Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Gift Rejected

[6:27] Jordon McGillivary: Jordon and Emy retreat from the flames
[6:28] Jordon McGillivary: the village grasses and a hut are on fire
[6:28] Emyly Beaumont wiggles her very overheated toes: that was close. who did that?
[6:28] 2ks Gears searches out any creatures on the land , burning round him , chasing them from there hideouts
[6:29] Emyly Beaumont spies the dragon and flies
[6:29] Jordon McGillivary: we were out in the open
[6:29] Jordon McGillivary moves in a hurry as the grasses light up around him. "that is one pissed off dragon!"
[6:29] 2ks Gears: time for all creatures of Erebos to defend against the dragons
[6:30] 2ks Gears sees the fae in the air as he fires balls of flame towards them
[6:31] Emyly Beaumont has had enough of war from yesterday and flees back to the glade
[6:31] Jordon McGillivary realizes the dragon is out to get everyone, even if they didn't do anything wrong
[6:33] Emyly Beaumont gets flamed and jumps in the water
[6:33] 2ks Gears: wanders if he will leave their bodies burning on the ground or whether to eat them
[6:33] Emyly Beaumont pulls out Dragon Bopper (aka Shiny Spoon)
[6:35] Jordon McGillivary watch out Emy
[6:36] 2ks Gears: boooo
[6:36] Jordon McGillivary, on fire, dives for the water
[6:36] Jordon McGillivary: so much for politeness
[6:37] Jordon McGillivary regrets not pursuing weapon training
[6:40] Emyly Beaumont jumps in the water again, angry at being target practice. and wonders if she can bribe the Ancient One
[6:40] 2ks Gears: now they know the Red is out to get them he wonders why no one come to help them
[6:43] Jordon McGillivary: how sweet it is (for a dragon)
[6:44] Emyly Beaumont flies off, clutching her spoon and vows to never set foot in a dragon cave again
[6:45] Jordon McGillivary: yeah, ‘til the next time his shinies sparkle in the sun
[6:46] Emyly Beaumont wonders if he can be bribed and rummages through her pouch
[6:48] Emyly Beaumont lists her treasures: dragon feather from Derf, a shiny black dragon scale, ,a piece of gold, a silver coin and another treasure she refuses to name
[6:49] Jordon McGillivary cocks an eye at her
[6:49] Emyly Beaumont whispers: he is gone
[6:50] Jordon McGillivary looks around and nods
[6:52] 2ks Gears: waits patiently

A little later
[7:30] 2ks Gears found the fae..........burning time?
[7:30] Emyly Beaumont hears the dragon behind her and squeals
[7:30] Jordon McGillivary turns
[7:30] 2ks Gears looks to the fae: you have shinies for me?
[7:31] Jordon McGillivary: no, not burning time Ancient One
[7:31] Emyly Beaumont says in a wavering voice: I have some shines, yes
[7:31] Emyly Beaumont: but they are nothing that would interest you Ancient One
[7:31] 2ks Gears: i will be the judge of that .....show me
[7:32] 2ks Gears fires a small fireball at the male fae , letting him know how it feels
[7:32] Emyly Beaumont rummages in her pouch and pulls out a shiny spoon: this is very pretty and you can see yourself in it.
[7:32] Jordon McGillivary dodges
[7:32] Emyly Beaumont says, offering it to the dragon: and you are a handsome face to behold
[7:33] Jordon McGillivary: damn
[7:33] Jordon McGillivary heads for water
[7:33] Emyly Beaumont says: what was that for? I am giving you a shiny
[7:33] 2ks Gears smiles at the fae, cause i can that's why
[7:33] Jordon McGillivary stops as the flames die away
[7:34] Emyly Beaumont says: do you like it?
[7:34] 2ks Gears takes the offering from the fae......a spoon.....a spoon......you give me a spoon?
[7:34] Jordon McGillivary pulls an old scratched copper out of his pouch
[7:34] Jordon McGillivary looks at his friend
[7:34] Emyly Beaumont says: but you can see your very handsome face in it
[7:35] Jordon McGillivary: you gave him your weapon?
[7:35] Emyly Beaumont says in a whisper: this is another spoon I have
[7:35] Jordon McGillivary nods
[7:35] 2ks Gears is so confused he has to step away to consider his actions........she gave me a spoon.....shakes his head in disbelive
[7:36] Emyly Beaumont stifles a giggle
[7:36] Jordon McGillivary chuckles to himself
[7:36] 2ks Gears: leaves them a present as he leaves
[7:36] >> 2ks Gears fills a large area with chain lightning.
[7:36] 2ks Gears: share that ......grins
[7:36] Emyly Beaumont hides behind jordon and waits
[7:37] Emyly Beaumont whispers: Is he gone?
[7:37] Jordon McGillivary: he appears to be
[7:37] Emyly Beaumont breathes a sigh of relief: we got off easy that time
[7:37] Jordon McGillivary: nods

Still later:
[7:43] Emyly Beaumont notices the dragon and moves closer to Linwe
[7:43] Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) glances down at the wee little fae looking for scorch marks
[7:44] 2ks Gears flings the spoon towards Emy's head
[7:44] 2ks Gears: you can have that back
[7:44] Emyly Beaumont ducks
[7:44] saia Tigerpaw giggles
[7:44] Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) puts her arm around the fae and pulls her into her skirt
[7:44] Linwe (Linwe Zifanwe) looks down
[7:44] Emyly Beaumont smiles at the Ancient One: thank you so much!

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