Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sister Dryads

Chene has wandered the realms for several weeks, looking for her sisters and trying to learn the language. This is her first encounter with one of her own kin.

Aegle peers around from the tree, observing it as she runs her palm gently over its battered trunk. It was clear that someone had been using it as a target or arrow fire and the like, something she disapproves of entirely. Wrapping her body around it in a warm, affectionate embrace, she continues to observe the bruises that litter its skin, kissing at them in the hope that they would heal at her touch. As of yet, she does not notice the figure that is so very near to her.
Chene sits in the flowers and listens to the rustle of the wind in the leaves, feeling lonely so far from her home.
Aegle then proceeds to lick at the Tree's war-wounds gently, letting her saliva drizzle onto the bark and soak in. Though of darker intent, she cared for all Trees, it just so happened that hers was on the darker coté of the realm.
Chene stands and raises her arms, singing a song of healing for the trees in the land.
Aegle slowly plies herself away from the Tree, knowing that she can do nothing but hope for the Tree's survival in such harsh lands. As she skips gracefully backwards, a song graces her ears, a song that sounds rather familiar to her. Canting her head to listen, she follows the sound curiously as it leads her up the slope to the Shrine.
Chene continues to sing with a voice that sounds like the wind in the branches.
Aegle steps ever closer, her feet pressing against the ground with care, for she did not want to tread on anything flora. Circling the shrine, her eyes come to rest on a figure at the edge of the hill, and her ears fall about lazily at the beautiful sound that she produces. She couldn't be sure, however, for it had been such a long time since she had heard such a song... Could it be?
Chene hears a step in the grass and sees movement out of the corner of her eye. She turns, and draws her breath at what she sees. She takes a step closer, not believing her eyes.
Aegle cants her head, drawing her breath at the exact some moment, for it clicks. As she looks at the other Dryad, mirroring her in many ways, she lets a smile grace her features, something that she had not let happen in such a long, long time. She steps forward, tip-toeing as to not crush anything beneath her.
Chene says softly in a musical voice "greetings sister."
Aegle cants her head, wondering what she says, having no knowledge of the common tongue, and no interest in learning it either.
Chene walks toward the other dryad with her hands outstretched.
Aegle instinctively lets her hands fall forward, taking her Sister's instantly. Something just feels right.
Chene begins to chant a welcoming song, full of gladness and past sorrows.
Aegle gladly joins in, her voice mirroring her Sister's perfectly. Though vastly darker looking than the other of her kin, her voice has not faltered, nor has it been warped by her darker intent. A beautiful sound ensues, working harmoniously with hers.
Chene's voice swells with happiness. Her mind wants to ask a thousand questions, but she does not know the language of her sister
Aegle sings beautifully with her, her smile widening and filling the best part of her face.
Chene wonders what her name is and halting the song, she points to herself and says "Chene". She looks at the other and points with a question in her eyes
Aegle bites her lower lip as her lips move against each other as she pronounces her name as best she can. "A-Aegle." she says, the word bouncing from her tongue awkwardly, stuttering.
Chene repeats the name and adds a word of common she had heard applied to beautiful things "Aegle lovely."
Aegle giggles softly, her dark, abyssal eyes holding some sort of joy, it seems. She then repeats her own name "Aegle." without hesitation, or stutter and finds it rather amusing, letting a few seconds of childlike laughter ensue. It had been far too long since she had seen another of her kind, and even longer since she had enjoyed herself so.
Chene smiles, remembering how delighted she had been to hear her own name on the faerie’s lips. She wants to know about this dryad she has found, but cannot ask until they find a common language. She hears a distant call and is reluctant to leave, afraid she will never see the sister again
Aegle clenches her fists as she feels a pull to her very being, dragging her away from this land. It must be her Tree.
Aegle looks over to the Dryad, a glance illustrating that she would find her once again, be it sooner or later.
Chene sees Aegle responding to her own call and waves, as she has seen others do "farewell Agle" she says
Aegle is then pulled backwards. Raising her hand, she foolishly repeats "Farewell Aegle." for she did not understand the structure or anything of, for that matter, the Common tongue.

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