Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Funk at Linri's Palace

The set last night with Tulsa was an unqualified success. He is a very professional announcer and I love his voice - upbeat and happy. His jingle tells a little bit about him: it tantalizes and teases about where he lives. His choices of music ranged from lively to ballads, but he didn't take requests, so it stayed strictly within theme which was great for me! True, I like variety, but usually i can handle the DJ's choices. It is patrons who want Metallica in the middle of a Broadway themed set who drive me nuts! Or ask for a rap in the middle of a romance set. /me shakes her head.

Attendance was not bad for a DJ with no true following yet. And I think Linri would like us back, so I will have to do PR like crazy to announce the show. Most of my followers are EU or EST and 6-8 is a bit late for them. Wish we could do a 4-6 on Sunday at Linri's, but I think that slot is taken. So, plan on joining us next Sunday at 6-8 for another great show. Tulsa can present the music and I can make you dance, but it is your chatter and laughter that complete the circle.

OOC: Don't read if you want sugar coated Emy

I am Jonesing for my Tori fix. Between my busy RL weekend and his RL schedule, not to mention living 5 time zones apart, we haven't met up in the last few days and the IM we shared was not very satisfactory. It seemed to me that the friends I spoke with the last few days were cranky, but now that I think about it, I am sure that was just my reaction.

crank⋅y /{krang-kee] : ill-tempered; grouchy; cross: I'm always cranky when I don't get enough sleep.

I haven't been getting enough sleep at night because I wake up at 2.30 AM with a brain that worries about my lack of income. And I wake up cold at 4.00 AM. And I had some upsetting news two days ago when my son announced that he was seriously considering entering the military!

I don't think wars are merited. I know friends who never returned from Vietnam, and I was married briefly to a Vietnam vet. Later, I was married for a long time to a Navy man. I have a few Vietnam vets numbered amongst my friends today as well as peacetime military retirees, too. So I understand the need for enforcement. But there has to be a better way to settle differences than people killing each other. And I thought my son believed the same thing. I feel as if I am being betrayed, but perhaps I should be grateful that he can make his own decisions in an intelligent matter. He is a very smart young man and I am inordinately proud of him. He tested with the highest mark on the aptitude tests and has recruiters calling him so he will be able to pick and choose. But I still hope he choose a different course.

And now, back to Emy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Water!

I woke up in Eirini this morning to discover that Tori had installed Solar panels on the roof of the villa. They will heat the water so it will be hot and we can finally have running hot water! I won't have to heat the bath water in buckets over the campfire. What a luxury! Now all we need is a shower...

I spent the better part of two hours looking for an acceptable Macarena dance. I had put off getting this dance because it is like "thriller" and the "time warp"; everyone wants the whole song to be nothing but that dance, and I am too stubborn to dance that way. I went to at least 6 shops before I ended up at Abranimations. The prices ranged from L$50 to L$200 and the quality ranged from -1 to 8.5 (on a scale of 0 to 10.) It is amazing how different the animations were. A couple of them were based on the original jerky freebie (which I could not locate), some of them were too slow and one was a copy of one of the others, although it put me slightly canted forward instead of straight up. And that was the one selling for L$200! /me shakes her head in disgust. Abranimations animations are not my favorite dances. I am not exactly sure why 'cause I can't seem to put my finger on it, but the dances seem slightly off to my eye. So I am very careful when I buy a dance there. But I think I found the best of them....

Hot and Cold (and Hot Again)

Last night Tori and I traveled. We started out in Africa, looking at the fauna: giraffe, elephants, pelican, zebras, hippos and even a fly-eating frog! Then we found some inner tubes floating in the river and jumped in.

We said hello to the zebras but avoided the hippos. We stopped to take a shower under a waterfall and then continued on down the river. We found a cave under another waterfall, but oddly enough, we had to stand around while inside it. There were no sits that we could see. We ended our visit with a dance in a red tent. Much to our surprise, that tent proved to be a very busy location! People popped in and out every two minutes. We had been discussing the weather, so Tori found an ice hotel and he tp'd me over.

I had never heard of an ice hotel, but apparently they DO exist outside of SL. The entire structure is made of ice, with ice chandeliers and ice beds, which are covered in furs. It sounds truly unique and a fun mini-vacation. And the Ice Hotel in SL is unique too. There is even an animation for slipping on the ice as you enter. It makes one wonder if this is a common occurrence in the RL hotel. We saw deer out side and lovely, lovely scenery. Then we spotted a kick sled and I just had to take a ride!.

