Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bachelorette II

I have been spending time catching up with old friends. Or rather, I should say, they are making sure I don;t get lonely. My Sunday show was canceled because the entire Linri's staff was going to to Ariel's wedding, so that gave me the chance to attend, too. My little brother Tulsa was at Ot's SL Opera post show musical stylings and asked me to keep him company, so when time for the wedding came, I just invited him along. We sat on Gray's side of the church even though I had met Ariel first because so few guests were there. And I knew Ariel wouldn't mind. I believe that hats are a MUST at weddings, so I wore one of my best and when I mentioned to Tulsa that I was the only person there with a hat, he promptly donned one so I would not feel so alone!

And Monday was full of "firsts." The other day Tori asked me if I had ever been invited by someone I did not know to try couple dances while I was shopping at Bits & Bobs and I had to say no. But now, I can honestly say YES! Not only did a complete stranger ask me to try dances with him while I was at B&B, but I was also asked to try couples dance while I was shopping at 3FX! How strange...

Many many months ago a very dear friend had promised to take me on a dinner date and last night we finally managed to have time together. We went to a diner for some old fashioned hamburgers and ice cream and then danced to the great 50's music playing on the radio. Then we went back to his place to watch a movie. And that was another first for me. What fun to watch a movie and chat a bit about it. SL never ceases to amaze me with its techonology. And it was good to catch up with the oh so charming Chester and spend some quality time together.

I cannot find the picture I took of Chester watching the movie, but when I do, I will add it here.

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