Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jordon Joins the Mischief

Sometimes all you need is a nudge from a mischievous faery

[7:38]  Jordon McGillivary: Emy let us go look to the pies
[7:39]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon: let's see if the baker has any pies
[7:40]  Jordon McGillivary: you are in luck
[7:40]  Jordon McGillivary: I smell cherry
[7:40]  Emyly Beaumont nods: but watch out for the one in the front. It is meat and taters
[7:42]  Emyly Beaumont says: my tummy is full
[7:43]  Jordon McGillivary: mine also
[7:44]  Emyly Beaumont says: what tricks can we play on the villagers? except the baker of course
[7:44]  Jordon McGillivary: never the baker
[7:44]  Emyly Beaumont nods: the baker is polite. she always leaves pies out
[7:44]  Jordon McGillivary: yes
[7:45]  Emyly Beaumont says with a bit of ire: the others do not care about us at all. there has been no milk for weeks
[7:45]  Jordon McGillivary: someone must have told her how you like your pies
[7:45]  Jordon McGillivary: you have your goats now, there is no need to leave milk
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon sadly: you just do not understand true fae
[7:46]  Jordon McGillivary: looks shame faced
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont says: it is our nature to play tricks
[7:46]  Jordon McGillivary: my mother influenced my formative years
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont grins: I am the best crockery smasher there is
[7:47]  Jordon McGillivary: laughs
[7:47]  Jordon McGillivary: I guess you hold that honor
[7:47]  Emyly Beaumont says: I hear the dressmaker cards and spins wool. we could knot it up for her
[7:48]  Jordon McGillivary: nod
[7:52]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon and sees he is plotting mischief. she grins
[7:53]  Jordon McGillivary: hmm
[7:58]  Emyly Beaumont asks: what are you thinking jordon?
[7:59]  Jordon McGillivary: that flowers down the well would be timely
[8:00]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon: the nasturtiums that the goats play in
[8:03]  Emyly Beaumont girns: I will get the flowers and drop them in the wells. you can kick over the water buckets
[8:04]  Emyly Beaumont says with a sly look: then they will know what it is to be thirsty
[8:05]  Jordon McGillivary: we have a plan
[8:05]  Jordon McGillivary eyes spark with mischief
[8:06]  Emyly Beaumont chuckles and flies to the glade to fetch the flowers as she leaves jordon to do the bucket tipping
[8:06]  Jordon McGillivary heads for the well to watch Emy pollute it
[8:08]  Emyly Beaumont giggles as she drops handfuls of bright red and orange and yellow flowers into the well in the village square
[8:09]  Emyly Beaumont smiles as she hears the water run out of the buckets in all the shops and houses except for the bakery. "Good job Jordon!" she shouts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emy turns down a dance

I just turned down one of the dance numbers in the new production of Polyamour. I view Second Life is an extension of myself and I would never dance nude in public. Emy might be "Just Pixels" but that is not a good enough reason for me to show off bosoms and bottoms (or more). And saying that it is "For Art" is not a good enough reason for me either. Jie explained that the song is about sex and two of the dancers will wear nothing but a string thong. The rest of the dancers wear a long sleeved, pants outfit with a scarf around the neck and bare bosoms. She says it fits the dance... But I turned down the dance anyway. Aspen said there are too many dancers so it was good I turned it down. I know I could never do the dance in that costume, but still I wonder why I feel sad about my decision.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Night Out

When I am not role playing as a fae, I am dancing. My first season with La Performance is over and I am now trying to make the dance company for Polyamour, the next special performance. I attend a Back to Basics class for an hour on Tuesday and a rehearsal for Polyamour on Thursday. I slip off to dance with Funky Feats when I can, and sometimes I meet up with a good friend for a "date". Tonight we attended two live concerts given by two excellent musicians and we danced of course. It is what I do. Hehe. I just can't seem to stop dancing....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of Goats and Larger Wings

When you are tired from cleaning up after goats, all sorts of thoughts occur to you such as "would larger wings attract male fae?"


This is an opinion poll, so feel free to comment.