Sunday, September 21, 2008

Linri's Palace is oficially open

The opening for Linri's Palace was a huge success. Allan and I opened for the club at noon and I must say, he was awesome, announcing the day's scheduled activities and full of congratulations for Linri. Our act was followed by the Arakawa Geisha Schhol who treated us to jokes from the Okaasan (who slightly intimidated me in our talks, sort of like a Mother Superior) story telling from a maiko and insight into the Flower and Willow World from a very talanted geisha. All of this was accompanied by muisc played by one of the maiko-in-training. It was a fascinating glimpse into the Geisha world. Later in the day we were treated to a demonstration and explanation of the japanese tea ceremony. I hope Linri will be able to work out presenting this delightfult entertainment on a regular basis.

Linri glowed all day - literally. She had gone to the beauty parlor the day before and now has gorgeous long blonde hair. She looks every pixel like a successful club owner. And I think she was really happy. I know I am glad that all the settling in is finally over. Phew! Now I have some time to explore all the LMs I was given during the las month and to score some of the new songs I have been hearing.

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Creag Emmons said...

Very good to hear, Emy! I'm going to have to look in on the new place!