Friday, October 3, 2008

Tree House at Agara

I realized today that I never stay inside my beautiful American Foursquare. Perhaps that is why I never furnished it. I mean, I have lovely furniture and carpets for it. I have bookshelves and a piano. But I much prefer to tai chi on the beach or sit on the rockers on the porch while I listen to the birds and the windchimes. SO today I bit the bullet and replaced my brick house with a tree house. It has lots of balconies that are open to the air and a bathing pool in the tree top. I went to Pillow Talk and bought the apple tree I fell in love with a month ago at Gamilia. Now I am so excited! I can see bookshelves and the piano in the room on the ground. The tree house came with a charming cuddle couch which I put inside the "house", which is really nothing more than a room with a door. But there are so many balconies and a rope net which is crying out for a few poses. I know I will have to shop for a fairy swing. Oh what fun I will have!


Creag Emmons said...

Pictures! We want pictures!

(Miss you, Emy...)

Casandra Shilova said...

Pictures are nice; but I want a tour!!

There's an unusual swing that might be just the thing at Aglarond. It can hold two and doesn't look silly with one. When you have free time let me know, and I'll TP you to take a look at it.

And Creag - I miss you bunches.

*group hug*

If you would both enjoy it, I would love if the Fae Fest could be held in Ag.

Emyly Beaumont said...

Craeg - I miss you too. And I don;t know how to do pictures but imagine a piano in a room with a bookcase & vine covered walls. Hehe. And yes, let's do a Fae Fest. I still have Monday nights free