Sunday, December 7, 2008

50 out of 350 in the POE hunt

It has taken me two days, but i have managed to find the first 50 globes in the Peace on Earth gridwise hunt! (Hey, I am not a shopper.) What a challenge. But a few of us ended up helping each other - we seemed to tp in at the same time and when a globe was hard to spot, one of us would find it and tell the others. First, I don't have patience for walking through laggy stores. Second, I have no idea what is in the globes I collected. And third, I had just thinned my inventory down to below 11,000. So now I have all these unopened globes and it will take a while to open them and decide which to keep. I think I will make a list and if there are any decent men's items I will tell my little brother about them. He is notoriously cheap and hates spending lindens. Emyly Beaumont chuckles as she decides NOT to tell him where to find the globes.

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