Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sex, food (beer) & money

Yes, I am grumpy this morning. So when I logged in to Second life only to see a message from a club owner advertising his "fully equipped beach houses for rent, $400 a week with animated beds, hot tubs all you will need in a house and 50 extra prims" I was disgusted. There is more to this world than sex and bikinis! And how can you decorate on 50 prims? Then I recalled something I was told by a man, that men think of only 3 things: sex, food & beer (at least I think that was the third thing). So why should this world be any different? Granted, I have met a few men here who profess to be content with friendship but they are few and far between and tend to drift away when all I am willing to offer is a dancing companionship. Seems it takes sex to keep men interested... Ah well, a man will have to be very special to get through this grumpiness.

I am so grumpy that I think I will go to Frank's and read profiles. Maybe I can find a laugh there.

n.b. added 10/20. I remember now that is sex, food (which includes beer) & money that are the three things.. hehe


Creag Emmons said...

I'll dance with you Emy. I've got all the sex, food, and beer I need, but friends are precious and few.

Casandra Shilova said...

Yay for Creag! One of the absolute best friends a lady could want! *hugs*