Tori obliged and we had a lovely time moving about the sim until Tori ended us up in the water as usual (did I ever tell you about his boat rides?) We quickly abandoned sled and then headed for the beach at home where we donned bikinis and warmed up in the sun.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mars Exists

Can you believe that I have been in SL over two years and have never been to visit the greenies? Well, Tori took me there Saturday! And what fun I had. I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures! I kissed a frog, but he must have been the wrong kind 'cause he sure didn't turn into a prince. And I got into a snowball fight with Tori in the freezer. Oh!! Didn't I tell you that Greenies are very very tiny aliens who like to make trouble? They will cook green eggs and ham on your stove and spill the soda and sugar all over the counter top! They let mice out of mouse traps too. And then we found the greenie outfits and joined the greenies in their mayhem. We tp'd over to Linri's in all our green splendor and danced. And the DJ said something about asparagus (or was that broccoli, I really wasn't paying attention,) but he obviously didn't understand aliens at all. Then we went to Mars. And yes, it is very, very red, but has been developed by man, which is a pity. It's carmine red color is absolutely lovely and should have been left alone by mankind.

Exciting new show!

Party Funk is the name, and it will be presented by Tulsa Sheridan (my little brother) and me next Sunday night from 6-8 at Linri's Palace. I have heard much of his mix and love, love, love it! I am very excited about Tulsa doing his own thing (it's about time in my estimation) and am overjoyed to be dancing to his funky music selections. If you know Tulsa at all, you will have to agree that he would never play an ordinary set of music. Some of it is that funky jazz which I love so much! Wonderful Linri, who loves to help out new DJs, agreed to let us give it a try. I don't know whether this will be a single shot deal or if it will work into something bigger. (he may not like being a DJ.) Tulsa insisted that we be marketed as the team that we are. So last night after I left Linri's, we caught up with each other and discussed things like tip jars and what to wear. Hehe - a brother and sister act - what fun! And will I give him a hard time? Come and find out!

Friday, June 19, 2009


What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

/me muses. I think this experience has made me realize that I am NOT a dedicated blogger. Yes, I like to share my experiences with others, but only when I truly have something to share. I don't think this experience will change how I blog. I work best at my own pace and my current frequency and manner of blogging is best for me. But I have found several new blogs to follow, if only because they they write from the heart, about things that matter to them. And, in that respect, this challenge has been rewarding.

Keep on blogging, all of you, as often or as infrequently as you desire. Just be sure you actually have something to say!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BBBC #4 - Trading Places

If there was someone you could trade places with for one day in Second Life, who would it be and why? Bonus points if you find this person and snap a picture with them!

Hmmmm, there are so many people I admire in SL that that I am not able to pick one to trade places with. Instead I will list attributes of each one and build my own persona. This is by no means a complete list, but merely the ones that came quickly to mind...

Rebbecca Riggles = Derring-do
Casandra Shilova = Style
Tori Liebling = Gentle, easy going manner
Adrianna Biziou = Grace and beauty
Bridget Menczel = Ability to build
Gucissa Crimson = Unflappable spirits
Chester Tarber = Charm
Tulsa Sheridan = Steadfastness
Linri Jewell = Determination

Phew! I hope tomorrow's assignment is easier

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBBC #3 - A Sim of My Own

You've been given a sim of your very own to use for free for one year. However, there are 3 rules. It cannot be residential, it cannot be commercial, and it has to be open to the public. What do you do with it?

I loved the first Chania build that Tori did, so I would have him rebuild it, but I would incorporate a few changes. I would leave the harbor and the buildings as they were with the Blue Cafe opening onto the market square. One of the buildings would house paintings and photographs of Crete for everyone to see. The harbor would not only have boats at anchor, but also boats that could be sailed around the island. The music would be themed throughout the day and gradually change from fast and lively during the day to slow and romantic at night.

I would invite street performers to entertain in the square and story tellers to tell tales. The Blue Cafe would offer wines (from the island vineyard) and coffee to everyone who came to listen to the stories and to dance. There would be dancing 24/7. Anyone who wanted could go to the Blue Cafe and learn to choreo. And there would also be space available for choreographers to practice alone if they so desired.

