Friday, July 2, 2010

Encounter in Aglarond

Avril (AvrilLeona Rhiadra): oh vedui smiles
Vanwen (Elvira Fenwitch): greetings m`lady
Chene (Emyly Beaumont), startled, turns and runs to the trees
Vanwen: hello? don't worry, i don't want to harm you. i just want to welcome you to aglarond
Chene stays close to her tree and eyes the two females warily
Avril whispers: what's wrong with her
Vanwen: i am Vanwen Ranger of aglarond
Avril looks up to the rock and calls with a soft voice "I am avril healer and druid as well"
Chene tilts her head, trying to discern words she knows, but shakes her head
Avril whispers at vanwen, "to what race does she belong do you think"
Vanwen: seems she doesnt speaks quenya
Avril nods and whispers "she looks like a wild elf"
Chene crouches, keeping her eyes on the women
Vanwen: some say i am a wild elf too :)
Avril laughs quietly and winks at vanwen, "maybe we are all wild"
Avril whispers, "I would like know her name mhh
Chene listens to the sounds from the females, but they are meaningless to her
Avril lift her dark hairs and shows her pointed ears, winks at the wild one and vanwen
Avril whispers at vanwen, "might be now she knows she doesn't need to be afraid mhh
Vanwen points to herself and says, "Vanwen"
Chene looks at the one speaking and repeats "Vanwen"
Vanwen smiles
Avril points to herself too and says: "avril"
Chene looks at the other one and repeats "avril." She stands, points to herself and says in a soft voice like the breeze in the trees "Chene"
Avril smiles
Vanwen: Chene? nice name
Avril repeats the word with a soft voice, "Chene"
Chene hears her name "chene" and smiles
Avril whispers at vanwen, "I would like to know which language she speaks mhhh? Do you have any idea? It seems she lives in the forest mhh"
Vanwen: i guess she is a nymph
Avril puts her head to the side and watches the friendly little one
Chene turns to the huge tree and caresses the trunk. She begins to sing, softly, a song of growing and living and balance.
Avril whispers to Vanwen, "mhh no she looks more like a tree lady"
Vanwen: well they come in all kinds
Avril listens to the voice and melody, looks up, and tries to remember
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) continues to sing and the leaves on the branches begin to sway softly, although there is no breeze
Vanwen: well, the tree seems to like her. That is always a good sign.
Avril starts with surprise in her voice and whispers, "vanwen!! listen. It seems she follows the god of nature, isnt it?"
Chene ends her song and stretches her arms wide, embracing the trunk, murmuring in a long forgotten language
Vanwen: maybe she is a maiar of vana
Avril slowly sits on the ground and nods to Vanwen, "That is possible indeed"
Chene turns to the women, nods and says "Vanwen Avril"
Vanwen says, "Chene"
Avril nods, smiles happily to chene and says, "Chene"
Chene smiles before scampering off to another part of the woods

This delightful little role play has been edited for clarity and in an attempt to make the encounter more like a story. My sincere thanks to AvrilLeona Rhiadra and Elvira Fenwitch for allowing me to use the In Character Open Chat as well as for playing with me. I never thought of Chene as Maia!

I am road testing a dryad character and looking for a home at the same time. Dryads are difficult to assimilate into many realms. If you are reading and have an idea for me to try or place to visit, please feel free to contact me either inworld (SL) or at

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