Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Bad Blogger Challenge Post #1

The Big Bad Blogger Challenge for June: Update your blog every day for one week starting June 14th, and the last challenge post will be June 19th.

How long have you been a blogger?

I have been blogging here since August 2008, just after the first Fae Fest that I choreographed. In the beginning it was not hard for me to blog daily because I had so much to say and plenty of time in which to compose it. It was fun to put my thoughts and feelings out for anyone to see, even though I have so few readers. And then the blog developed into a way for me to explain how dancing fills a hole in my heart. And to explain the process to everyone else who asks me how to do it. It is no secret, but I get so lost in the movement and the music that I have little time to chat or talk in IM. So I can use this place to communicate.

How has it enriched your life?

This is my Second Life blog - they are Emy's feelings and hopes and failings. But a blog, by its nature, is not a diary with a lock to which you only have the key. It is public and I should expect a readership. I made mistakes and let my feelings hang out on occasion and the feedback was not always pretty. So I have learned (I hope) to keep my stronger feelings in check and now I only blog when life is good.

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