Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jordon Teaches Chene the Common Language

Chene wakes up from her nap and sees a male faerie next to her. She jumps up and to the other side of the mushroom, keeping it between them and looks for the nearest tree. She spies the tree behind the faerie and stands still, hoping to avoid his attention. She relaxes when she realizes she has met him before.
Jordon nods to her.
Chene says "Greetings Jordon"
Jordon says “Greetings Maam”. He racks his brain for her name. “Chene”
Chene smiles back at him. She points to the mushroom and says "Jordon?"
Jordon frowns, points to the mushroom and says "That is a mushroom"
Chene repeats "thatisamushroom" and grins
Jordon realizes what he has done, shakes his head and points. "Not that is a mushroom, just mushroom."
Chene pats the mushroom, a little confused and repeats "notthatisamushroomjustmushroom."
Chene runs to the tree and pats it. She turns to the faerie and asks "Chene?"
Jordon frowns and points to the tree "willow"
Chene smiles. "Willow " she says as she caresses the tree.
Jordon says “Yes, willow.”
Chene points to the red flowers around the tree "Willow?" she asks
Jordon shakes his head "no." He says “Flower. Lilly.”
Chene shakes her head "no." She says "Flowerlilly"
Jordon heaves a sigh thinking he did well as could be.
Chene points to the tree, then the flowers and finally the mushroom "Willow, flowerlily, notthisisamushroomjustmushroom." She grins broadly.
Jordon tries to disguise his laughter and nods.
Chene sits on a wooden chair. "Willow?" she asks
Jordon says “Maybe.”
Chene smiles again. She is learning the language. "Maybe " she says in delight.
Jordon says “oh!” He points to the chair and says "Chair."
Chene frowns and says "chair?"
Jordon wonders if he can move close enough to her to sit down but decides not to risk it.
Chene pats the chair next to her and says "Jordon chair"
Jordon, surprised to hear what he believes is an invitation to join her, moves closer slowly and sits.
Chene watches the green lights move around the area and points to them. "Casandra?" she asks
Jordon says ”No, spirit lights”
Chene repeats "Nospiritlights"
Jordon McGillivary: shakes his head and points again to the green lights. "Spirit lights" he says.
Chene shakes her head, confused again. "Spiritlights?"
Jordon says “Yes.”
Chene watches Jordon's head nod as he says yes and she begins to understand.
Chene nods her head and says "Yes." She shakes her head from side to side and says “No. Then she looks at jordon. "Yes?" she asks
Jordon smiles, delighted, and says “Yes.”
Chene smiles back at him. She hopes that soon she will be able to speak with the dreaded humans and ask about her sisters.
Jordon brushes his hand over the grass and plucks one. He holds it out to her and says "Grass."
Chene takes the piece of greenery between her fingers and lifts it to her mouth. She blows across it to produce a sound. "Grass," she says
Jordon nods and thinks what next?
Chene points to Jordon's wings and asks "Jordon?"
Jordon flutters them and says "Wings."
Chene (nods and repeats "Wings." She points to her hair and says "Jordon?"
Jordon thinks and lifts the bottom of his long blond hair and says "hair"
Chene smiles and says "Chene hair.” She points to Jordon's hair and says "Jordon hair."
Jordon says “Yes, Very good.”
Chene points to Jordon's chin and giggles. "Hair" she says.
Jordon laughs as he points to his chin and says "Chin."
Chene says "Chin" and then frowns. "No. Hair."
Jordon brushes his hand over his whiskers and says "Beard."
Chene thinks about that for a minute and then smiles. She points to the hair on his head. "Hair," she says. She points to the hair on his chin. "Beard" she repeats.
Chene strokes her own chin. "No beard" she says with a bit of laughter.
Jordon is relieved she picked it up so quickly. “Yes!” he shouts. Chene tries for something harder. She points to herself and asks "Casandra Chene?"
Jordon frowns, confused
Chene shakes her head and points to him "Jordon?" she asks
Jordon understands and says “ah, you are both female.” He nods. "Jordon. I am male.”
Chene asks "Youarebothfeamle, Iammale?"
Jordon grimaces and shakes his head "No"
Chene says "No"
Jordon points to her and says "Female," then points to himself and says "Male."
Chene laughs "Casandra Chene female. Jordon male." She is delighted that she is learning.
Jordon says gleefully “Yes! Wheww.”
Chene repeats "wheww."
Jordon McGillivary: smiles at her. "We made real progress today."
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) watches jordon and says "Wemaderealprogresstoday."
Jordon swallows, realizes that was overly complicated and gives up on trying to work through it
Jordon stands and bows.
Chene (Emyly Beaumont) watches jordon curiously and then laughs at his gesture.
Jordon says “Farewell.”
Chene repeats "Farewell"
Jordon McGillivary: lifts his hand and waves
Chene lifts her hand and waves as she understands he is leaving.
Jordon McGillivary walks away
Chene watches him walk away with a heavy feeling in her heart. She needs to learn the language. Who will help her now?

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