Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot and Cold (and Hot Again)

Last night Tori and I traveled. We started out in Africa, looking at the fauna: giraffe, elephants, pelican, zebras, hippos and even a fly-eating frog! Then we found some inner tubes floating in the river and jumped in.

We said hello to the zebras but avoided the hippos. We stopped to take a shower under a waterfall and then continued on down the river. We found a cave under another waterfall, but oddly enough, we had to stand around while inside it. There were no sits that we could see. We ended our visit with a dance in a red tent. Much to our surprise, that tent proved to be a very busy location! People popped in and out every two minutes. We had been discussing the weather, so Tori found an ice hotel and he tp'd me over.

I had never heard of an ice hotel, but apparently they DO exist outside of SL. The entire structure is made of ice, with ice chandeliers and ice beds, which are covered in furs. It sounds truly unique and a fun mini-vacation. And the Ice Hotel in SL is unique too. There is even an animation for slipping on the ice as you enter. It makes one wonder if this is a common occurrence in the RL hotel. We saw deer out side and lovely, lovely scenery. Then we spotted a kick sled and I just had to take a ride!.

Tori obliged and we had a lovely time moving about the sim until Tori ended us up in the water as usual (did I ever tell you about his boat rides?) We quickly abandoned sled and then headed for the beach at home where we donned bikinis and warmed up in the sun.

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