Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A new home for Tori & Emy

Tori is building us a new home; it is a Greek Villa and will include a kitchen & bathroom. The house is white stucco of course, with two patios on the first floor and a balcony on the second that overlooks the island. The floors are tiled with a rich brown ceramic that looks very much like the tiles that surrounded the hearth in one of the houses I owned in my Real Life. I have already set out an arbor for us to sit in and the wooden table & chairs from the old house. I can't wait til Tori locks the whole thing down and I can begin to furnish it.

I am in charge of the meadow he wants around it. I have been shopping around all morning and have located some really terrific 1 and 2 prim landscaping items, but they are not cheap! I have noticed that the best meadows are built with grasses & plants, so I purchased a plot of wild daisies that change color on touch and some meadow grass. I already have a butterfly emitter, so that will make a total of 3 prim for a great piece of meadow... But now I have all these other ideas, such as, how can you have a meadow that isn't surrounded by trees? and we need a path down to the dance floor so I can find it, and Tori you need to flatten the land and remove the pond and your pillows so you can flatten the land and I can set up a really great meadow!

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Tulsa Sheridan said...

A kitchen and a bathroom? Why on god's blue and yellow combination of dirt you need that in SL?

Slightly pointless. Unless of course you use the kitchen counter to have "special cuddles"...

Your bro, T