Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baltane/Fae Fest

I am sitting here at Eirini in my apple tree, just relaxing and thinking of the day to come. I have tweaked Emy's fairy appearance so she is a bit more petite and graceful, in keeping with her role of choreographer. I have chosen my dress for the event: a wonderful creation from one of my favorite designers, pixivor Allen. It is perfect for Beltane, sheer and with strategically placed flowers. When I wore it with the skirt last night, Tori really loved it. But I am not wearing it with a skirt; there are veils that are meant to be worn over the long skirt and that is what will encase my legs (which is why I made them a little less muscular.) I have put the final touches on the maypole and the mushroom ring and have created a new tip poster for use in Aglarond. Oh I hope I haven't forgotten anything!

Tori has streamed the most wonderful music into SL and I am enjoying it so much. He is very good to me. He understands how important the dance is to me and when I drag him out to test new dances he never complains. We shopped last night for elven clothing for him so he would look elegant while still retaining a simple natural look. I tried to explain how licentious Beltane could be, and how I wanted to be so beautiful and alluring that every man would want to celebrate Beltane with me, and he replied that that would never happen because he was staking his own claim!

Did I tell you how we finally got together? We were introduced some time last year by a friend who pointed him out and mentioned that he was a shy but very easy going friend of hers. She moved her cafe to Chania and Tori hired Allan and me to play there. And while I was dancing at The Blue Cafe, a lovely place in the first Chania build, I fell in love with it and kept returning, time after time. There was so much light and space (I am a fairy, after all.) Of course, Chania was his and reflected his tastes. We spoke to each other a bit, but of nothing in particular and never spoke when I no longer danced at Chania. He would periodically show up at my other dances with a woman who became a good friend of mine. They separated about about this time last year, but for some reason I periodically pulled up Tori's profile, wondering what he was doing. He partnered with another woman, tore down Chania, they built a museum and subsequently went their separate ways. The museum was a truly amazing place, lots of rooms and a dance patio and a magic garden, and a cathedral - magnificent. I loved it, but it was not the same Chania that stole my heart. Anyway, about the end of November, after my cathartic attempt to purge myself of bad habits, I ended up at Frank's. No one ever asks me to dance when I am there, so I amuse myself by reading profiles. They can be quite amusing. And I was so surprised to click on an av and pull up Tori's profile. I didn't know whether to leave before he discovered I was there (my image, you know) or to say hi. Before I could run away, he spoke first and asked me to dance. We have been constant companions ever since. I am so glad we met again.

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