Friday, October 30, 2009

ARC & Animations Stores

Immediately following Samhain Fae Fest this Sunday will be a pagan rite which involves much drumming, a fertility dance between the Virgin Huntress and the King Stag and all ritual sacrifice. I have finally selected 12 dances for them. My intent is to put them into a singles dance machine and let them select the dances in the appropriate order as they feel "ready" for them. However, only 5 of the dances I selected are copy, which means I will deprive my Huddles if I transfer them to the other machine. Soooo, I will have to buy duplicates of the 7 I need and, unfortunately, 6 of them are from Sine Wave, the laggiest dance animations store in all of SL. How do I get myself into these situations? I guess I will just strip down to pants and shirt, my lowest prim hair and no AO. Wonder how low I can go?

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Anonymous said...

or, if you know the name order of SLstreet or whatever its called ?

Meet you behind the 3rd bush on the left sunday ;)