Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Funk at Linri's Palace

The set last night with Tulsa was an unqualified success. He is a very professional announcer and I love his voice - upbeat and happy. His jingle tells a little bit about him: it tantalizes and teases about where he lives. His choices of music ranged from lively to ballads, but he didn't take requests, so it stayed strictly within theme which was great for me! True, I like variety, but usually i can handle the DJ's choices. It is patrons who want Metallica in the middle of a Broadway themed set who drive me nuts! Or ask for a rap in the middle of a romance set. /me shakes her head.

Attendance was not bad for a DJ with no true following yet. And I think Linri would like us back, so I will have to do PR like crazy to announce the show. Most of my followers are EU or EST and 6-8 is a bit late for them. Wish we could do a 4-6 on Sunday at Linri's, but I think that slot is taken. So, plan on joining us next Sunday at 6-8 for another great show. Tulsa can present the music and I can make you dance, but it is your chatter and laughter that complete the circle.

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Casandra Shilova said...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, a good range of music selections. Tulsa does have a good voice, and of course you are the Queen of Choreography!