Friday, September 26, 2008

Friends and friendships

I think I am at peace again with my friend. We talked and he made me realize that all "our" problems were really "mine". Now that I reflect on this, I am not sure that is entirely true, but I will say that he opened my mind to a few ideas to try so I could "get along" with others. It seems my RL issues were spilling over to SL and affecting my relationships. And when I popped over to his gig last night I felt very calm and peaceful (course that could have been because I had just finished a set with DJ Ot). But that feeling permeated my dance and how I approached others, so he was not entirely wrong either.

I have been "hanging out" with a very nice man I met a few weeks ago. No, not a boyfriend or a lover, just someone who makes me feel very special and warm inside. He makes me laugh because he smiles a lot and is a bit formal with a delightfully old-fashioned manner. I am very comfortable with him and I do not usually feel this way with SL men. I wish I knew what I could do so his remaining time will be special for him. He has told me he will be leaving SL in a few weeks; RL circumstances will prevent him from returning. I only know I will miss him and never forget him. So the time I spend with him is bittersweet.

So many names on my friends list. And how many are really friends? Well, that depends on your definition of "friend". Someone who you can IM after not speaking for months and it is as if you have never parted. Someone who doesn't care if you bring drama. Someone who loves you in spite of all your faults. And the reverse side - how many do I feel the same way about. Hmmm ...I think that leaves 5?

To blog or not to blog...

Yes, I guess I have gotten out of the habit of blogging. Apologies to those of you who read me. But I don't like to blog when I am unhappy - and I am unhappy. An old friend (at least I hope he is still a friend) and I seem to be at odds. I am not exactly sure what has happened between us, but I would like to fix it. However, I am not sure he wants to fix it, and that is why I am sad. He is on the defensive almost every time I make a comment, whether it is a joke or about having a serious talk. And this has been affecting my dancing. I do not like who I have become lately...

Linri's palace still keeps me busy, but not as much. I feel sort of lost without something definite to do. I should score some more dances, but my printer doesn't work so I have no lyrics to work with. And the joy has gone out of my choreography. Yes, I still lose myself in dance, but I do not always feel the same exhilaration any more. No, I will not stop dancing. It is an addiction, to lose your being in the sound and movement. I am enthralled by a force bigger than I am. I work with 4 DJs on a regular basis and their approach to music is entirely different. So, then, is my dancing for them. But I do not like who I am with one of them; the set has taken on an entirely different cast.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Linri's Palace is oficially open

The opening for Linri's Palace was a huge success. Allan and I opened for the club at noon and I must say, he was awesome, announcing the day's scheduled activities and full of congratulations for Linri. Our act was followed by the Arakawa Geisha Schhol who treated us to jokes from the Okaasan (who slightly intimidated me in our talks, sort of like a Mother Superior) story telling from a maiko and insight into the Flower and Willow World from a very talanted geisha. All of this was accompanied by muisc played by one of the maiko-in-training. It was a fascinating glimpse into the Geisha world. Later in the day we were treated to a demonstration and explanation of the japanese tea ceremony. I hope Linri will be able to work out presenting this delightfult entertainment on a regular basis.

Linri glowed all day - literally. She had gone to the beauty parlor the day before and now has gorgeous long blonde hair. She looks every pixel like a successful club owner. And I think she was really happy. I know I am glad that all the settling in is finally over. Phew! Now I have some time to explore all the LMs I was given during the las month and to score some of the new songs I have been hearing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pina Bausch

OMG I am in heaven. Someone in SL mentioned Pina Bausch to me today and I remember my grandmother calling her "one of those modern choreographers." My grandmother was NOT fond of the modern movement in dance, although she did hire a woman to teach modern in her studio. So I researched Ms Bausch on the internet and found several videos. I just had to share my favorite; it is very primal and I immediately thought of my favorite DJ (the one who likes drums.) I am sorry I don't know how to post this as a link - but you can cut and paste. Wait out the first couple of minutes, it is worth it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


For the record: No, I am not an owner of Linri's Palace. When I set up the group for Linri's Best I made Linri Jewell an owner of the group. Her tag says Linri's Palace Owner so that is also a tag that registers for me. I am one of many live artists that perform at Linri's Palace so I also have a tag that says Linri's Palace Artist. And as a member of the group I am one of Linri's Best. I have been helping Linri out by meeting with the builder because of time zone differences. It is the least I can do for Linri: she has been a good friend and is a gentle person. I wear the Owner tag only when it is necessary for me to return objects or to build. Emyly Beaumont sighs because she is wearing too many hats right now.

When Linri unofficially opened the club, I set down some Chinese low boys just to fill in so we wouldn't look so empty. And one of the DJs mentioned that there were Chinese items in a Japanese build. Sheesh! Give us some time, please. So now I am looking for Japanese chests to replace the low boys and some sort of Japanese thingie to replace the glass tip jars we have been using. I thought of vases or lanterns or teacups to replace the fishbowls, but almost everything in the shops is labeled Asian or Oriental as opposed to Japanese and I don't know enough to tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Thai or even Vietnamese. I need to find help...

I did manage to find something very wonderful for the tea house - a fully scripted Japanese Tea Ceremony. I brought Linri out to see it last night, and she was as charmed by it as I was. It is very expensive, so I told her to think about it, but it would make an excellent draw.

Krise set out some truly great palms on the beach last night - they have shadows and one has a sit in the trunk. I am hoping for stairs to the upper level of the mall and the pond to arrive today. And the tea house, of course. I have done some research on Japanese gardens and at least I now know the elements that should be contained within them :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


It turned out I didn't need to sell my land after all. My parents sent me a check for my birthday and I used it to help buy dances for my HUD. But the sim owner thought I still wanted to sell my land, so she sold it for me and someone else moved into my acre on Adele. So we went shopping for another piece of land and I found Agara. It is high on a cliff and has the look of Northern Maine. There is sandy beach at the foot of the cliffs and the surf that rolls in is that awesome stuff that Kurt first showed me a few days ago. I have set up the small American Foursquare that a friend built for me. It faces west of course and has two rockers on the porch. I also bought a security system for the first time in SL. My SL neighbors are overly friendly and when I do go home I do not want to be disturbed by people landing on my lawn. Of course, the system is more complex than the poster said it was, so I had to have a friend show me how to use it and set it up, but now it is working and removing unauthorized persons. I will leave the island with its "untamed' look. I find it very relaxing.