An area would be set aside for musicians to practice using the stream. This would be by reservation only and they could invite friends to listen to them and provide feedback.

Another area behind hills would be left natural, with no music except the sounds of crickets, birds and the distant howl of an animal. Deer would roam the forest, birds would fly in the trees, butterflies and sprites would flit through the forest. It would rain: random rains of differing strengths. and this rain would randomly traverse the entire sim, not just the woods. Plenty of cuddle spots, trees to climb, waterfalls and ponds to swim in, and lots of childish pleasures would lie hidden in woodsy places.

Chania would be a haven for everyone - a bit of peace and a welcome for all.

BBBC #2 - The Perfect SL Day

Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like.

I am not sure I could describe the perfect SL day. I like them all, imperfect and different as each of them are. I catch up with different friends every day and that gives me a variety of interests. Sometimes I freebie shop and sometimes I shop for new dances. Sometimes I look for a new place to explore with Tori on those special nights when we have more than an hour to spend to gether. And I am always planning for the next special event.

I CAN tell you the perfect ending for my SL day however: a dancing gig of two hours duration with $1000 in tips so I can buy at least 1 new dance and still have enough left over to save towards tier. I don't want to get rich, but I would like to meet my SL expenses comfortably. Sometimes it would be fun to actually be able to CHOOSE and BUY a new dress instead of taking freebie offerings. This set would be followed by time with Tori. We would dance and talk and share our days, just the two of us, holding and loving each other.

I no longer do as many singles dances as I once did. Clubs much prefer their hostesses to dance the patrons, and of course, the hostesses love the tips. I do not like to hostess and choreo at the same time because I make so many changes in the animations that I have to pay attention to the music and the dance. And I tip the hostesses in accordance with how helpful they are by announcing how to use the dance system and asking for tips for me. Couples choreo is a bit more relaxing for me because I tend to let the dances cycle more than once, but usually no more than twice. In singles, I try to never repeat an animation in any one song. But I have trouble answering IMs and Open Chat because I am so busy. I love it when Tori is beside me for the dance: singles or couples, it does not matter. I just look at him and feel calmed by his presence. We do not chat in IM as much as most people assume we do. Instead I am busy with the dance and I am fortunate that he is so understanding of this and doesn't mind.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Bad Blogger Challenge Post #1

The Big Bad Blogger Challenge for June: Update your blog every day for one week starting June 14th, and the last challenge post will be June 19th.

How long have you been a blogger?

I have been blogging here since August 2008, just after the first Fae Fest that I choreographed. In the beginning it was not hard for me to blog daily because I had so much to say and plenty of time in which to compose it. It was fun to put my thoughts and feelings out for anyone to see, even though I have so few readers. And then the blog developed into a way for me to explain how dancing fills a hole in my heart. And to explain the process to everyone else who asks me how to do it. It is no secret, but I get so lost in the movement and the music that I have little time to chat or talk in IM. So I can use this place to communicate.

How has it enriched your life?

This is my Second Life blog - they are Emy's feelings and hopes and failings. But a blog, by its nature, is not a diary with a lock to which you only have the key. It is public and I should expect a readership. I made mistakes and let my feelings hang out on occasion and the feedback was not always pretty. So I have learned (I hope) to keep my stronger feelings in check and now I only blog when life is good.

Rez Day Party

I finally have a few pictures from the rez day party that Tori and I shared last Saturday. I was having so much fun that I never got around to taking pictures. The food table was full of food, the dance floor was full of dancers and my heart was full of love. My friends gave me some superb pictures, but they aren't full perm, so I can't take them out world and show them here. I went back this morning to take a few pictures of the Pavilion in Vanity Fayre where we held the party. It is so romantic and belongs to a friend of mine who was gracious enough to allow us to use it.

Last night Cas sent me some pictures via email and I will show my two faves here. This is her dancing with my brother. The theme colour was lilac and Cas' dress was perfect with it's pretty lace petticoat.

