Saturday, July 17, 2010


Casandra Shilova flies towards the gypsy encampment and notices someone below. She flies a bit lower and hovers over the pool.
Chêne turns, hearing a slight rustle of the wind. She sees a winged creature and freezes.
Casandra Shilova says softly, "Hello, do you remember me?"
Chêne tilts her head, surprised that she understands the words and smiles. "Greetings" she says quietly. She walks around the rim of the pool toward the other creature.
Casandra Shilova moves a little closer to the dryad and holds out a hand with a few berries in the palm.
Chêne remembers the previous kindness of the beautiful faerie and tentatively touches the berries.
Casandra Shilova moves her hand a little and flattens the palm more.
Chêne, deciding to trust her, selects a plump juicy berry, delicately places it in her mouth and smiles at the sweet taste. She plucks an acorn from her headdress and offers it to the faerie in exchange with a smile of thanks.
Casandra Shilova slowly takes the acorn, smiles, and nods.
Chêne drops to the ground and using her hand, pantomimes digging. She takes another acorn and pretends to drop it into the hole. She brushes her hand over it and stands up, looking at the faerie.
Casandra Shilova stares at her, puzzled as to what she is trying to communicate.
Chêne stoops again, places her hand palm down over the spot and gradually lifts her hand higher and higher, keeping her palm outstretched over the same spot. She sings softly as she raises her hand.
Casandra Shilovalooks thoughtful and says "hmmm...." She nods and looks around for a likely spot.
Chêne watches the faerie fly to the other side of the pool and land on the rim. She walks over to watch her.
Casandra Shilova shakes her head and rises into the air.
Chêne watches the faerie hover.
Casandra Shilova says to the dryad, "I am going to the area destined to be for the fae."
Chêne is curious and follows the flying creature as best she can on foot.
Casandra Shilova lands and turns to the one following her "I will plant it there." She kneels near a spot that rises into the mountain.
Chêne maintains her distance, while craning her neck to see what the lovely faerie is doing with the acorn.
Casandra Shilova then looks at the tree lady, "I think this would be a good place. it will have light and rain will fall upon it."
Chêne is still amazed to discover that she can understand the winged creature and smiles encouragingly.
Casandra Shilova reaches out and touches the earth. As she works a hole forms and becomes deeper, then deep enough for a young sapling to sprout from. She gently caresses the acorn, places it in the ground and covers it with soil.
Chêne watches the motions of the faerie and begins to croon a song of joining with the earth and balance.
Casandra Shilova looks at the lady, sits back on her heels and joins in. Her words do not match, but the intent is pure and her song creates a soothing harmony.
Chêne walks forward and stretches her arms up to the heavens, asking the goddess to send gentle winds and rain. She smiles at the faerie and says, "Together."
Casandra Shilova smiles and imitates the word. She stands, "Thank you for the acorn; a big fine oak will grow from it."
Chêne points to herself "Chêne" she says.
Casandra Shilova nods.
Chêne points to the other woman with a questioning look.
Casandra Shilova points to herself and says "Casandra."
Chêne repeats the word "Casandra" and grins. She points to the place where the faerie has just planted the acorn, "chêne" she says.
Casandra Shilova asks her, "Does the tree have your name?"
Then she nods in understanding, "I see, you are linked to the tree."
Chêne kneels at the freshly turned spot of earth and says soflty "Chêne."
Casandra Shilova looks down at her, and repeats "Chene."
Chêne stands and sweeps her arm around the empty spot "casandra?" she asks.
Casandra Shilova shakes her head. "It will be linked with me one day, but not yet." She explains, "The spot with my imprint is further over."
Chêne points to the ground and then to herself "Chene together" she says.
Casandra Shilova nods hesitantly, thinking she understands, but knowing she could be wrong.
Chêne grins in pleasure. She is beginning to understand the faerie language very well. She approaches the faerie and touches her robe "where?" she asks.
Casandra Shilova says, "Behind us. I will show you." She gestures.
Chêne smiles "I will follow" she says.
Casandra Shilova walks off, wondering if she can find the way on foot. She breathes a sigh of relief as she succesfully winds her way over the terrain and reaches the glade. She turns to the other woman.
Casandra Shilova gestures in a slow but wide sweep, "This is it."
Chêne emits a gasp as she sees the immense tree guarding the entrance to the glade.
Casandra Shilova realizes the dryad has moved quickly to the huge tree. She says in agreement, "It is magnificent."
Chêne nods and strokes the tree, thinking to herself how wondrous this winged creature is that she could be one with such a great tree.
Casandra Shilova walks into the middle of the mushroom ring.
Chêne moves around the area which is filled with flowers and mushrooms. She sees some multicolored trees and exclaims in delight. She walks to the trees, extends her hand to touch one of the branches. "Light" she says softly.
Casandra Shilova watches as the flowers change color.
Chêne smiles and touches the tree again to change its color.
Casandra Shilova looks on fascinated. She and Chene stand quietly as they become absorbed in the magic of the trees and the plants.
Suddenly Chêne hears the wind in the trees calling to her and turns to the winged creature.
Casandra Shilova smiles as she approaches
Chêne places her hand on her heart and then tentatively touches the same place on the faerie. She smiles and says "together."
Casandra Shilova is surprised. She smiles and says "together."
Chêne makes a sweeping motiion with her hand. She whispers "together."'
Chêne walks to the large tree beside the glade and vanishes.
Casandra Shilova turns and she is gone!

(Like her human counterpart, Chene is not good at remembering to take pictures when she is absorbed in what she is doing. Can you believe only a few hundred pictures while on a week's sight-seeing vacation and none of her son, who she went there to see?)

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