Friday, September 26, 2008

Friends and friendships

I think I am at peace again with my friend. We talked and he made me realize that all "our" problems were really "mine". Now that I reflect on this, I am not sure that is entirely true, but I will say that he opened my mind to a few ideas to try so I could "get along" with others. It seems my RL issues were spilling over to SL and affecting my relationships. And when I popped over to his gig last night I felt very calm and peaceful (course that could have been because I had just finished a set with DJ Ot). But that feeling permeated my dance and how I approached others, so he was not entirely wrong either.

I have been "hanging out" with a very nice man I met a few weeks ago. No, not a boyfriend or a lover, just someone who makes me feel very special and warm inside. He makes me laugh because he smiles a lot and is a bit formal with a delightfully old-fashioned manner. I am very comfortable with him and I do not usually feel this way with SL men. I wish I knew what I could do so his remaining time will be special for him. He has told me he will be leaving SL in a few weeks; RL circumstances will prevent him from returning. I only know I will miss him and never forget him. So the time I spend with him is bittersweet.

So many names on my friends list. And how many are really friends? Well, that depends on your definition of "friend". Someone who you can IM after not speaking for months and it is as if you have never parted. Someone who doesn't care if you bring drama. Someone who loves you in spite of all your faults. And the reverse side - how many do I feel the same way about. Hmmm ...I think that leaves 5?

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