Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BBBC #4 - Trading Places

If there was someone you could trade places with for one day in Second Life, who would it be and why? Bonus points if you find this person and snap a picture with them!

Hmmmm, there are so many people I admire in SL that that I am not able to pick one to trade places with. Instead I will list attributes of each one and build my own persona. This is by no means a complete list, but merely the ones that came quickly to mind...

Rebbecca Riggles = Derring-do
Casandra Shilova = Style
Tori Liebling = Gentle, easy going manner
Adrianna Biziou = Grace and beauty
Bridget Menczel = Ability to build
Gucissa Crimson = Unflappable spirits
Chester Tarber = Charm
Tulsa Sheridan = Steadfastness
Linri Jewell = Determination

Phew! I hope tomorrow's assignment is easier

1 comment:

Casandra Shilova said...

Cas perks up....oouuooh! Thank you!