Saturday, June 13, 2009

Celtic Gods & Goddesses

I love doing themed events, but they always leave me so exhausted. The prep starts with being sure I have appropriate dances. Since the gig was Celtic, and I have danced with Ot before, this was a simple matter. Then, I need to be sure I am dressed in character. I googled "Celtic goddess" to search for one that would suit me and stumbled upon Airmid, one of the lesser known goddesses of healing. But Airmid was an interesting woman on her own: a druid, a healer and a strong woman. Learn her story here.
Not having any idea what a Celtic goddess would wear, I decided it should be green because that is color for healing. I remembered a dress I have that is close to 14th century and found a druid's staff in my inventory. I found the "Greek goddess" hair I wore over a year ago to another theme party at the original Blue Cafe and tinted a veil green. I thought I looked stunning, but I think Tori would prefer me as I normally am.

Gucissa took this picture of my Celtic god tonight and I wanted to share it with you. I wait all day to see him and the time we spend together is never enough. He left early tonight and I was hoping to spend time with him. When I choreo, I have little time to IM and speak with anyone, and tonight was no exception, dealing with a delay in dances of up to 6 seconds and an unresponsive HUD. I will be away in RL tomorrow and won't be on until well after he has logged off. I miss him already and my heart is aching...

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