Monday, May 25, 2009

Latin Couples Dance

I just got through the Latin Couples Dance at the SS Galaxy Zodiac Ballroom. The hot Latin style music was provided by Marian Nykvist who kept the heat and the rhythm going strong. It was a great set. The crowd was small - about 6 couples total, but then that is more than when i started couples sync at ~Swoon~ so I guess I should not be complaning. I approached this dance with some apprehension because I did not know who would be partnering me. My little brother Tulsa was supposed to partner me, but he was banned from the Galaxy in a backlash called "Banlink" when he was banned from Dublin, so I was very worried about whether I would even have a partner. I should not have worried. I was partnered with a very charming man named Matthew23 Mortenwold. He presented me with a red rose when I met him :-) But he also gave me some full perm maracas when I mentioned that I could not find any to put in my "Latin Rhythms Dance Toys" box that I give away at the Latin Dances. And he had a Latin drum, too. So I added them to my collection. We found a spt to dance where my red dress would show up against the floor and then he left me alone to do my choreography! But I was ever so grateful that DBDigital Epsilon arranged a date for me. My love frequently has to leave before my shows, so when I have a couples dance, it can be hard to find a partner. I will tell you a secret. The Dancing Queen has to beg for partners, too, ladies and I think the men are more afraid to partner me than partner you.

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