Sunday, July 4, 2010

Encounter in Everwind

Chene, distressed by the constantly diminishing number of her sisters and their trees, has left the comfort and safety of her forest on a quest to discover what she can of how to reverse this trend. She also wishes to find a yearsmate to help her breed a strong daughter. Along the way she is learning about other races and their customs and language.

As she crosses the bridge, walking away from the village, Chene (Emyly Beaumont) sees another winged creature and backs away
Suriel Mint shrugs naïvely and tries to bow gently, in an exaggerated and old fashioned gesture that almost costs him a ridiculous fall
Suriel: "Did I scare thee?"
Emyly Beaumont watches the antics of the winged one and tilts her head as he speaks
Suriel grins... "Sorry about that.... *ponders* Madam"
Chene crouches, listening to the words, trying to understand. She has seen creatures with wings before but they have been girls and reminded her of her sisters
Suriel does not actually care about the dryad's silence, he was well used to speaking alone: "I am Suriel *paused* Suriel Mint. "I was just having a bath on the river... refreshing my face and feet* grins and fixes his eyes in the creature's branches
Suriel Mint: Do you.. want some fruit? *looks for an apple in one of his smart but dirty pockets.... *and then understands that the dryad may have her own fruits too "Maybe... a piece of cake? I got that too" *looks for some melted cake somewhere inside his right boot*
Chene studies the male creature and shakes her head. He has only two legs and they are not cloven. She sees the male take something from his clothing and watches him curiously. She looks again at the curling boots on his feet and laughs, the sound akin to that of a babbling brook

Suriel notices the intense glance but is unable to understand the real nature of the observing look "Oh you like the suit, don't you?" *grins proud of his shiny though borrowed clothes* "One needs to look smart from time to time. Not like those wild... *stops just in time as he notices the wildness of the creature in front of him* Who are you, if I may ask? *the request was more an habit that a matter of curiosity
Chene tilts her head trying to discern words she would understand and stands up, very frustrated. She repeats words she has heard before "vanwen ariel chene"
Suriel Mint messes up the words and instead of calling her chene, he decides to rename the dryad as Ariel. "Ariel" *repeats slowly* "That is a nice sounding name *"Ariel... A-riel* goes on repeating in mumbles.
Chene giggles and says "ariel ariel ariel" happy that they have found common ground. She remembers a gesture that she observed some elves use and she points to herself "Chene" she says happily.
Suriel steps closer, sharing that silly irrational happiness (after all, he was a fae) "Ariel *grins* Oh... You are Chene too? *ponders and mumbles to himself: Ariel was better but *shrugs, disappointed. "Chene will do*
Suriel Mint points at her and repeats "Chene" and then points at himself effusively, almost hurting his own chest: "Su-riel!"
Chene points to the male and says "vanwen? Ariel?"
Suriel shakes his head: "Suriel"
Chene grins and repeats "suriel"
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) dances a bit from foot to foot chanting "vanwen ariel chene suriel"
Suriel smiles "You are stealing everybody's names, uh?" *grins* "i see"
Chene smiles even thought she has no idea what the creature has said. She turns to the tree and begins to sing. She places a hand on the strong branch and sings a song of growth and sunshine , tender breezes and gentle rains
Suriel leaves the once fresh apple on the grass and sees how it rolls on the ground until it stops close to the dryad. "Eat" *he tries and starts his own performance, putting his finger inside his mouth* "Eat"
Chene feels something brush against her foot, stops her song and turns. She notices at the apple by her feet and carefully picks it up, sniffing it. She walks toward the winged one, holding the apple out to him.
Suriel points at the red apple and says in loud voice: "Apple!"
Chene repeats "apple" and smiles
Suriel shrugs and ponders...
Chene offers the apple to the creature
Suriel nods firmly, as a good teacher, then takes the apple and gives a small bite to it, then gives it back to the dryad, putting it into the hand
Suriel: "Eat" he insists and accompanies her hand to the lips
Chene smiles. She takes a bite and as the juice runs down her chin she grins
Suriel laughs and cries: You did it! *jumps* You did it, Chene!" He shakes his wings happy
Chene continues to eat the apple, core and all, licking the juice from her fingers as she finishes it off
Chene plucks three acorns from her hair and offers them to the creature
Suriel grabs the acorns and smiles
Suriel bows slowly and whispers "Thank you” as he puts the acorns in his pocket
Chene looks to see if she has his attention and then pats the ground, mimicking planting
She dances around the spot and sings to it, hoping the little one will understand
Chene touches the ground again, extends her palm down and slowly raise it up toward the sky and smiles
Suriel likes the dryad's voice, the tune was cheerful but playful at the same time "Na-ture" *he says slowly, without understanding the real meaning* "Forest"*points around* "Very nice forests indeed we do still keep here around the elves place" *grins*
Chene sees where the little one points and smiles. "Chene " she says as she runs off into the trees singing a song of sun wind and rain.

A sincere thank you to Avril who recommended I try Everwind and, of course, to Suriel Mint for allowing me to blog this edited version of our interchange. Chene continues to develop in character and spirit...

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