Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breakfast with Chester

What a pleasant surprise when an old friend I rarely see was in world when I logged on this morning. We danced and chatted and shopped for freebies and chatted some more. I ate my oatmeal mostly cold because I was so caught up in talking with him. I was waiting for some important RL news and he kept me company and encouraged me at the same time. And we finally shared a few details of our very different Real Lives. We have known each other over a year and a half and had never shared specifics, just generalities. And our guesses about each other were correct. It pays to take time to get to know each other. Friends in SL are so supportive.

[7:53] Chester Tarber: If someone told you that you had 3 years left to live, what would you do with that time?
[7:54] Emyly Beaumont: I would walk more
[7:54] Chester Tarber: (and you can't let anyone else you know be aware of your expiration date)
[7:56] Chester Tarber: go on though...
[7:56] Emyly Beaumont: lessee
[7:56] Emyly Beaumont: I would grow flowers
[7:56] Emyly Beaumont: and learn to sing
[7:56] Emyly Beaumont: how is that?
[7:56] Emyly Beaumont: oh - and spend every available dime traveling
[7:57] Chester Tarber: c'est ca? Walk, coven, flowers, sing, and travel?
[7:57] Emyly Beaumont: yep
[7:57] Chester Tarber: can i share with you what i'd do?
[7:57] Emyly Beaumont: yes, please
[7:57] Chester Tarber: exactly what i'm doing now :)
[7:57] Emyly Beaumont: which is?
[7:57] Chester Tarber: trying to be a veterinarian
[7:58] Emyly Beaumont: hmmmm
[7:58] Emyly Beaumont: You make me sound like I should be doing something different right this minute
[7:58] Chester Tarber: ;-)
[7:59] Chester Tarber: walk, travel, plant some flowers, find a group, learn to sing... you can all do these in some form of small doses... why not do them?
[7:59] Emyly Beaumont: How are you so wise at your age?
[8:00] Chester Tarber: It's what you do with your years... a 75 year old may sit around and watch TV all day whilst a 12 year old may encounter and deal with different situations each day... so you tell me who is more wise?
[8:00] Chester Tarber: I've just been through a lot over my years
[8:01] Emyly Beaumont: when I log off a little later I think I SHALL walk
[8:01] Emyly Beaumont: and I will buy flowers for my flower boxes with my first paycheck
[8:02] Chester Tarber: Doesn't that even feel good just saying that?
[8:02] Emyly Beaumont smiles: yes it does, oh wise one
[8:02] Chester Tarber: You've always got to be working towards something... that's life

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