Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emy turns down a dance

I just turned down one of the dance numbers in the new production of Polyamour. I view Second Life is an extension of myself and I would never dance nude in public. Emy might be "Just Pixels" but that is not a good enough reason for me to show off bosoms and bottoms (or more). And saying that it is "For Art" is not a good enough reason for me either. Jie explained that the song is about sex and two of the dancers will wear nothing but a string thong. The rest of the dancers wear a long sleeved, pants outfit with a scarf around the neck and bare bosoms. She says it fits the dance... But I turned down the dance anyway. Aspen said there are too many dancers so it was good I turned it down. I know I could never do the dance in that costume, but still I wonder why I feel sad about my decision.

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