Thursday, July 22, 2010

Conversation at Sweethearts Jazz

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[17:44] You sense a disturbance in the force... (esme Madrigal is typing)
[17:45] esme Madrigal: just beween us, your avi is pretty sad, Im sorry!
[17:47] Emyly Beaumont: thank you - are you male or female? I can't tell from your profile, there is no picture.
[17:48] Emyly Beaumont: I would welcome your suggestions
[17:48] esme Madrigal: Im female, in the beauty industry
[17:48] Emyly Beaumont: Oh thank you for any suggestions
[17:49] esme Madrigal: if you want suggestions, im happy to help
[17:49] esme Madrigal: dont mean to insult you darlin
[17:50] Emyly Beaumont: well tell me what is wrong - I will try to fix it
[17:53] esme Madrigal: we need an in person meet to do that!
[17:56] Emyly Beaumont: I'm sorry - I can't afford a consultation
[17:57] esme Madrigal: no charge sweety
[17:58] Emyly Beaumont: can you send a picture of your av? there is nothing in your profile? then I will know if i would be comfortable with your look
[17:59] esme Madrigal: ok miss fussy, lol!
[18:06] Emyly Beaumont: waiting for picture to open - it is very laggy here
[18:11] Emyly Beaumont: I gave up and cammed on you - thanks, but I don"t want to look like a model.
[18:11] esme Madrigal: ok sweety

This woman's remark was totally unsolicited...
Any comments from my peanut gallery? Am I really sad looking?

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Casandra Shilova said...

No way! I do not think you look sad at all! Hrumph!

You do not have the skin (dark sultry eyeshadow, over the top mascara and spiky lashes) and stereotype shape models aspire towards. That is undoubtedly why she thinks you look sad.

You look individualistic and charming. When you look at Emy dancing, you see a representation of yourself. When most models look at the monitor, they see what they wish they could have been in RL.