Monday, October 4, 2010

SweetPea Learns to Glamour

A bit bored with the fae meadows, Jordon and SweetPea invade the grounds of the Elven Hall. SweetPea says 'C'mon Jordon, let's try the swing. Push me'

Jordon flies up to SweetPea and says: Alright. Peaceful area the elves have.

SweetPea nods 'It is very pretty.'

Jordon gives her a push then jumps on the back of the swing. SweetPea sits contentedly on the seat, swaying back and forth and leans back against Jordon. SweetPea says " I wonder where the elf is? I haven't seen her in a few days.'

SweetPea says proudly ‘I cast a glamour on Ilvarru, the demon, so he would look scary to Lady Casandra. Did you know she was taking advice from him? Advice from a...demon! And I know that she is afraid of spiders... so I made him look like a spider to her!’ She giggles. ‘He appears huge and hairy with big googly eyes. Lady Casandra ran away in fright!'

Jordon chuckles: she fell for it did she? Doesn't realize it is a glamour?

SweetPea shrugs 'even if it is only a glamour, she can't do anything about it. And the sight of a spider is enough to throw her into fits.'

SweetPea looks at Jordon’s dull black and white wings and wonders if she could glamour bright blue ones for him. Jordon starts whistling loudly and SweetPea smiles. She loves to hear whistling. Jordon wonders if his whistling is loud enough to wake anyone asleep in the elf castle.

SweetPea screws up her eyes and concentrates very hard. She waves her arms and says 'sings, wings, do, blue.' She tries to stamp her foot and falls off the swing. Jordon is unbalanced by her fall, jumps off and almost lands on top of her. He is bumped by the swing. ‘Oooaf.’ He feels a little oddness and all of a sudden sees bright wings from the corner of his eye.

SweetPea gasps as Jordon's wings turn bright blue and iridescent purple and green. She hops up and down excitedly. ‘It worked Jordon! It worked!"

Jordon glares at his friend "This is not a calm pleasing blue SweetPea. I look like a peacock .’

SweetPea puts her hands on her hips and says "I think they are handsome wings …and very pretty.’ She giggles 'Those old black and white wings were so dull!'

Jordon gives a long drawn out sigh "They are girly."

SweetPea says hotly "They are not girly. They are too big! I would never be caught wearing wings that big. I would trip when I flew.'

Jordon glares at her. “Yes, my old ones were dull. They suited me fine. I did glamor my wings other shades at first, but Essie frowned upon me and said a disparaging remark and I quit."

SweetPea chuckles "Essie is silly. Do you like her opinion better than mine?'

Jordon: what happened to Essie any way? I haven't seen her in months and no, I value yours. You are my friend"

SweetPea sniffs ‘Essie went away and didn't come back.' She smiles ‘I am glad you are my friend Jordon. I would have no one else to play with if you weren't here'

Jordon says : Anyway, I need large wings to lift me. I'm not pint sized.

SweetPea moves to stand beside Jordon and shakes her head in agreement ‘You are a lot bigger then me'

Jordon McGillivary: yeah, a lot. I am half human.

SweetPea flutters her tiny wings ‘Not all fae are small of course. Some are fat! I saw a fat one the other day. He was as cute as a piglet'

Jordon: you saw a fat fae!

SweetPea nods "I think he had been at the mead barrel too often'

Jordon lifts his wings up, settles, repeats several times to see if he feels any difference caused by SweetPea's magic

SweetPea cocks an eyebrow at Jordon "I think those wings are beautiful and I am not in any hurry to reverse the glamour'

Jordon bounces around some more getting used to bright colors in his line of sight SweetPea thoroughly approves of Jordon’s new wings and smiles. She giggles as she flutters between Jordon's wings.

Jordon gives her a look. He looks at SweetPea's pea sized wings and his huge brightly colored monsters, thinking they will attract overly much attention from those he would rather remain unnoticed by.

SweetPea says ‘But Jordon those wings are your favorite color; aren't you happy to have blue wings?'

Linwe rises from her reverie and peers out the door of the Hall.

SweetPea says ‘I think your wings are very handsome and you should be grateful to me’

Seeing a mass of color Linwe arcs a brow and says “Drow fodder they be....some drow will take them for sure"

SweetPea waves to the elven elder ‘Look! Aren't Jordon's wings beautiful? I glamoured them all by myself and it worked!'

Jordon heaves a long drawn out sigh and concedes defeat "they are most beautiful fair fae. I am eternally grateful to you."

Linwe says 'Aye… they do be beautiful in nature...they be an attractant do ye nae think? Ye wouldna wish some bug of a drow or demon to find him.......useful..'

SweetPea giggles 'Lots of butterflies, I think, will follow him; they like blue too' Jordon remains irritated with his friend. And he looks at her "The Elder has a point SweetPea."

SweetPea says a bit worriedly "Jordon, you can fly as well with those as the dull old grey ones, can't you?'

Jordon takes off skyward to test them out and thuds on the ground. Linwe watches with amusement from the door as the fragile wings seem to fail SweetPea puts her hand on her mouth and gasps ‘try again'

Jordon tries again: yes, they work

Linwe says 'Mayhaps tis his boots weighting him down'

SweetPea grins "See? then what do you have to complain about?'

Jordon looks at his feet "I like my boots. I won the leather off a tanner in a friendly game of chance and had them fashioned to fit me."

SweetPea looks at his boots and sees the same old dull brown color. She sighs. Linwe peers out at the boots "They be fine boots... Right..servicable..'

Jordon looks at SweetPea "Even Linwe sides with you on my boots. Is it so unnatural for a fae to wear boots?"

SweetPea says ‘Don’t you think they should be blue to match your wings?'

Jordon is alarmed "NO!"

SweetPea is startled by Jordon's unusually loud voice and says meekly 'As you will Jordon.’

Linwe says 'I think so..right now he be like a cow with different coloured spots...he be nae...coordinated'

Jordon decides to leave, thus avoiding any more of his friends' enchantments: “Acck! You two ladies are ganging up on me!”

Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) says ' way or the other..the combination be quite.....erm....bad'

Jordon says “Farewell and pleasant day to you both.” He takes to the skies and flies away.

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