Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mer-Folk Dancing

I think I am set - finally. I have about 35 usable mer-dances. Not a lot, but I started dancing with fewer way back a year ago in January. I finally found the mermaid outfit I wanted to wear. I love the pink one I found as a freebie, but it has no shoulder fins and the pants are cut so as to show a LOT of my legs! I checked to see who the designer was and located her store - not an easy feat because she never removed the incorrect location from her picks! Anyway, I made a bid on one of her other outfits and bought it for L$151: a gorgeous blue/pink/purple "Las Vegas" mermaid tail & fins. Suitable for dancing, of course. It still shows leg (not as much) but the design goes with the style. I have laid out a dance formation in Aglarond Bay. It sort of glows in the dark and changes color when the mermaids dance on it. I haven't figured out why - but I love the effect! TinaMarie sent me her playlist and I have been locating music and practicing! WOW! Is everyone in for a real treat! The music is eerie, soft, bouncy and beautiful and every single piece is related to the sea or flowing water in some fashion. This music will lure many a mortal to the sea. I say to you sailors and pirates: BEWARE!

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