Friday, September 5, 2008


It turned out I didn't need to sell my land after all. My parents sent me a check for my birthday and I used it to help buy dances for my HUD. But the sim owner thought I still wanted to sell my land, so she sold it for me and someone else moved into my acre on Adele. So we went shopping for another piece of land and I found Agara. It is high on a cliff and has the look of Northern Maine. There is sandy beach at the foot of the cliffs and the surf that rolls in is that awesome stuff that Kurt first showed me a few days ago. I have set up the small American Foursquare that a friend built for me. It faces west of course and has two rockers on the porch. I also bought a security system for the first time in SL. My SL neighbors are overly friendly and when I do go home I do not want to be disturbed by people landing on my lawn. Of course, the system is more complex than the poster said it was, so I had to have a friend show me how to use it and set it up, but now it is working and removing unauthorized persons. I will leave the island with its "untamed' look. I find it very relaxing.

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