Sunday, April 18, 2010

Story Telling at Erebos

One of the most fun traditions in Erebos is the story telling hour. We hold it around the fire pit and hear poems, stories and songs that speak of other times as well as the current one (in Erebos.) It is similar to the Bardic Circles held by my medieval reenactment group. I sometimes contribute by retelling old folk tales as Emy would have heard them from her granny, who was a wise woman in both the traditional and and contemporary sense of the words. I was very surprised this week, however, when the poem I heard from Linwe, the Elven Elder and Shaman, spoke of me and my first attempt to assist in a battle, even though I was a non-combatant. I very proudly present it here for you. We fought to recover the babies that had been stolen from Erebos, and these babes represented the future and well being of Erebos. For a time after they were stolen, the land was angry and began a slow withdrawal of some of the magic. Emy could not fly in the thick, oppressive air and her glamour had begun to fail. That is why she took such an interest in the battle even though she is a peaceable little fae. This was an outrage that affected her deeply....

A little fairy flew the land
A big bright spoon in tiny hand
She flew with valor, so unplanned
And whopped the foe and then she ran

She flew behind the great brick walls
Hiding there, her face a pall
Of terror born Her skin did crawl
But brave she was and heard the call

Again she rose into the sky
And flew straight at the dark foe's eye
A lure she was, they did espy
Her as she flew, that be no lie!

'Tis just one brave story told
Of those who fought so staunch and bold
Who fought for babes of lore as told
By sages wise and earth so old.

Many fought that day so brave
Their swords and staffs they didst engrave
Upon the hides of those depraved
Who in their hearts did evil crave

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