Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBBC #2 - The Perfect SL Day

Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like.

I am not sure I could describe the perfect SL day. I like them all, imperfect and different as each of them are. I catch up with different friends every day and that gives me a variety of interests. Sometimes I freebie shop and sometimes I shop for new dances. Sometimes I look for a new place to explore with Tori on those special nights when we have more than an hour to spend to gether. And I am always planning for the next special event.

I CAN tell you the perfect ending for my SL day however: a dancing gig of two hours duration with $1000 in tips so I can buy at least 1 new dance and still have enough left over to save towards tier. I don't want to get rich, but I would like to meet my SL expenses comfortably. Sometimes it would be fun to actually be able to CHOOSE and BUY a new dress instead of taking freebie offerings. This set would be followed by time with Tori. We would dance and talk and share our days, just the two of us, holding and loving each other.

I no longer do as many singles dances as I once did. Clubs much prefer their hostesses to dance the patrons, and of course, the hostesses love the tips. I do not like to hostess and choreo at the same time because I make so many changes in the animations that I have to pay attention to the music and the dance. And I tip the hostesses in accordance with how helpful they are by announcing how to use the dance system and asking for tips for me. Couples choreo is a bit more relaxing for me because I tend to let the dances cycle more than once, but usually no more than twice. In singles, I try to never repeat an animation in any one song. But I have trouble answering IMs and Open Chat because I am so busy. I love it when Tori is beside me for the dance: singles or couples, it does not matter. I just look at him and feel calmed by his presence. We do not chat in IM as much as most people assume we do. Instead I am busy with the dance and I am fortunate that he is so understanding of this and doesn't mind.

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