Sunday, November 22, 2009

Role Play: In search of food

Fae Emy was starving when she met Jordon, who was also in need of food, and Deodar in the village, where she had gone to search for food. The village wives had gotten wary and there were no pies in sight on any of the windowsills so they headed up to the tavern. Deodar pointed out some pie makings on a table alongside the bar, but Emy didn't know how to make pies, She became angry and vowed to curdle the milk supply if she wasn't fed soon. Deodar suggested that they try a drow's cave where he thought there might be some food. Emy was against this idea until Jordon and Deodar both reminded her that they would be there to protect her. Deodar, who had ranged all over the realm, led them directly to a dark, underground cave where they noticed a fire, but after listening, decided that no one was around. Deodar wrestled the hidden door open and they entered the room silently. Jordon and Deodar both partook of the meat on the platter that the drow had carelessly left out, but Emy shook her head. Her beliefs precluded her from eating anything that had once been living. Fortunately Jordon managed to drag out a basket of apples from his purse just before Emy perished from starvation. While they were eating the three fae curiously looked around the room. They decided it was cold and not very nice. Being careful to remove all traces of their having been there, they silently slipped out and made their way back to the village square.

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