Ruth was in there! And wonder of wonders, her skin just might let me dance in Polyamour, the dance where the costume shows my bare bosoms. I think of this skin as a body suit - which I once wore in a production of Mame when I had to be a "nude model" in a crowd scene. I have asked jie if she will let me back in. Any bets on what she will say?

And I am still working on the makeup so the lipstick won;t be so...bright.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Over the past month I have had to say some goodbyes. Tulsa retired from the SL entertainment field very abruptly, although I knew it was inevitable. He had become increasingly irritated with my request that he let me know at least 24 hours in advance when he changed music genre so that I could prepare the correct dance cards for our biweekly shows. And he had been saying for months that he was bored....

This week I said farewell to my beloved Erebos. I followed Cas there even when I didn't want to because of our friendship in both RL and SL. But I am not cut out for strong RP. I can do simple stuff, but I cannot think fast on my feet when I am thrown a curve ball and Linwe has been doing that to me. Hawk and I had an agreement not to rp together because he is too violent for my tastes and that was fine because there were others to play with. But now Erebos is nearly empty. I catch Swith on occasion but my hours are her late times and I have to stay up late to even play with Cas. So if I decided to just not play with Linwe, there would be no one to play with at all. Better if I move on to another realm.

I will miss Fae Fests, but since there are now no active fae (except Cas) they don't make much sense. And I had planned such hi jinx for Midsummer's Eve. Oh well...

I have retired Fae Emy for a while. It was hard to rp in the early evenings due to my dance rehearsals 3 times a week and I would like to find a place where I feel comfortable as a human. Linri's used to feel like that for me, but it is now long gone and the patrons scattered.

So I bid farewell to Fae Emy. Perhaps she will reappear one day...perhaps not. Cas & Swith & Linwe, I will miss you dearly.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jordon Joins the Mischief

Sometimes all you need is a nudge from a mischievous faery

[7:38]  Jordon McGillivary: Emy let us go look to the pies
[7:39]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon: let's see if the baker has any pies
[7:40]  Jordon McGillivary: you are in luck
[7:40]  Jordon McGillivary: I smell cherry
[7:40]  Emyly Beaumont nods: but watch out for the one in the front. It is meat and taters
[7:42]  Emyly Beaumont says: my tummy is full
[7:43]  Jordon McGillivary: mine also
[7:44]  Emyly Beaumont says: what tricks can we play on the villagers? except the baker of course
[7:44]  Jordon McGillivary: never the baker
[7:44]  Emyly Beaumont nods: the baker is polite. she always leaves pies out
[7:44]  Jordon McGillivary: yes
[7:45]  Emyly Beaumont says with a bit of ire: the others do not care about us at all. there has been no milk for weeks
[7:45]  Jordon McGillivary: someone must have told her how you like your pies
[7:45]  Jordon McGillivary: you have your goats now, there is no need to leave milk
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon sadly: you just do not understand true fae
[7:46]  Jordon McGillivary: looks shame faced
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont says: it is our nature to play tricks
[7:46]  Jordon McGillivary: my mother influenced my formative years
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont grins: I am the best crockery smasher there is
[7:47]  Jordon McGillivary: laughs
[7:47]  Jordon McGillivary: I guess you hold that honor
[7:47]  Emyly Beaumont says: I hear the dressmaker cards and spins wool. we could knot it up for her
[7:48]  Jordon McGillivary: nod
[7:52]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon and sees he is plotting mischief. she grins
[7:53]  Jordon McGillivary: hmm
[7:58]  Emyly Beaumont asks: what are you thinking jordon?
[7:59]  Jordon McGillivary: that flowers down the well would be timely
[8:00]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon: the nasturtiums that the goats play in
[8:03]  Emyly Beaumont girns: I will get the flowers and drop them in the wells. you can kick over the water buckets
[8:04]  Emyly Beaumont says with a sly look: then they will know what it is to be thirsty
[8:05]  Jordon McGillivary: we have a plan
[8:05]  Jordon McGillivary eyes spark with mischief
[8:06]  Emyly Beaumont chuckles and flies to the glade to fetch the flowers as she leaves jordon to do the bucket tipping
[8:06]  Jordon McGillivary heads for the well to watch Emy pollute it
[8:08]  Emyly Beaumont giggles as she drops handfuls of bright red and orange and yellow flowers into the well in the village square
[8:09]  Emyly Beaumont smiles as she hears the water run out of the buckets in all the shops and houses except for the bakery. "Good job Jordon!" she shouts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emy turns down a dance

I just turned down one of the dance numbers in the new production of Polyamour. I view Second Life is an extension of myself and I would never dance nude in public. Emy might be "Just Pixels" but that is not a good enough reason for me to show off bosoms and bottoms (or more). And saying that it is "For Art" is not a good enough reason for me either. Jie explained that the song is about sex and two of the dancers will wear nothing but a string thong. The rest of the dancers wear a long sleeved, pants outfit with a scarf around the neck and bare bosoms. She says it fits the dance... But I turned down the dance anyway. Aspen said there are too many dancers so it was good I turned it down. I know I could never do the dance in that costume, but still I wonder why I feel sad about my decision.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Night Out

When I am not role playing as a fae, I am dancing. My first season with La Performance is over and I am now trying to make the dance company for Polyamour, the next special performance. I attend a Back to Basics class for an hour on Tuesday and a rehearsal for Polyamour on Thursday. I slip off to dance with Funky Feats when I can, and sometimes I meet up with a good friend for a "date". Tonight we attended two live concerts given by two excellent musicians and we danced of course. It is what I do. Hehe. I just can't seem to stop dancing....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of Goats and Larger Wings

When you are tired from cleaning up after goats, all sorts of thoughts occur to you such as "would larger wings attract male fae?"


This is an opinion poll, so feel free to comment.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Pictures

Here is a picture of me dancing on Easter Weekend with an old friend, Hevy Malibu, and the Funky Feats. I have to dance twice as fast to keep up.

Isn't this furrball just adorable? He has these big, sad, orange eyes. I had to become tiny in order to dance with him.

Here I am in my first latex ever, feeling kind of shy. Wouldn't you feel shy if half your body was exposed?