And this is the picture I like best. I have so few that show Tori's craggy good looks. And those pants are fabulous on him! I think that is Gucissa in the corner, but I only have eyes for Tori.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Celtic Gods & Goddesses

I love doing themed events, but they always leave me so exhausted. The prep starts with being sure I have appropriate dances. Since the gig was Celtic, and I have danced with Ot before, this was a simple matter. Then, I need to be sure I am dressed in character. I googled "Celtic goddess" to search for one that would suit me and stumbled upon Airmid, one of the lesser known goddesses of healing. But Airmid was an interesting woman on her own: a druid, a healer and a strong woman. Learn her story here.
Not having any idea what a Celtic goddess would wear, I decided it should be green because that is color for healing. I remembered a dress I have that is close to 14th century and found a druid's staff in my inventory. I found the "Greek goddess" hair I wore over a year ago to another theme party at the original Blue Cafe and tinted a veil green. I thought I looked stunning, but I think Tori would prefer me as I normally am.

Gucissa took this picture of my Celtic god tonight and I wanted to share it with you. I wait all day to see him and the time we spend together is never enough. He left early tonight and I was hoping to spend time with him. When I choreo, I have little time to IM and speak with anyone, and tonight was no exception, dealing with a delay in dances of up to 6 seconds and an unresponsive HUD. I will be away in RL tomorrow and won't be on until well after he has logged off. I miss him already and my heart is aching...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stalking the lucky chair

I must be crazy. Yesterday I spent about two hours standing in front of a 20 minute lucky chair waiting for "E" to come up. I went back today and spent three and a half hours more in front of that chair. While I was there I bought a beautiful skin but I was beginning to think I would never get the crimson dress. It was worth it though. I can't wear the dress for singles dancing, but it should be okay for couples. I think I will wear it tonight!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mer Dances

I promised I would list all the mer dances I had in my HUD in case any of you had others. I am looking for as many as I can find, so if you have others, please let me know the name and the creator so I can find them. Any help you can give me would be awesome!

dancing with the fishies
Sea Angel
Sway Dance
Flowy Mermaid Dance
Tail Whip

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cuddles with Tori

Tori and I found this really charming place to dance the other day. It is called The Love Bugg Club and while it didn't have any Volkswagens there, it did have a dance ball full of very fun standing cuddles and dances. Here are a few samples.

And before you ask, no, Tori did not propose. He invited me to a romantic dinner for two. :-)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am so proud of myself! Yesterday I took the food items that Tori had created, placed them on the plates (which he also made) and made food givers out of them! And not only that, but I also put scripts & animations in the food! I was fortunate enough to find an excellent free set of "sip scripts" that let me animate once I "wore" the food. But of course, I also had to position the individual food items in my hand so that it would reach my mouth! Hehe. What fun! And I found a script that gave a choice of sandwiches for the sandwich platter. So I modded Tori's salmon sandwiches and made cucumber and watercress sandwiches too. I really learned a lot while I built these items: primarily that I don't want to spend my life building items. I will never compete with the pros, but the food looks yummy and I had fun. Please excuse my foot in the picture.


This is from last night's Formal Blues on the Beach at Linri's Palace. Winston Zaius does a great blues set and I was so happy to be dancing with him again, but we must get the word out! He is an SL treasure. There were about 5 couples here at one point, but his following is small and the time slot is late for most of my dancers. I have missed him and the old gang...

This my shopping/gosssip/gotowhenIneedbuildinghelp buddy Bridget Menczel. Isn't she gorgeous? She is beautiful inside too

And this is one of my favorite hats...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mer-Folk Dancing

I think I am set - finally. I have about 35 usable mer-dances. Not a lot, but I started dancing with fewer way back a year ago in January. I finally found the mermaid outfit I wanted to wear. I love the pink one I found as a freebie, but it has no shoulder fins and the pants are cut so as to show a LOT of my legs! I checked to see who the designer was and located her store - not an easy feat because she never removed the incorrect location from her picks! Anyway, I made a bid on one of her other outfits and bought it for L$151: a gorgeous blue/pink/purple "Las Vegas" mermaid tail & fins. Suitable for dancing, of course. It still shows leg (not as much) but the design goes with the style. I have laid out a dance formation in Aglarond Bay. It sort of glows in the dark and changes color when the mermaids dance on it. I haven't figured out why - but I love the effect! TinaMarie sent me her playlist and I have been locating music and practicing! WOW! Is everyone in for a real treat! The music is eerie, soft, bouncy and beautiful and every single piece is related to the sea or flowing water in some fashion. This music will lure many a mortal to the sea. I say to you sailors and pirates: BEWARE!