Monday, October 18, 2010

Emy Does Country

I opened myself up for trouble this Sunday when I asked the group what genre they wanted to hear next week. The answer was Country! So I promised I would choreo Country for them. And then Razzie said "Line Dances!" So of course, we must have line dances too. Constructing the lines of dance marks won't be a problem; the dances are the problem! I only had three that were specific to country style dance. So tonight, I picked up 15 dances that were country specific. I know there have to be more out there...

But the major problem is that I am unfamiliar with country western style of dance and becoming familiar with it means I have to go to country western clubs and listen to the music. And not only must I listen to the music, I need to try my animations against the music! When I construct a note card for a particular style of music, I usually load that genre into a play list in iTunes and then test the animations while on my own dance floor at Emy's Acre. Hah! I absolutely refuse to buy any country music to load into iTunes, so I will have to run around to the country western clubs.

The next problem is clothes. I have a long denim (sort of) skirt and I found a great man's t-shirt that Alk gave me a while back. I still need a pair of boots and a big Western hat, preferably matching. I have a feeling the dances will be solved first though. Y'all know how much I hate shopping. And y'all know how much I love Country. This will certainly be an interesting (and expensive) week.