Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jordon Joins the Mischief

Sometimes all you need is a nudge from a mischievous faery

[7:38]  Jordon McGillivary: Emy let us go look to the pies
[7:39]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon: let's see if the baker has any pies
[7:40]  Jordon McGillivary: you are in luck
[7:40]  Jordon McGillivary: I smell cherry
[7:40]  Emyly Beaumont nods: but watch out for the one in the front. It is meat and taters
[7:42]  Emyly Beaumont says: my tummy is full
[7:43]  Jordon McGillivary: mine also
[7:44]  Emyly Beaumont says: what tricks can we play on the villagers? except the baker of course
[7:44]  Jordon McGillivary: never the baker
[7:44]  Emyly Beaumont nods: the baker is polite. she always leaves pies out
[7:44]  Jordon McGillivary: yes
[7:45]  Emyly Beaumont says with a bit of ire: the others do not care about us at all. there has been no milk for weeks
[7:45]  Jordon McGillivary: someone must have told her how you like your pies
[7:45]  Jordon McGillivary: you have your goats now, there is no need to leave milk
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon sadly: you just do not understand true fae
[7:46]  Jordon McGillivary: looks shame faced
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont says: it is our nature to play tricks
[7:46]  Jordon McGillivary: my mother influenced my formative years
[7:46]  Emyly Beaumont grins: I am the best crockery smasher there is
[7:47]  Jordon McGillivary: laughs
[7:47]  Jordon McGillivary: I guess you hold that honor
[7:47]  Emyly Beaumont says: I hear the dressmaker cards and spins wool. we could knot it up for her
[7:48]  Jordon McGillivary: nod
[7:52]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon and sees he is plotting mischief. she grins
[7:53]  Jordon McGillivary: hmm
[7:58]  Emyly Beaumont asks: what are you thinking jordon?
[7:59]  Jordon McGillivary: that flowers down the well would be timely
[8:00]  Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon: the nasturtiums that the goats play in
[8:03]  Emyly Beaumont girns: I will get the flowers and drop them in the wells. you can kick over the water buckets
[8:04]  Emyly Beaumont says with a sly look: then they will know what it is to be thirsty
[8:05]  Jordon McGillivary: we have a plan
[8:05]  Jordon McGillivary eyes spark with mischief
[8:06]  Emyly Beaumont chuckles and flies to the glade to fetch the flowers as she leaves jordon to do the bucket tipping
[8:06]  Jordon McGillivary heads for the well to watch Emy pollute it
[8:08]  Emyly Beaumont giggles as she drops handfuls of bright red and orange and yellow flowers into the well in the village square
[8:09]  Emyly Beaumont smiles as she hears the water run out of the buckets in all the shops and houses except for the bakery. "Good job Jordon!" she shouts.

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