Monday, June 22, 2009

Mars Exists

Can you believe that I have been in SL over two years and have never been to visit the greenies? Well, Tori took me there Saturday! And what fun I had. I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures! I kissed a frog, but he must have been the wrong kind 'cause he sure didn't turn into a prince. And I got into a snowball fight with Tori in the freezer. Oh!! Didn't I tell you that Greenies are very very tiny aliens who like to make trouble? They will cook green eggs and ham on your stove and spill the soda and sugar all over the counter top! They let mice out of mouse traps too. And then we found the greenie outfits and joined the greenies in their mayhem. We tp'd over to Linri's in all our green splendor and danced. And the DJ said something about asparagus (or was that broccoli, I really wasn't paying attention,) but he obviously didn't understand aliens at all. Then we went to Mars. And yes, it is very, very red, but has been developed by man, which is a pity. It's carmine red color is absolutely lovely and should have been left alone by mankind.

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